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Dream of Mirrors Online Flying Guide by MoonBunnie

Here is detailed flying guide , made by my friend ( Draconus) and me. Feel free to add and correct things Smile

The gift of flight.

Flying in DOMO isn?t that complicated. The first mention of flight is once you get your first job from the Career Advisor(Eversun Dojo 160:170). He puts it into your ?Journal? (Ctrl + C). The required level for flying is level 15. So you MUST attain this AND complete the quest requirements to be able to fly. All that being said, Let?s get you all flying.

Once you have reached level 15, and are eager to start flying. It is simple. Make your way out of Eversun North exit. And proceed towards Swan Lake Basin (northern area). This is where the big bad ?Flying Frog King? is located. He is pretty far back in there, So if you haven?t found him keep going there is usually a crowd gathered ready for party members. (Open your map and spot the Flying Frog King location)

After completing the Frog King mission , you will recieve the ?Flying Frog Powder?. Once you have this make your way back to Eversun. (Via Return Portal Penny or walking your way back). Once you make it back into town , make your way towards the ?Planetarium?. You?re looking for an NPC by the name of ?Randy Charleston? (235: 215). Once you hand over the flying powder he will explain how to fly.

How to Fly:

Once he has explained how to fly. Click the Skills button on the menu or hotkey ?Ctrl + X?. Go to the ?Everyday Skills? tab. On this tab you will see an Icon for flying. Click that button. Which will open another set of windows. One Window is the ?Flying tools?. The other is where you put the weapon to begin flight, To put a weapon in this window, simply double click or drag the ?Training Flying-Sword? into the open slot. Now you click the ?Flying? Button, and viola ? you?re flying.

How to Land:

There is only one way to land in DOMO and it?s only in ?Landing Zones?. you can tell where landing zone is in the distance, because there is a large pillar of light with arrows pointing down. Having a higher ?Visibility? will help you identify these areas
For those of you who don?t have the luxury of really high visibility, the landing zones are indicated by Green V?s on the map. Easy to locate on the Large map View (Ctrl + M) or the compass Icon on the menu bottom right corner.
Once you have arrived at the landing zone, above the Chat window an icon will appear.
Click the icon and you will descend and dismount your sword.
You will also automaticly descend when enter another map .

Part II of Flying:

Now for those of you who don?t stop to read anything, and just click like maniacs. And are having problems finding the fairy. Finding the Fairy is a simple process. Once ?Randy Chaleston? gives you the quest to find the Fairy. The Area the Fairy flies is marked by a light blue boundry lines that ONLY show up on the Small mini-map in the upper right hand corner. She will be anywhere along the BLUE path.
Flying Fairy Route Map:

Part III of Flying:

Flying Pupu Trainer Quest Guide
~by Kaleidoscope

Well I hope this guide to flying is helpful to those of you who need the help.

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