DOMO Flying Pupu Trainer Quest Guide


DOMO Flying Pupu Trainer Quest Guide by Kaleidoscope

To increase your flying speed there is now the new flying pupu trainer quest.

The starting NPC, the Flying Pupu Trainer (X: 310, Y: 405) can be found outside Tranquilton in Swan Lake Basin.
He asks you to find his 5 Flying Pupus and to bring him their Noseprints.

The Coordinates of the Flying Pupus:

* Above the Pupu Trainer in a Tree (x: 303, y: 393)
* Outside Neptunes Temple (x: 180, y: 471)
* Farming Area (x: 565, y: 495)
* Medicine Monarch?s Memorial (x: 472, y: 245)
* Phoenix Tower (x: 323, y: 119)

After finishing the Quest you can do it again a further 2 times with a 20 Minute time limit. The trainer increases your flying speed a total of 2 times and after that rewards you with a Red Pig Dice Chest. After that there is an hour time limit before you can do it again.

And to make things easier I just took screenshots of all the piggies.

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