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Dream of Mirrors Online High Level Alchemy Items Guide by shakugan5

As some aware, I used too make HLA Weapons often and people asked me how I do it. So I wrote this guide to give them a basic understanding of how to do it for those who don?t understand to well. I tried to keep it simple so everyone can understand it while retaining core ideas etc. if I?m missing something crucial let me know or if you got questions I can change and update the guide as necessary

HLA General

After reaching Lvl 30 alchemy and have 1 lvl 60 job you will be able to go to Bigbeam and take Taoist Master Cinglus Quest to get a HLA alchemy title. After completing the quest he will ask you for you choice and after you select you are stuck with it forever. Research your choice using this guide. Upon choosing he will give you one of 3 titles Elixir Alchemist,Arms Alchemist,Armor Alchemist and you will receive a basic recipe for it. Other recipes can be gained by exchanging spirit pearls in Bigbeam and The Academy Of Mirrors. all tool/wep/armor scrolls are 1 time use consumables so to make more you will need to acquire more of the same scrolls.

Basic Materials Can Be Bought From Mai MarshallX.107 Y.198
Mai Marshall

Hp/Mp Boosters Can Bought From Shady Dealer X.80 Y.197
Shady Dealer

Ores Can Be Bought From Master Liang Baillian X.128 Y.208
Liang Baillian

I recommend deconstructing Lvl 58 coin shields to get the best quality ores for armor and weapon for tool Alchemy Lvl 30 equipment is good enough to gather its needed ores. It will cost money to deconstruct equipment any armor or weapons for ores.

I will be using individual items as examples in each section.

HLA Weapons

weapons are the most simple HLA in my opinion and I wont have to explain too much at the beginning. Basically the series of weapons is meant to make a base weapon and then use it as a material for a stronger version of the weapon. When your weapons are crafted they will have a random green-blue stat upon creation just like any Alched weapon. All HLA weapons are Lvl 60 even when upgrading from a version I too version III its Lvl will be 60.

HLA 1 Red Hot Poker Ingredients
* 10 Abrasive Agent
* 10 Adhesive Agent
* 3 Steel Blade
* 1 Alloy Blade
* 9 Cedar Wood
* 9 Gemstone
* 50 Demonic Fang

Step 1.
Acquire Weapon Scroll From King Bonefish Or Wizard Wisewood Lair

Step 2. Gathering Materials
this is the most complex step so i am break it down into sections

Get adhesive ingredients from Mai Marshall then have a tool alchemist craft them for you
Gather ore by breaking down armor or Weps for the desired ores Lvl 58 coin shields recommended. Deconstruct items by talking to Master Liang Baillian
Collect or Use forager fairys to get cedar wood and gemstones
Gather demonic fangs from monsters or other players

Step 3.

After having gathered all the items you need it becomes simple again just double click your scrolls and put the mats onto the menu. Then you will Alch your new HLA Wep with 100% success rate.

To continue and do a HLA III Wep you will need significantly more materials

HLA III Red Hot Poker Ingredients
* 40 Abrasive Agent
* 40 Adhesive Agent
* 11 Steel Blade
* 3 Alloy Blade
* 1 Diamond Blade
* 20 Cedar Wood
* 20 Gemstone
* 120 Demonic Fang
* 1 Red-Hot Poker (HLA)

As you can tell you need more of the same ingredients with the addition of 1 diamond blade and the HLA I version of your weapon. So it is more time consuming than ever but it follows the exact same process. For HLA III scrolls you must do Aom Mirror Sprite Instance.

HLA Tool

Tool Alchemy I consider the most complex and time consuming. First thing to note only some tool scrolls drop in instances while others must be purchased individually from NPCs in Bigbeam and Aom for Spirit Pearls. Pills like weapons in some cases can be used as materials to make a more advanced pill. Every one Alch will yield 1 pill unless you are extremely lucky and get 2(2% Chance). tool alchemists for some pills will require dissolving agents from armor alchemists. Booster scrolls require more gather materials compared to tool scrolls which require more NPC materials. To get the basic scrolls for tool Alch you will need to exchange spirit pearls at Aom or Bigbeam for them directly, NPCs found in the lobby of Aom and next to the v landing pad in Bgbeam.

Ingredients Tool Scroll Bronze Power Stone (Basic)

?1 Bronze Ore
?1 Adhesive Agent
?1 Strong Rock

Ingredients Tool Scroll Pill Of Strength (Advanced)

?2 Bronze Power Stone
?2 Health Booster
?1 Strong Rock

Ingredients Booster Scroll Mp Pill

?1 Dried Rice
?1 Sea Bass Roe
?1 Strong Rock

As you can see there is similarities and differences among them most notably the advanced pill requires health boosters sold by the shady dealer. Then following that it additionally needs 2 of the basic pill. Then looking at the booster scroll it only needs gathered materials. Simply gather all required materials from the NPC or field and then Alch each pill via double clicking the scroll and filling the menu. unfortunately you gotta make all pills 1 at a time >.> so be prepared for a long process

HLA Armor

Ingredients To Make 1 Entire set of 60-70 Armor
* 300 Demonic Skin
* 56 Red Crystal
* 56 Tanned Hide
* 54 Adhesive Agent
* 54 Dissolving Agent
* 13 Steel Plate
* 6 Alloy Plate
* 1 Diamond Plate

I know looking at this list you can be a little overwhelmed but taking it 1 step of the time is the key. Just like weapons upon creation they generally have a green or blue stat. Armor is very unique that instead of a 68-70 set of armor you will be getting a 60-70 set of armor with a new piece being equip able every 2 Lvls. Unlike basic armors the texture of the armor is a more polished plastic looking texture making the set very noticeable. The armor is based off the lvl 35-50 sets of armor in appearance but have been re-textured .

Step 1.
Gather spirit pearls to buy the armor scrolls from the Bigbeam & Academy of Mirrors NPCs cause armor scrolls do not drop from anything. It will cost 25-50 pearls per armor scroll. NPCs are found in the lobby of Aom and next to the v landing pad in Bigbeam. Spirit pearls are rewards from Bigbeam and Aom instances.

Step 2

Make your armor plates and dissolving agent after your have deconstructed enough ore and bought enough clay for the plates.
Gather Or Use forager fairys to get red crystals and tanned hides.
Gather 300 Demonic Skin from various high Lvl monsters or buy from players.
Find A Tool Alchemist to make adhesive agents for you he will require the some materials from Mai Marshall.

Step 3.
Simply clear up some inventory room and create each armor piece 1 by 1 the success rate for crafting these is 100%.


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