Dungeon Defenders Blueprints for Casual Players

Dungeon Defenders Blueprints for Casual Players by Tenebria

Do you have bad gear? Not enough time to grind for perfects? Not a problem. Tene loves you all.

Edit: And for those who don?t get it. The point of these are that they work even if your auras can?t cover two lanes. Even if you don?t have an animus. Even if you don?t have a guardian. Even if you just hit 70.

They are setups for people with bad gear and no goodies!!

Now go forth and get some shinies!

Godlies for the poor
Gear Required: Low 100ish in primary stats.
Attention Required: Constant repair, occasional killing annoying things, the more you kill the faster it goes.
Rewards: 20-30 up godly armors from pre-wave 15.
Don?t Worry about the crystal damage, that?s from testing a different setup.

Quick loot farm ? Insane Spook
Insane-Don?t loot chests before wave 1 ? kill everything- let next wave build phase start- loot everything
Gear Required: Low 100ish in primary stats.
Attention Required: Full, you run the marked route killing everything
Rewards: 10-20 up Godlies and 30-100k mana

The Free Money Farm 1.10
Insane-Pure Strategy
Gear Required:Low 100ish in primary stats
Attention Required:Repair between waves, mid wave repairs may be required to reach wave 15
Rewards: Godlies start on wave 13. A lot of mana considering you afk it. NO SUPERLOOT

Halloween Hard

Meet Hugmonster. This is his weapon

This is his pet

He is going to be our dps character to test this setup.

Yay, free loots! Only have to dps on waves 10-11

Or, if you have better gear.
This is Tenebrian

This is his pet who wants to be named sparky but isn?t high level enough

This is the AFK spook hard setup (Can?t be afk?d with 100ish stats anymore, needs 200+)

These are Tenebrian?s new shinies from one run.

Unfortunately, you actually need some gear to do this. If you can kill the ogres on your own (decent pre 1.10 weapon, 100+hero attack etc.) you?ll be golden. Also, sell the towers during the boss countdown and just leave the traps and aura?s.

Warping Core ? Insane
Had to upgrade my huntresses gear for this one.
Also your character has to be able to solo the ogre without trap help if you get unlucky.

And the setup (there is a gas trap stacked with the others where it looks like one is missing

And my new shiny (Had to use my monk to kill the ogre

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