DFO Beginner’s Guide


DFO Beginner?s Guide?by JustinYummy

Welcome to the Beginner?s Guide to Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO)!

This guide is to help new players to not be lost, to learn information that will help them on their journey, and to make sure everyone is having a grand time. Let?s get started then! For those who want to watch videos, I have that prepared. For those who can?t watch or just want to read instead, there?s a written guide below the videos. But this can also help out others who have played for a little while.

Note: This might seem like a lot of information to learn and to keep, so don?t push yourself to learn every single thing. Most of the information you?ll also come across in game and you?ll start to pick it up. Don?t feel overwhelmed by everything.

Table of Contents
1. Video Guides
2. Getting Started

  • Classes and Subclasses
  • Class Trainers
  • Basic Controls
  • Title Book
  • Level 20
  • Level 50

3. An In-Depth Look

  • Equipment
  • Magic Sealed Items
  • Stats
  • Skills
  • NPCs
  • Professions
  • Auction Hall
  • NX Items
  • PVP
  • Guild

4. Recommended Avatars for Classes


Dungeon Fighter Online Beginner?s Guide Part 1 (Introduction to DFO and Getting Started) ??http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvlediTyHV8

DFO Beginner?s Guide Part 2 (An In-Depth Look) ??http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2fmlznr7po

When you first launch DFO, you?ll be taken to a channel select screen. The channels give bonus experience for doing dungeons that correspond to the channel. For example, in the Grand Flores (Beginner?s Channel), you get bonus exp from clearing Lorien, Lorien Hollow, Mirkwood, Mirkwood Hollow, Thunderland, and whatever other dungeons are in the area. But if you moved onto the Sky Tower channel, then you would stop getting bonus exp from the dungeons in Grand Flores and start receiving bonus exp from the dungeons in Sky Tower, like Dragonoid Nest and Puppet Museum. Not only is this important for getting a little bit more exp, but it?s also where you?ll find other people who are doing the same dungeons, which you can then party together to clear it faster and maybe make some new friends as well.

So once you choose the channel, you?re brought to a character select screen. As of right now, there is a total of nine different characters to choose from: Slayer, Male Fighter, Female Fighter, Male Gunner, Female Gunner, Male Mage, Female Mage, Priest, and Thief.


?The day the demon came into my arm? my life was changed forever!?

The Slayer is a swordsman who was cursed to have Kazan, a demon that is trapped in his left arm. He struggles to keep from being possessed by Kazan, chains shackled to his left arm. The Slayer can wield a Katana, Great Sword/Zanbato, Short Sword, Bludgeon, or a Lightsabre (Weapon Master exclusive). Wears Heavy Armor.


Blade master?(Known more as a Weapon Master) [Percent]:

?With each stroke, my sword paints the vast sky red?
Perhaps this will be my masterpiece.?

The Slayer continues his training with the weapons and prefers to not use the powers of Kazan. By becoming a weapon master, the slayer can also wield lightsabres. A fast class with varying playstyles as the weapon master can master several weapons at once, with each weapon having different effects when leveling up the mastery. Wears Light Armor. Preferred weapon is great sword, bludgeon, short sword, katana.

Soul Bender?[Percent]:

?Whether the chains of fate can be broken, it all depends on your will.?

The Slayer studies his parasitic demons and learns to harness the dark energy. He can use ghosts to make him stronger, make enemies weaker, and his attacks are imbued with darkness. The ghosts are great for party play as other members can also get stronger while monsters get weaker for easier killing. Preferred weapon is either short sword or katana.


?I will do anything for more power? even if it means selling my soul.?

The Berserker is a bloodthirsty character and will not stop until everything is dead. More power is what the Berserker seeks. The class can have a second sword due to the skill, Frenzy, which makes you blood red and increases your attack as well as lower cooldown for some skills. Wears Heavy Armor. A great sword/zanbato or a bludgeon is the preferred weapon.


?I see with my entire body?
?so no matter where you attack me, I will know you?re coming.?

Making a deal with Kazan, the Slayer sacrifices his sight to attain great power. Although blind, he can feel the waves around him and so can still ?see.? He attacks with magic waves and long ranged attacks. Wears Plate Armor. A short sword or katana is the preferred weapon, but short sword is used more.

Male Fighter:

?I will kick out whatever blocks my way!?

The Male Fighter is a fighter who specializes in using his lower torso for attacking enemies, being able to combo, break, and even grab enemies with his legs. The Male Fighter is the male counterpart of the Female Fighter. They use Gauntlets, Claws, Knuckles, Tonfas, and Boxing Gloves (Striker exclusive). Wears Light Armor.


Male Nen Master?[Percent]:

?Nen? that which is more important than life itself.?

A fighter who follows the teaching of Nen, who harnesses great powers of light. A magic based class that?s great at close-range combat but also has some long ranged attacks. Can protect himself and others with a shield of Nen. Wears Cloth Armor. Preferred weapon are knuckles or tonfas, though knuckles are more preferred.

Male Striker?[Percent]:

?You think you can avoid my kick attack? How about you try to catch the shadow first.?

A powerful fighter who specializes in kicks with devastating results. A close range fighter with bone-shattering attacks. In the end, his feet shall be covered with flames, burning and obliterating all that comes his way. Wears Light Armor. Preferred weapon are boxing gloves.

Male Brawler?[Fixed]:

?The only rule a Brawler needs, is to clear your mind of all rules.?

A thug who has no use for fair fighting. He?ll do anything to win, dirty tricks abound. Uses blades, poisons, rocks, any items to give him an upper hand. A fighter who specializes in throwing items and inflicting status effects on enemies. Wears Heavy Armor. Preferred weapon are claws.

Male Grappler?[Percent]:

?If I defeat the most powerful of your group, it means I defeat all of you.?

Great at grabbing and throwing his enemies into other enemies, skillful is he in a one to one battle. He is skilled at dodging and using his enemies as his own weapons. Wears Light Armor. Uses a gauntlet.

Female Fighter:

?The sweat after a rigorous training is the greatest reward for Fighters!?

The Female Fighter is the female counterpart to the Male Fighter. Unlike the Male Fighter, the Female Fighter is more focused on punches, but do sometimes kick. Just like the Male Fighter, they use Gauntlets, Tonfas, Knuckles, Claws, and Boxing Gloves (Striker exclusive).

Female Nen Master?[Fixed/Percent]:

?My body and soul are one with nature? allowing Nen power to flow through me.?

Same as the Male Nen Master for the most part. She followed the teachings of Nen and can also have a shield barrier along with strong Nen attacks. A bit more defensive and party-support but can still dish out strong damage. Her buffs do make her an invaluable asset to the team, though. Wears Cloth Armor. Uses knuckles or tonfas, though knuckles are preferred.

Female Striker?[Percent]:

?The only thing worth trusting in this world are my rock-like fists and my steel-like legs!?

Same as the Male Striker for the most part. Is extremely strong with her bone-crushing punches. There is no defensive training for the best defense is a strong offense. Wears Light Armor. Boxing gloves are the preferred weapon.

Female Brawler?[Fixed]:

?Though they call us cowards, it is simply because we were victorious over them. What?s wrong with winning every time??

Same as the Male Brawler for the most part. A fighter who uses dirty tricks to win. Needles, blades, sand, whatever it takes to win. Also inflicts status effects on enemies. Wears Heavy Armor. Claws are the weapon of choice.

Female Grappler?[Fixed]:

?The moment we start to tango, you?ll wish you had never asked me to dance.?

Same as the Male Grappler for the most part. Grabs enemies and hurls them towards other enemies. Grabs make you invincible, enemies are your shield and weapons. Wears Light Armor. Uses Gauntlets.

Male Gunners

?The smell of fresh gunpowder after a firefight is a reminder that I am still alive.?

A gunslinger who fell to Arad from Empyrean, the land above Arad and the Middle Ocean. He is adept at machinery as Empyrean had no magic, but upon coming to Arad, can learn magical skills to power up his shooting skills. Uses autoguns, revolvers, bowguns, hand cannons, and muskets. Wears Leather Armor.


Male Ranger?[Percent]:

?The difference between life and death is a split second. So the difference between me and you? I?m alive.?

An outlaw, a killing machine, it?s just another day for the Male Ranger. A cold, calculating, sharp-shooter. He is no stranger to melee attacks, and he can very easily kill from a distance. A desperado with his trusty revolver in his hands, no other gunslinger could ever match his speed. A heavy damage dealer. Wears Leather Armor. Uses Revolvers.

Male Mechanic?[Percent]:

?Meet my little friends? they?re a blast!?

A gunner who is skilled at designing and deploying armies of robots to kill and destroy. Can you reach a gunner when you have robots standing in your way? Wears cloth armor. Uses autoguns.

Male Spitfire?[Percent/Fixed]:

?Do you see this in my hands? The bullet that went through your body? I will allow you to feel the pain throughout your entire body.?

Due to the magic of Arad, this gunner is able to power himself with magic bullets. Why use a regular bullet when you can have electric bullets, ice bullets, or flame bullets? Grenades are also a staple and when need to, he will call for sniper back up. Wears Leather Armor. Can use either autoguns or bowguns or muskets.

Male Launcher

?For guns and for life? you only got one shot to make it count.?

This gunner specializes in heavy machinery. Things get blown up when he?s around. He?s got some big firepower: flamethrowers, missiles, nukes, a weapon of mass energy which sucks enemies close before launching them into a full energy explosion, and even a satellite beam. Wears Heavy Armor. Uses hand cannons.

Female Gunner:

?This missus never misses her target??

Empyrean law states that every female must take a test before her fifth birthday. Those demonstrating great talent can enter to have extensive training, prepping to join an elite division of the Imperial Guards called the Imperial Princess Garden. Just like the Male Gunner, they can use autoguns, revolvers, hand cannons, bowguns, and muskets. Also wears Leather Armor.


Female Ranger?[Percent]:

?I?ve yet to meet a gun I can?t out run?or a soul who can out run mine.?

Most Female Rangers are fully-trained members of the Imperial Army. Female Rangers can join a secret state organization for extremely dangerous and important missions. A sharp-shooter just like the Male Ranger. Wears Leather Armor. Uses revolvers.

Female Mechanic

?The cold metallic body of a deadly mechanical device? caressed by the soft warmth of a feminine hand.?

Just as a Male Mechanic is skilled at building robots, so is a Female Mechanic. Female Mechanics use their G-series machines more often than Male Mechanics, who mostly use their land runner robots and EZ-8 time bombs. Wears Cloth Armor. Uses autoguns.

Female Spitfire?[Percent/Fixed]:

?I have a capricious mood that shifts whenever I endow my bullets with a different elemental power?which means you never know how you are going to die.?

A gunner with magic is not uncommon, it was only due to Bakal that magic was stripped from Empyrean. Female Spitfires have traditionally played important roles, and they are no strangers to magic and traps. Wears Leather Armor. Uses autoguns, bowguns, or muskets.

Female Launcher?[Percent/Fixed]:

?Ah, so many beautiful bodies all gathered together. A beautiful sight, indeed.
As if they were just there waiting for me?to blow them all away. Lock and load!?

Training and willpower can have people do amazing things. People might believe females would never possess the strength to hold such awesome firepower. Female Launchers, however, have proven those people wrong. Wears Heavy Armor. Uses hand cannons.

Female Mage:

?Tiny elements that make up this universe, come to my hands and find your new purpose in life!?

The Female Mage hails in Pandemonium, a dying world. In her journey to try and revive the land, she finds out that she must save Arad itself. Being a mage, she has great magical powers. Can use poles, rods, spears, staffs, and brooms (Witch exclusive). Wears Cloth Armor.



?Fireballs of unthinkable destruction? come from such a little girl?

A mage who can control the four elements of Fire, Ice, Light, and Shadow. A long-range attacker, she will often focus on specific elements, maximizing the potential of those elements. Wears Cloth Armor. Uses rods or staffs.


?Some say my skills are breathtaking?
?but I couldn?t do it without a little help from my friends.?

A mage who reaches into the power of the Core, the source of all magical energy. She can summon beasts and spirits from Arad to aid her in battle. Wears Cloth Armor. Uses rods or staffs.

Battle Mage

?Magicians these days are full of only theories. To survive in this rough world, magic for the purpose of fighting is what?s needed.?

A mage who prefers to fight with contact between her weapon and the enemy. She can conjure up Chasers, magic spheres with various elements that also give various bonuses. She is the only mage who can have a weapon mastery. Wears Leather Armor. Uses poles or spears.


?I found this old spell called ?Last Breath? on one of my ancient scrolls.
I think it might be a good luck spell! Hehe~
Can I cast it on you??

Math and magic, would you ever believe such a combination? Yet the Witch specializes in this, contraptions and alchemy all based around probability. The higher, the better. Be careful of what you do, probability works for both the fighter and the enemy. Wears Leather Armor. Uses a broom.

Male Mage

?I?m not afraid of death? are you??

The Male Mage also originally came from Pandemonium. Killed but given a chance to redeem himself, he becomes alive once again and must go to Arad. The male counterpart to the Female Mage, he plays quite differently from a Female Mage. His normal attack shoots out magical orbs rather than attacking with his weapon, and he has the skill Immortality. Despite the skill name, it is still possible to die and having to use a Revive Token. Can use a pole, rod, staff, or spear. Wears Cloth Armor.


Elemental Bomber?[Percent]:

?The energy surrounding me? it is? so beautiful.?

The Male Mage infuses his orbs with the Elements, mastering all to attack, grab, rain down, and most importantly, kill. Wears Cloth Armor. Uses a rod or staff.

Glacial Master?[Percent]:

?One day, ice will quench the fires of hell itself.?

The Male Mage has mastered the powers of ice and water. Weapons can be made out of ice and water/ice spells cover the rest of his arsenal. Wears Leather Armor. Can use either a rod or a staff.


?My Lord, why have you chosen me??

A righteous man dedicated to holy pursuits. He is driven by one single mission, to prevent the dreaded Ozma and his deadly minions from being resurrected. Wields heavy weapons and is able to cast some magic spells. Can use a cross, rosary, scythe, totem pole, or an axe. Wears Heavy Armor.



?The Imposters were once human, like us. We must remind ourselves to treat them with benevolence.?

The supporting class, armed with spells and heals to aid his allies. But heals and buffs are not the only thing a Crusader can do. The Crusader is no stranger to fighting, and he will not hesitate to use his Light-based skills. Can use a cross or a rosary. Wears Plate Armor.


?All evils of this world must be destroyed without hesitation? even if the evil has taken control of those once pure and dear to your hearts.?

A man who has no problem with destroying evil with his hands. The eradication of evil is the most important goal he will strive for. Unlike other priests, he drives his weapons into the ground to create a holy ring, buffing his holy punches. Wears Light Armor. Uses totems or axes.


?Be at ease. For my spirits and talismans will ward away evil??

Versed in Suju?s traditional incantations, the Exorcist can bring upon spells to further increase his damage. Of the Exorcist, there are two variations with accompanying chakras. One is the Physical Exorcist, accompanied by the Passion Chakra to increase his strength and hit rate along with making his weapon deal fire damage. The other is the Magic Exorcist, accompanied by the Frigid Chakra which increases intelligence and casting speed. Wears either Plate Armor or Cloth Armor. Uses axes, scythes, or rosaries.


?May the Heavens bestow forgiveness upon me!?

Wielding the demonic powers of Ozma and demons, the Avenger is still on the path of good. Do not be alarmed if a priest passes by you and you feel a cold chill. The Avenger has many dark magic attacks to use against his enemy. Wears Heavy Armor. Uses Scythes or Rosaries (The game shows Avenger skills on crosses, but honestly I have no idea why the developers did that. Crosses are like SO INFERIOR AND USELESS compared to Scythes and Rosaries.


?They call me a Thief, but I?m not after your jewels or your precious wares. I specialize in? How shall I put this? corporeal embezzlement.?

The fastest fighter here, the Thief will take whatever she needs. Swift and cunning, she excels in espionage and assassinations. Can you stop someone you can?t even catch? The Thief has a variety of attacks, from physical slash and stab combos to magical spells of darkness. They can use wands, daggers, or dual blades. Wears Leather Armor.



?Fast. Faster! If you manage to see the shining blades in my hands, try your best to dodge them.?

Pushing herself to the limit, the Rogue can be considered to be the ultimate embodiment of speed. Sometimes, one cannot see her. The poor victim can only hear a quick blade before succumbing to death. Once subclassed to a Rogue, a counter with five orbs will appear in the lower left corner of the screen. Wears Leather Armor. Uses daggers or dual blades.


?Respect for the dead? Hahaha! I?ll have none of it if that?s what it takes to make ends meet!?

Necromancers are allies of the dead, focusing on magic to bring them forth and wreak havoc. Allies include Nicholas, zombies, and even the king of the deceased, Vallacre the Slaughterer. Wears Light Armor. Uses wands.

The Difference Between Fixed and Percent

You might have noticed that beside the subclass names, there is either a ?Fixed? or ?Percent? next to it. Fixed and Percent means what the class uses for damage.

Fixed skills do a set amount of damage (For example, 5000) and is affected by Str/Int and Base Attack. Fixed classes are generally better for beginners due to the fact that no reinforcements are involved, which means less money to spend on reinforcing.

Percent skills do a percent amount (For example, 2000%) based on your Physical/Magic Attack Strength. For classes and skills like these, you would want to increase your Physical/Magic Attack directly by reinforcing and using Attack Strength enchantments.

Class Trainers

The Class Trainers are the people who you will go to for skills and to advance your class. From left to right, you have GSD (Slayer Trainer), Pungjin (Fighter Trainer), Kiri (Gunner Trainer), Sharan (Mage Trainer), Grandis (Priest Trainer), and Minet (Thief Trainer).

Basic Controls

As soon as you start, you?ll be shown a little comic intro. Soon afterwards, you?re thrown into the tutorial stage where it lays out the controls for you.

Z ? Is your Skill key. What do I mean by Skill key? For one thing, it?s your launching skill, meaning that when you press it, you will do an attack that launches an enemy into the air. But it also has a second use. Skills do not have to be used by hotkeys alone. Mostly all the skills in the game can be activated by a command, such as ??+Z, in which you would tap twice to the right and then press Z directly afterwards to activate that skill.

X ? Is your regular attack key. Each class has a different string of regular attacks. X is also used to pick up items. When jumping, you can press X to do an aerial attack.

C ? Is your jump key.

Spacebar ? Is your Skill 2 key. The Spacebar is the same as the Z key in terms of being used in a command. The difference between the two keys is that the Z key is used for attack skills while the Spacebar is used for buff skills. However, in the tutorial, you do not start with any buff skills, so this is not yet shown right away, but you know it now!

Skill Hotkeys ? Basically what it is, your skill hotkeys. By default, it?s A, S, D, F, G, and H. You just lay down whatever skills you want to use and put it on one of those keys. Then whenever you want to use the skill, just press the key.

Item Hotkeys ? Hotkeys where you can put items such as healing items or equipment. By default, it?s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

M ? Brings up your stats window.

N ? Brings up the Town map if you?re in town. Pressing the N in the dungeon will change the map icon in the upper right hand corner.

I ? Is used to open up your Inventory. The Inventory has five tabs: Equip, Use, Material, Prof, and Quest.

W ? Opens up your Quest Book. The Quest Book shows you all the available quests that you can do. It has three tabs: All, Progress, and Completed. Pressing W will make the Quest Book go straight to the All tab.

Q ? Opens up your Quest Book to the Progress tab, showing you which quests are in progress that you have chosen. There are several types of quests. Epic quests are the main quests of the game, they are the main storyline or generally really important and as such, they give really good EXP. Epic quests also give you Quest Points (QP), which you can use to buy stats such as Strength and Intelligence. General quests are quests that are optional to do and give a decent amount of EXP if you can clear several quests at the same time. Event quests are simple enough. Once you get to level 20, you will also start to get Drill quests, which are different everyday. Doing so will give you drill points and a bag of your choice, either a bag to give cube fragments or materials. Drill points are used to buy things from Loton. You?ll notice during your leveling that there are some red quests that are Limited. This means that you can only do them for the day, and once completed, you will have to wait until the next day to do it again. Because of this, Limited quests are known as Dailies throughout the community because you can do them everyday for EXP. Upon completing the Epic quest, ?Training for the Future? at level 27, whenever you don?t have any other quests to do, the game will send you bonus quests, called Urgent Quests, so as to make leveling up feel less like a grind.

K ? Opens up your Skill Window. There are four tabs you?ll see: Common, Class, General, and Special. Common are the skills of your class before you subclass into something else. As the name shows, these are skills that every subclass can still get. The Class tab is for skills of your particular subclass, as no other subclass could have them. In the General tab, these are skills that every class can have. And in the Special tab, these are special skills designed to affect your other skills, such as increasing the attack power of increasing the number of hits and such. You will need to use Technique Points (TP) to buy the skills. You get TP at level 50, and you get 1 point each time you level up. At the bottom, you?ll notice several more buttons: Customize, Seal, and Unseal. The Customize button is used for changing the commands of skills. For example, say you don?t like to use ??+Z for a skill. You can change it to something else like ???+Z instead or whatever it is you choose. The Seal button makes it so that you can hover over a skill to seal it. Sealing a skill makes it so that you don?t accidentally use a skill. It will lock up the command, and you?ll need to put it on a hotkey to activate it. You can also Right Click a skill to seal it. You can probably figure out what Unseal is. It makes it so you can use the command again.

You might also notice a blue bar above Menu buttons at the bottom labeled Blitz. Blitz points are an indicator of how many dungeon rooms you have fought in. Starting everyday, you will have 400 Blitz Points (BP) and you will be in Stage ON. By being in Stage ON, this means that you can receive dungeon drops such as gold and equipment and you can also receive items/gold in the dungeon cards at the end. Once you have used 400 BP, you will go into Stage OFF. In Stage OFF, you will not receive any gold or equipment from dungeons except for Quest Items and items in the Valley of Fallen Souls. However, you will get bonus EXP from dungeons. Blitz points reset at 6 AM PST/9 AM EST.

Title Book

Once you reach level 10, you can start getting titles. Titles are another equipment slot and add various effects, from stat increases to skill increases to special circumstances like receiving hits or giving hits to get an effect. There are two ways to start a title quest. The first way is to look at your quest book for a quest labeled ?Feat? and has a title as a reward and accepting the quest. The other is the faster and easier way of clicking on a grayed title, which will give you the quest right away. You must be at the correct level to receive the quest. There are three tabs: General, Special, and Rate.

General is the most important part of the Title Book. As you complete each level set, you gain bonus stats such as more HP/MP, Strength, or Intelligence. In other words, you want to get every title possible in this tab.

Special has more titles to get than General, but they don?t offer bonus stats for completing a title set. Completing a title set in the Special tab gives you more emoticons. Most of the titles in this tab don?t require a quest, just completing certain actions.

Rate just shows you how many titles you have gotten in the General tab and the Special tab.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not do any General quests that tell you to gather many items, like Burning Hearts or Evil Forms. Several General titles require you to use the same items to complete the title quest. Therefore, it is in your best interest to skip out on any General quests that tell you to get those items.

Level 20

This is where it starts to get a little bit more exciting. Once you reach level 20, you can go to your class trainer and advance to a subclass. You?ll be taken to a page with some character tabs. Clicking on them will change the character picture along with a video to showcase the specific subclass. Once you?ve chosen your subclass, you?ll undergo some quests and upon completing those you will become that class with a whole new skill set. Also at level 20, you can start to PVP as well as get a Profession. More info will be shown later on.

Level 50

Once you?ve reached level 50, you can Awaken your character. Awakening a character means that your subclass now goes further into the path to become an even stronger class. Once awakened, you?ll have access to four new skills, one Awakening skill and one Passive skill and two EX skills. EX skills are upgraded versions of previous skills. They do not replace the skill they?re based off. You will also get a title to show that you have awakened.

Now let?s take an in-depth look at some of the things you?ll find in the game.


You know of the different types of weapons that each class will use, but why don?t we look at the weapons a little more closely?

The very first thing you?ll see in any of the equipment you?ll find is the name. The name will have varying colors, and each color determines just how rare and valuable the item is.

White ? White text color means that the item is Common grade. This is the lowest grade possible in terms of name color.

Blue ? Items with blue text are Uncommon grade. These are a slightly better than Common weapons.

Purple ? These items are Rare grade. They are better than blue-named equipment and is generally the grade you will have once you reach higher levels.

Pink ? Pink items are known to be Unique grade. They are higher than Rares and also higher than Chronicles.

Red/Orange-Red ? These items are Chronicles. They are special items used in higher, special dungeons as they give out Exorcism Parameter.

Yellow/Yellow-Orange ? These are known as Epics. Epics are the highest grade for equipments.

The higher you go up the equipment ranks, the rarer it is to find those items*. However, it must be noted that the level of the item is taken into account for these grades. If you had one of every equipment grade at the same level, then the way it?s laid out is correct. That is, Epic is the strongest and highest, Unique is the next strongest, and so on. However, a level 15 Unique will be weaker than a level 25 Rare, so you must keep this in mind.

*EXCEPTION: The Revolution patch has brought out Magic Sealed items, which are considered Rare grade as they have purple text. However, they have a higher drop rate than Blues or Whites.

There are some other things you?ll see on equipments. You?ll notice that all of them have a number and then ?kg? after it, like 3.1kg. In this game, your inventory has a weight limit, so you?ll have to watch out. Going over the limit means you can?t pick up anything else until you lose all of those kg. Most of the information is standard stuff to tell you of the equipment: What type of armor it is, what type of weapon it is, defense on armor, attack strengths on weapons, etc. Weapons have a few little details not found on other equipment, though. Weapons show the attack speed of the weapon. From slowest to fastest, it?s Very Slow, Slow, Average, Fast, Very Fast. Another thing weapons have is that they alter the MP and cooldowns of skills. For example, a cross says ?Magic Weapon Skill MP -5%, Cooldown -5%,? meaning that magic skills cost 5 percent less MP to use and takes 5 percent less time for a skill to become ready. It?s possible to also increase the amount of MP a skill takes as well as increase the cooldown. You will also know if a skill has reduced/increased cooldown and MP by hovering over a skill. If the MP and cooldown is blue, then that means it?s reduced. If it?s red, then it has been raised.

There is another grade system found in equipments. You?ll see on the right side in either brown, blue, or yellow text of an equipment info window. There are 5 grades.

Inferior ? Shown in brown. This is the lowest grade a weapon can have. Stats are the lowest on this type of grade.

Weak ? Shown in brown. This is better than Inferior, but it is still below-average.

Ordinary ? Shown in blue. This is the average grade. Not the best, but not the worst.

Exceptional ? Shown in Yellow. This is above-average. Your stats are near the best.

Superior ? Shown in Yellow. The best grade. Your stats are at the top.

NOTE: Items below level 60 do not necessarily reflect the grades accurately. A Weak grade could have more physical attack strength than an Ordinary grade. Items at Level 60 and above start to reflect this. A Weak item will never be better than an Ordinary. A Superior item will always be the best.

TIP: If you have an item that you don?t want to lose, you can press and hold the Alt key on your keyboard and left click an item to lock it. This will bring up a window confirming if you want to lock it, and upon agreeing to, your equipment will now have a lock icon on it. By locking it, you cannot sell it, reinforce it, disassemble it, or throw it away.

Magic Seals

Magic Seals are new items that came after the Revolution patch. Magic Seals, though Rare grade, drop more often than Blues or Whites and are good, easy equips to gear your character.

There are three things you can do with magic seals by talking to Seria:
1. Break Magic Seal. By breaking the Magic Seal, you can now use the item. Breaking a magic seal also gives it bonus stats. The stats range far and wide, from increasing your strength to increasing attack speed or casting speed to increased resistance to elements. There are lots of bonuses. If you can?t use the item because it?s not for your class, you can still break the seal and use it for the next option.

2. Recast Magic Seal. This option allows you to put in two magic seals to get another magic seal. You need to use the Break Magic Seal option before you can Recast. Once you?ve put in two Magic Seals, two tabs will appear now. The first one is for you to choose what type of Magic Seal it will be, whether it?s a weapon for a class or an armor type. The second tab gives you a chance to increase bonus option for paying double the fee (The fee is quite small).

3. Convert Magic Seal. Let?s say you got a Magic Seal item that you can use but have a crummy stat you don?t want. Well, with the Convert Magic Seal option, you can choose the stat and change it into something else! However, it should be noted that once you convert one stat, all the other stats lock into place. This means that only one stat can be converted repeatedly. For more information on Magic Seals, check out the link to the Magic Seals guide in the ?Other Guides? section in this thread or just going to the Magic Seals guide thread in the DFOSource Guide Submission section.

In your Stats window, you?ll see a lot of information. HP and MP are simple enough.

Strength and Intelligence increases your Physical and Magical attacks, respectively. They also increase status ailments such as bleed and poison.

Vitality increases your max HP, HP recovery, and Physical Defense. Spirit increases your max MP, MP recovery, and Magic Defense.

Physical Atk. and Magic Atk. is also pretty simple.

Base Attack Strength affects both physical and magical, and is used for Fixed skills.

Physical and Magic Defense are self-explanatory.

Critical means Critical Hit Rate, meaning the chance of having one of your attacks become Critical. The higher the number, the bigger the chance of a Critical. The same idea goes for the Magic Critical Hit Rate, except for magic skills and attacks.

Attack Speed is how fast you can attack with your regular attacks, and some skills are affected by Attack Speed. Casting Speed is how fast you can cast a skill, and some skills are affected by Casting Speed. Movement Speed is how fast you can walk and run, and some skills are affected by Movement Speed.

And now we have a special stat, the Exorcism Parameter. Exorcism Parameter is a special stat used for Otherverse (OV). The Otherverse is a whole different dungeon. It?s designed to have party work and cooperation, so you can bet it?s one of the toughest things in the game. So how does Exorcism Parameter come into play? Well, the dungeons have an Exorcism Parameter requirement. You must reach the number or you will receive penalties to your HP, MP, and Attack Strength. However, because Otherverse dungeons can only begin at level 65, not much will be talked about it here.

Hit Rate is reduces the percentage of misses that might occur. The higher the Hit Rate, the lower your Miss Rate. Evasion Rate is the percentage in which you?ll dodge an enemy?s attack. The higher the rate, the more often you?ll dodge attacks.

HP Recovery is how much HP you?ll regain per minute and is affected by Vitality. MP Recovery is how much MP you?ll regain per minute and is affected by Spirit. Quick word to the wise, HP Regen is not really all that good as you would have to spend several minutes to restore a good amount of HP back, and even with a high amount of Vitality, it is still not worth it as when people have more Vitality, that also means they have more Max HP. By having more HP, this makes the HP Recovery rate very insignificant.

Immobility is also know as hit stun. When you attack an enemy, they will usually flinch and cannot move or attack. This is immobility/hit stun. By increasing Immobility, you make it so that enemies are stunned for longer. This is not the same thing as the status effect stun. Just remember that hit stun is the duration in which an enemy cannot move after you hit them, while stun will have an actual icon above enemies heads noting they are stunned (more on status ailments later). Then you have Hit Recovery, this is pretty much the opposite of Immobility. Not only can you hit stun enemies, they can also hit stun you. Hit Recovery decreases the amount of time you?re stunned by hits. meaning you can get out or attack back quicker.

Then you have the Elemental Damage, one icon for each element. The higher the Elemental Damage of one element, the more damage you would do with attacks that have that same element. So if you have a lot of, say?Shadow attacks, then you would try to increase your Shadow Damage so all of your Shadow attacks would do more damage. On the other side, you have the Elemental Resist. The higher the Elemental Resist, the less damage you take from attacks that have the same elements.


There are several different types of skills in the game. Skills cost Skill Points (SP) which you acquire by leveling up. As soon as you level up, you get a set amount of SP, so once you reach level 70, you will have all the SP. QUICK TIP: To get an extra row of Skill Hotkeys, go to your options, click on system, and then scroll down until you see ?Expand Skill Hotkeys? and make sure you check it.

Active Skills ? These skills are colored Yellow. These can be either Attack Skills or Buff Skills.

Passive Skills ? These skills are colored Green. These skills are not used actively by pressing the skill or doing a command. They are always activated.

Cancel Skills ? These are Green, meaning they are passive. Cancel Skills allows you to use a skill while you?re in the middle of your regular (X Key) attack.

Conversion ? When you subclass, you?ll get free common skills, but you?ll also get a new passive, the Conversion skill. The Conversion skill allows you to convert the properties of skills in the Common Tab to physical or magical. There are three options for the Conversion skill and you can change it by Right Clicking it. Physical means that all common skills will do physical damage and be affected by physical attributes like Strength. Magic means the same but for magic damage. Normal means that skills retain their normal properties, so if they originally did magic or physical, then they would stay magic/physical.

Once you get to around level 35, skills begin to cost clear cube fragments. What are clear cube fragments? In the game, there are colored cube fragments that you can get, and one of the types is clear. Clear cube fragments are plentiful and you can get them from disassembling your equipment (more on disassembling later on).

NOTE: With the Revolution patch, we get a very convenient feature where if you have an active skill (attack or buff) in your Skills window, you can press Alt and Left Click it to show the cooldown. Up to 5 skills can be shown, so if you have a skill that you do the commands for and want to keep track of the cooldown, use this feature.

General Skills ? These are skills that every class can get. They are:

Cancel ? Item Throw: Allows you to throw items in the middle of your regular attack. Costs 30 SP

Leap: For a period of time, you can jump extremely high. Each level increases the duration but also increases the cooldown. Costs 20 SP per level.

Ancient Memory: For 20 seconds, increases your Intelligence. Each level increases the amount of intelligence increased. Costs 25 SP per level.

Throw Mastery: Increases the attack strength of throwing items. Costs 25 SP per level.

Indomitable Spirit: For a duration, when you cast something, you will not be interrupted if an enemy attacks you. Each level increases the chance of not getting interrupted. At level 10 (Maxed) you will have a 100% chance to not be interrupted. Costs 25 SP per level.

Physical Critical Hit: Increases your Physical Critical Hit Rate. Increases by 1% each level. Costs 20 SP per level.

Physical Rear Attack: Increases your Physical Critical Hit Rate on BACK ATTACKS ONLY. Increases by 1.5% each level. Costs 20 SP per level.

Magic Critical Hit: Increases your Magic Critical Hit Rate. Increases by 1% each level. Costs 20 SP per level.

Magic Rear Attack: Increases your Magic Critical Hit Rate on BACK ATTACKS ONLY. Increases by 1.5% each level. Costs 20 SP per level.

Quick Rebound: When you get knocked down, you can press the hotkey or your jump key to quickly get into a crouched position. You are invincible during this and holding down the skill will make you stay in the crouched position longer. Costs 10 SP. THIS IS A MUST GET SKILL FOR EVERY CLASS.

The majority of General skills aren?t really that good or recommended for classes, though this does not mean General skills are bad. Some classes can make great use of some of these skills such as Ancient Memory or Physical Critical Hit.

Fixed Skills ? Fixed skills mean they do a set amount of damage and are affected by Strength. They will only have a number, such as 8765, and nothing else. Fixed skills not only increase in value when you level up the skill, but fixed skills also get stronger as you level up yourself. A level 1 fixed skill when you?re at level 1 and the same skill when you?re at level 70 will have completely different damage values.

Percent Skills ? Percent skills are skills that have percents in their damage values. In other words, a skill would look like 1000%. These skills factor in your total Attack Strength. In other words, if it?s possible to increase your Attack Strength directly rather than indirectly (by indirectly, I mean like stacking regular strength/intelligence. Doing this, you also affect your Physical/Magic Attack Strength, but you?re not directly boosting it, you?re boosting regular strength/intelligence which in turn boosts Physical/Magic Attack Strength), you should do so. For Percent skills, Piercing Damage is really important.

Mixed Skills ? Some skills have both fixed and percent values. An example is a Crusader?s Spear of Victory skill. The skill could look like Magic Damage: 367% + 3973. In this case, the skill would be affected by both intelligence as well as the Crusader?s Magic Attack Strength. In this case, both stats are equally important but does not overshadow the other.

In the upper left hand corner, you?ll the total amount of SP, TP, and QP that you have. The numbers on the right show how much SP, TP, and QP you would have left after allocating your skill points. On the skills themselves, you can click on the dropdown menu to choose a specific level of a skill or just click on the button to the right that says Max to max the skill. The numbers in the dropdown menu is in this order: Level of the skill, level you need to be to obtain that skill, and the total amount of SP it would cost to get the skill to that level. For example, let?s look at a Priest?s Giant Weapon Launcher skill. At level 1, it?s 1) LV 1 [0]. This means that the skill is level 1, you need to be level 1 to get the skill, and it costs 0 SP to get the skill. But let?s say the skill is at Level 10, so now it would look like 10) LV 28 [180], meaning Skill Level is 10, you need to be level 28 to get it, and it would cost 180 SP to get the skill to Level 10.

Throughout the towns you will go to, there are always going to be NPCs. Each NPC has different things to do. You already know some NPCs: Seria, Linus, the Class Trainers. Those guys can give you skills and maybe sell you some items. However, some NPCs do have some extra things that they can do for you.

?The Fixers
Some NPCs can fix your equipment, and this is very important. Delilah will be the most common NPC you will find to fix your equipment. She appears at the end of dungeon runs. Sometimes, another person might appear at the end of the dungeon. This person is Gabriel, and he can sell you items for a cheap price, and they are usually good deals. Some other NPCs that can fix your equipment are Linus, Cinda, Kargon, and Gale. You can choose to fix a specific equipment or click on a button to fix all the gear that you have equipped as well as any gear that is in your Item Hotkeys.

?The Disassemblers
One of the most important NPCs you will find is Loton, the Disassembler. When you disassemble an equip, you can get colored cube fragments and sometimes other materials depending on the color grade of the equipment. This will be how you get not only colored cube fragments such as red cube fragments and white cube fragments (which are important for quests), you will also get clear cube fragments. However, only blue-grade items can give you clear cube fragments along with colored cube fragments. Sometimes when you disassemble, there?s a chance you can ?Crit? and get a lot more colored cube fragments. For example, let?s say you disassembled one blue equipment and got 37 clear cube fragments and 1 red cube fragment. Then you disassemble another one and you get 37 cube fragments, but suddenly you see that you also got 55 red cube fragments. That is what is know as ?Critting? a disassemble.

TIP: A general rule is to disassemble all of the blue-grade equips that you get, while selling all the white-grade items for money. However, you can also disassemble white-grade items for cube fragments, but you will only get clear cube fragments.

Rare items will give you clear cube fragments and low grade elemental crystals, as well as gold cube fragments if you?re lucky.

Uniques will give you clear cube fragments and high grade elemental crystals.

Chronicle items will give you clear cube fragments and either a chaos stone or a nihilistic demon stone, depending on the Chronicle type. Chaos stones are used to buy Chronicle 1 items, while nihilistic demon stones are used for many things near the level cap.

Epic items will give clear cube fragments and either Radiant Eyes or Luminant Eyes. These can be used to buy scrolls or to buy Epic weapons.

NOTE: When first starting out, only do this with items that you know you will not use. Once you have a decent amount of equipment, then you can start to disassemble. At around level 15-20, you should be getting some magic seal armors and weapons you can use, so blues are not really worth it by then and should be disassembled.

The Reinforcer (and the Rage-Inducer)

You can reinforce your equipment to make them better. Reinforcing a weapon increases the Piercing Physical Attack Strength and Piercing Magic Attack Strength. Piercing means that the damage will go right through the armor and defense of enemies. Reinforcing armor increases physical defense, effectively making sure you stay alive longer by making enemies do less damage. Accessories are the same as armor, but increases magic defense. To reinforce, you must talk to Kiri, who is also the Gunner Class Trainer. When successfully reinforced, you will see a + and then a number after it, like +10 [Equipment Name]. Reinforcing requires gold and an amount of Ryan Cokes.

Now the reason that many people hate reinforcing is because it?s all luck-based. The first three reinforcements are guaranteed to succeed. But everything after that has a chance to fail. The exact success rates are not known.

From 1-3, it is guaranteed to succeed.

From 4-7, if it fails, it will drop to one lower reinforcement. (Ex: +6 can fail to +5.)

From 8-10, if it fails, it will drop to three lower reinforcements. (Ex: +8 can drop to +5.)
Fun fact: It used to be that if it failed during this section, the reinforcement would have dropped to +0.

From +11 and up, any failures will result in the equipment being destroyed. However, any items at +11 and up usually have exponentially great stats.

Another reinforcer is Klonter. However, his reinforcements are not the same as Kiri?s and requires different materials. To be more correct, his task is to ?Amplify.? Amplifying only works on cursed equipment, which are equipments that have been locked by a mysterious outer energy. Purifying the lock gives the equipment a bonus stat, which Klonter can amplify to make the stat better. This is really expensive and more intended for richer people, so as a beginner, you don?t have to worry about this.

: Do not bother reinforcing equipment at lower levels. You will be wasting gold and Ryan Cokes as you will level fairly fast and have little to no trouble for the most part. Only at around level 45 or so should you start to reinforce, and the only thing you should focus on at that point is reinforcing weapons. Reinforcing armor is only really important near the end game when you have a good armor set that you plan on using for a long time.

Sometimes you?ll need to craft an item to complete a quest or perhaps to make a recipe. This is where an NPC like Roger Levin comes in. He can craft you an item as long as you have the required materials and a little bit of gold. He does not craft your recipes though. You collect the materials and craft the recipes yourself. By doing so, you can increase your crafting level of an equipment type. By increasing a crafting level, you will have better chances at obtaining a high reinforced item. So if you keep on crafting weapons, your weapon crafting level will go up, resulting in higher chances of crafting a +7-+12 weapon. You can check your crafting experience in the Stats window in the Crafting tab.

-Avatar Sunderer and Emblem Synthesizer

Sometimes, the NPC Daphne can sunder avatars, cosmetic clothes which can also give stats, into emblems. Emblems are put into avatars and can give various stats depending on the color. Emblem synthesizing means to put two emblems together to create another emblem.


When you?re level 20, you can choose a profession to have. There are four options: Alchemist, Disassembler, Animator, and Enchanter.

Alchemist: You will need to talk to Lorianne to start your quest to become an Alchemist. Alchemist makes special potions such as healing potions or strength/intelligence potions and the like. You must collect 1 Red Cube, 1 White Cube, 1 Black Cube, 1 Blue Cube, and 4 Clear Cubes and give them to Lorianne. Note that these are WHOLE CUBES, and NOT cube fragments. To make them into whole cubes, you must have 100 of a cube and talk to Roger Levin to make it into a whole cube. To level up your Alchemist, you must first get recipes. Once you have a recipe, you can right-click to learn it and now you can start to craft potions once you have the required materials. Alchemists will need to buy the Extractor recipes. You will need to Extract rare items as that gives out Profession items, which are clearly used for Professions.

Disassembler: Don?t like walking to Loton every time you need to disassemble something? Well you can become a Disassembler yourself! Talk to Loton and you will need to bring him 1 Red Cube, 1 White Cube, 1 Black Cube, 1 Blue Cube, and 50 Low Grade Elemental Crystals. Now you can set up your own Disassembler wherever you want. If you use your own Disassembler, you get a little bit more bonuses. You?ll level up by having people or yourself use your Disassembler. It will take several disses to get an experience point, so don?t freak out and think you?re not getting EXP. When you first start out, it?s best to make sure you put a fee of 0 gold. The reason is because your Disassembler isn?t that great when first starting out, and there will usually be other people who are higher leveled than you. Once you get to a higher level, maybe level 6 or so, you can start putting out a fee. I still recommend a relatively low fee, like 100 gold or so, until you?re around level 8-9. That?s when you can put up fees of 500 gold and higher. This might not seem like much, but a Disassembler has a lot of uses, meaning people can use your Disassembler for a long time, resulting in a decent amount of gold gained. You will have to go to Loton to fix your Disassembler once all the uses are up. Also, you must have OVER the EXP amount to level up. A level 1 Disassembler will have 0/224 exp when first starting. Once you get to 224/224, you still cannot level up. You must have 225 and then talk to Loton to upgrade your Disassembler.

Animator: To become an Animator, you must talk to Iris Fortunesinger and then give her 1 Red Cube, 1 White Cube, 1 Black Cube, 1 Blue Cube, and 5 Cloth Scraps. Animators can make APCs to help people out in dungeons. APCs are items that you can use to summon specific Dungeon Fighters. To make APCs, you must first get recipes just like an Alchemist. Then you get the items required and make them. They count as Consumeables so they will be put into either your Item Hotkeys or in your Use tab in the Inventory. Just like Alchemists, Animators will need to get recipes to extract items as well. Animators can extract Spirits from rare items.

Enchanter: To become an Enchanter, you must talk to Sharan and give her 1 Red Cube, 1 White Cube, 1 Black Cube, 1 Blue Cube, and 3 Card: Silgave. Cards are profession items and will drop from monsters. Enchanting means to add bonuses to equipment. To get started, just like Alchemists and Animators, you must learn recipes first. There are two ways you can enchant something. One way is to have a person request an enchant from you. You will need to have the items ready, so the person will trade you his/her items. Then he/she can ?request? an enchant, bringing up a window. The person who requested it can then put in the equipment to be enchanted as well as the card being used. Once that?s all done, the item should be enchanted. The other way to enchant is to make beads. Beads are useable items that people can use themselves to enchant their own items, making it very convenient. You can put these beads in the Auction Hall (AH) to make money. And just like the Alchemists and Animators, Enchanters can also extract items. Enchanters will need to learn the recipes so that they can extract rare items to give Mana Solvents, items needed to enchant.

NOTE: Except for Disassembler, every Profession can buy recipes 2 levels above the current level. This also means that it?s possible to make an item 2 levels higher than the Profession level. However, higher level items have a chance to fail, yellow having a chance to fail and red being having a high chance to fail. Because the risks are bigger, that means rewards are bigger as well, meaning you get more EXP if you successfully made an item that?s colored yellow or red. If you want to safely acquire an item, then you can make items that are colored green. Items two levels below your current Profession level will stop giving you EXP, and they will be gray-colored. You can still make them, but they will not give you Profession EXP.

Auction Hall

The Auction Hall is most likely the place where you will sell your items and find items. At the top, there are two tabs: Search Items and My Auction.

Searching?? If you know of the name that you?re looking for, you can search it into the bar. Next to the search bar, you?ll see Lv. and two blocks. If you don?t know exactly what you?re searching for, you can put a level range, the minimum level being in the first block and the maximum level in the second block. After that, there?s a drop down menu where you can select which rarity you want. Afterwards, you?ll +# and another two blocks. This one is for searching up reinforced weapons, so if you want to buy a reinforced weapon, you can search up either a specific reinforcement or a range of reinforcements. The Arrow button in the upper right is to reset everything in the AH window.

On the left side, you can find specific item types to search for. You will find that not only can you buy equipment and useable items like potions, you will also see Avatars, Emblems, and Creatures as well. Avatars are NX items, meaning that they be bought with real money. However, if people have a Merchant?s Kit (Another NX item), they can sell tradable NX items. So if you don?t want to spend real money, you can search up avatars with the look you like or maybe the stats you want and buy it with gold. Creatures are basically pets and each one has different stat bonuses as well as their own creature skills.

On the topic of Avatar searches, you?ll notice that there?s two different Avatar options. One says Avatar, the other says Emblem Avatar. The one that just says Avatar means that you will find avatars without emblem slots. Emblem Avatar, on the other hand, will have emblem slots. The same is happening for what you see as Clones. Clones are actually Clone Avatars. Clone Avatars are special in that they will take on the appearance of whatever avatar you?re wearing at the time. So, one option is Clone Avatars without emblem slots, the other option is Clone Avatars with emblem slots. The reason Clone Avatars exist is because they have the same rank as a Rare Avatar (More information later on about the types of avatars).

To the right of the screen, you?ll see a recommendation box showing a weapon and five armor equips. While the game recommends whatever items it wants, I recommend you get yourself Magic Sealed weapons and armor as it?s very easy to get those. There is also a preview window so that if you?re interested in an avatar and want to see how it looks before you buy it, you can left click on an avatar?s icon.

In the upper right corner, you?ll also see a check box that says ?Search Sealed.? If you want to search only Magic Sealed items, then you would check this box. Once checked, you can choose to select up to three options that you want to find on a Magic Seal item. The number of options chosen means the same number of stats you will see. In other words, if you?re only searching for Intelligence and only chose the Intelligence option, you will find Magic Sealed item that only has Intelligence as part of the bonus stats. But if you were to choose the Intelligence option as well as, let?s say, a Magic Critical Hit Aura option, then AH would list items that have both Intelligence and a Magic Critical Hit Aura together.

The My Auction tab just shows any items you might have bid on as well as the items that you are selling.

If you want to sell an item, you?ll want to click on the ?Register Item? button in the lower left corner. You then drag the item into the new window. You can put in the bidding price and the buyout price. To help you judge the prices, the window will not only show the average price, but the it will also show the top 3 minimum prices that other people are selling it for. This helps you get an idea of how much an item is worth. However, sometimes the price doesn?t match the worth of your equipment. It could be worth way more than you think, or it could be worth way less. It?s best to look out for which one is worth more and which one is worth less.

NX Items

As with every Free-to-Play, the company will need items that can only be bought with real money to make an income. So in this section, I?ll talk about some of the NX items that you will find in the Item Shop.

The first option in the item shop is Avatars. Here you can choose to buy an avatar set or choose to buy a specific avatar. There are two different avatars you can get in this section, either Basic avatars or Advanced avatars. Basic gives the lowest amount of stat bonuses while Advanced gives better stat bonuses. Advanced avatars also have a set bonus, meaning the more Advanced avatars you have equipped, the more bonuses you will also get.

Types of Stat Bonuses:
Hat and Hair ? Increases Intelligence, Spirit, Casting Speed, HP Recovery, or MP Recovery.

Face and Torso ? Increases Magic Defense, Hit Recovery, Attack Speed, or Abnormal Status Resist.

Top ? Increases a skill. Basic avatars will increase a common skill. Advance avatars will increase a subclass skill.

Bottom ? Increases Physical Defense, Max HP, or Max MP.

Shoes ? Increases Vitality, Strength, Movement Speed, or Jump Strength.

Waist ? Increases Fire Resistance, Water Resistance, Shadow Resistance, Light Resistance, Evasion Rate, or Inventory Weight.

Skin ? Increases Physical Defense Reduction or Magic Defense Reduction. In conjunction with one of the previous buffs, skin avatars also give out Hit Recovery.

The second option is Items, which contains various amounts of different useable items.

You can buy more Life Tokens. Life Tokens are what you can use if you were to die in a dungeon. If you are by yourself, then a timer will count down to 0 and you must press the X key to revive or you will be sent back to town. If you are in a party, then you don?t necessarily have to revive, but do note that there is a Dead Weight System. The Dead Weight System makes it so that any member who dies in a dungeon will have reduced gold and reduced exp. The further away from the boss room that the death occurred, the more severe the punishment. Which means that if you died a room before the boss, you won?t have a really bad reduction. But if you died in the first room? Expect to have basically 0 gold and near 0 EXP. It?s designed to make sure there aren?t any leeches trying to get free EXP and gold/items while doing nothing. But anyways, this is not the only way to receive Life Tokens. You can earn Life Tokens by participating in Town Invasion, by being in a guild and leveling up the guild, or taking advantage of events that give out Life Tokens.

An interesting item is the Bind Cube. What Bind Cubes do is that you can put in two avatars of the same type (IE: hat and hat, face and face, top and top, etc) to make a new avatar. The new avatar will always be Advanced and it will always have emblem slots. You can choose the stat that you want and choose the look. But, Bind Cubes have a chance to generate a RARE Avatar. This is the best type of Avatars that you can get. However, to have a chance of generating a Rare Avatar, you must set the style to be Random, which means that if you don?t get a Rare Avatar, then you?ll get a random Advanced Avatar. Rare Avatars will give the highest amount of stats but will usually be only available by a small variety of styles. Rare Avatars have their own set bonuses which are better than an Advanced set bonuses. With Top Rare Avatars, they will give not only a +1 to a class skill, but they will also boost up your two beginning skills. Top and Bottom Rare avatars will also have another emblem slot designed to hold Platinum Emblems. Some people don?t like the way Rare avatars look, which is why Clone Avatars exist.

Kaleido boxes are used to change the grade of an equipment, like from Inferior to Superior. This is only really useful for level 60+ equips.

Lethe?s Contract is a pretty nice item. It allows you to make changes to your build whenever you want for a limited time. This allows for experimenting with skills and finding what?s good and what?s bad. If you like what you?ve come up with, then you can buy a Lethe?s Seal to seal the skill build. Once you get any Contract, it applies to all of your characters. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: WHEN YOU BUY A LETHE?S CONTRACT, IT IS ACTIVATED RIGHT AWAY. DO NOT BUY A LETHE?S SEAL RIGHT AFTER BUYING A LETHE?S CONTRACT AS THAT WILL ALSO ACTIVATE RIGHT AWAY. WHAT THIS MEANS IS YOU BASICALLY WASTED MONEY FOR NOTHING. Nobody likes wasted money, so don?t do this. The Lethe items are not consumeable items that you can right click to activate.

Conqueror?s Contract allows you to wear equipment that are 5 levels above you. Tactician?s Contract allows you to buy and use skills that are 5 levels above you.

By now, you?ve probably noticed that in your Skill window, there?s two buttons in the upper right corner, one that?s blue and has an I, another that?s red and has II. That II means a second skill build, but to get a second skill build, you must buy the Dual Skill Build License. This allows you to set up a second skill build and you can switch between the skill builds in town.

Safe Upgrade Kit is probably one of the most important yet pretty cheap items that you can get. When you first start out, you have an old rusty safe. This safe can only hold 8 items and it has a weight limit, so you can?t put many items in it. But once you upgrade the safe, you get more slots and you no longer have a weight limit, so you can put in as many heavy items as you want that can fit in the safe. You also have an Account Vault, which can be opened up by having a character at level 60 and spending 2m (2,000,000) gold. The Account Vault is a safe that is shared across all characters, so if you put in items on one character, you can go onto another character and have access to those same items. Untradeable items cannot be stored in it. I HIGHLY recommend that you put in Ryan Cokes, colored cube fragments, and low grade crystals in the account vault at the start. Also, you can store gold in the Account Vault. To upgrade the Account Vault, you will need Nihilistic Demon Stones.

Merchant?s Kits are needed to sell any tradable NX items. By buying a Merchant?s Kit, you can now sell things like Avatars and Megaphones. In addition to being able to sell tradable NX items, the Merchant?s Kit allows you to sell up to 30 items in the AH. Without a Merchant?s Kit, you are only allowed to sell up to 5 items.

The next option is Creatures, which are your pets in this game. Most pets have their own creature skills but you sometimes might find a pet that has no skills. Each and every pet will give out some sort of stat bonus. Most pets that have creature skills will also have a second skill that can only be obtained by leveling up the pet. A pet gains EXP when you clear a dungeon room. Pets do not stay out with you forever, as they have a Loyalty bar. When this runs out, your pet cannot be used anymore. It?s not gone, it just can?t be brought out. To gain more Loyalty, you can leave a pet unequipped and you will regain 10 Loyalty per hour. If you?re in town, pets will regain 10 Loyalty per hour regardless of being equipped or not. You can also buy Creature Food in the NX Shop, which pets will automatically use when their Loyalty reaches 10. Creatures will also have three colored slots. One is red, meant for physical attacks. One is blue, meant for magic attacks. And the last one is green, meant to either lower the amount of MP a creature?s skill uses or lower the charge time on a creature?s skill.

The last option is Special. Usually you?ll find Event Avatar Sets, which are a little better than Advanced sets, but not better than Rare sets. The Event sets are usually pretty good and probably worth the money. Sometimes there might be sales on items and sometimes you?ll find packages. It changes from time to time.

These aren?t all of the NX items that you will find, but most of them are pretty self-explanatory anyways. I just chose a few important ones that I wanted you to know.


You already know that once you get to level 20, you can enter the PVP scene. There are two Arenas available, Fair Arena and General Arena.

It used to be that General Arena was the only Arena available. General Arena had it so that your equipment and avatars were factored in and you had to use the same skill build in PVP as you did in PVE. What I mean by this is that some classes can only have one skill build that works well in one aspect of the game. A PVE build could be entirely different than a PVP build. A Full Support Crusader is an example of this. Also, this made the Arena very gear-dependent. A person with +12 armors, accessories, and a weapon could very easily win every single time.

Then Fair Arena (FA) came and the PVP scene went to a better route. Avatars were not counted. Everybody had the same equipment, and you could not reinforce anything. Everybody also had a separate skill build, meaning you didn?t have to use your PVE build in PVP. Also everybody becomes a level 70 in FA, regardless of what their level is in PVE. This made it more fair (hence the name) for everyone. As such, most people PVP in FA now instead of General Arena.

There are three different PVP Ranks: Vagabond, Gladiator, and Hero.

When you first start out, you will be a Vagabond 1. Each rank has 10 levels, and once surpassed, you will go on to the next rank. Hero 10 is the highest you can go.

Vagabonds will have a pre-set PVP build for every character. This is to help you get an idea of how to play your class in PVP. From Vagabond 1 to 6, you will get used to your skill build. Once you reach Vagabond 7, you?ll get a few more skills. Now you have a bit more to work with and see even more of how your class can play out. You will have this same build from Vagabond 7 to 10.

After you pass Vagabond 10, you will now be a Gladiator 1. At this point, you are allowed full customization of your character?s skill build. It is at this point where you can also use your Fair Arena Lethe?s Bell, which allows you to reset everything and work on a skill build, much like when you first subclass a character.

Starting out, when you first log into PVP, you?ll have windows asking which armor set you would like and which weapon you would like. You will need to right click the armor set box to receive all of your armors and accessories. Seria will be the one who will sell you items and skills. To buy items, you will need Arena Seals, which are gotten through PVP-ing. IMPORTANT NOTE: When you reach Gladiator 1 and Gladiator 6, you will receive a free Gladiator 1 armor/accessory set and weapon and a Gladiator 6 armor/accessory set and weapon, respectively.

Aside from armors and accessories and weapons, the first thing you?ll see in Seria?s shop is the ?Other? tab. You?ll see three boxes at the top. These are used to buy Fair Arena Clear Cube Fragments. As you already know, skills at level 35 and up will start to cost Clear Cube Fragments, so this is to help you out. Is this necessary? Not really, you can use your own Clear Cube Fragments if you like. This is only if you don?t want to use your own Clear Cube Fragments and would rather use the Fair Arena ones.

To the right of those boxes, you will see a Bead Seal. It will cost one Arena Seal to buy a Bead Seal. Now you might be thinking just what is the point of all of this. Bead Seals are used to buy Beads from Albert in Hendon Myre. The Beads you buy from Albert ONLY work in PVE. Beads from Albert will usually cost twice as much as a bead in FA, but sometimes the stats are worth it.

As for the rest of the selection, they are beads to enchant your equipment in FA only. There are three ranks of beads. The first rank is Common, which you can get right away. The next is Uncommon and can be unlocked at Gladiator 1. The last is Rare and can be unlocked at Gladiator 6.

Outside of the shop, you can see a window in the top right corner.

FIGHT ? clicking on this will bring you into a room. The FIGHT button will now change to Find Opponent. Clicking on this will make the game search for an opponent in the same level range as you.

History ? will show you your history against classes, your win ratio, and how many consecutive wins you?ve gotten.

Missions ? are basically your quests in PVP. Completing them can reward you PVP EXP, Arena Seals, or maybe even Beads.

Practice ? here you can fight against a training dummy. You can set it to just stand or move around and attack. You can also choose different APCs to fight and the location you want to fight them in. If you want the game to show you a few combos, there?s also a combo practice button you can click on.

Return ? this simply returns you back to the previous area. So if you were in the Tavern room, you would be sent back to Seria?s room. If you were in Seria?s room and then you pressed it, you would be returned back to Seria?s room in PVE.


I saved one of the most important aspects of this game for last. Guilds have plenty of benefits. When you?re in guild, you?ll be part of a special group with people who can help you out and show you the ropes. Guilds also have their own skills. There?s only two, but they can help you out in your journey. One skill is to increase the amount of EXP you gain. The other skill is to boost your four main stats, Strength, Intelligence, Vitality, and Spirit. Also, if your guild isn?t at the maxed level yet, that means that every time your guild levels up, you get Life Tokens.

To join a Guild, there are two ways to do so. One way is to have a member of a Guild invite you. The other way is to bring up your Guild window and type in a Guild name to send an application. If a Guild Officer or Leader accepts your application, then you?re in the guild.

There are several ranks in a Guild.

Guild Leader?(or Master): This is the person who started the entire Guild. The person has full control of the Guild. The person can invite members, kick out members, review applications, change Guild member ranks, use Guild EXP books, update the Guild Notice, and disband the Guild.

Guild Officers: These people are people that the Guild Leader trusts to help make the Guild a really good one. Guild Officers can invite members, kick out members, review applications, change Guild member ranks, and update the Guild Notice. A Guild Officer cannot make another person into a Guild Officer. Also, a Guild Officer cannot kick out another Guild Officer.

Senior (Sr.) Members: These members are allowed to invite people into the guild.

Junior (Jr.) Members: These members do not have any special privileges. However, it is the lowest rank needed to have the Stat and EXP boost from Guild skills.

Recruit: When you are first invited to a Guild, this is the rank that you will have. Recruits do not get any of the Stat and EXP bonuses from Guild Skills. I don?t speak for all Guilds, but some Guilds will automatically make new recruits into Jr. Members so that the new people can get the Guild Bonuses.

Well maybe you don?t want to join a Guild. Maybe you want to make your own Guild. You can talk to Bucken in Hendon Myre to start a Guild after paying 300k (300,000) gold. Once the fee is paid, the Guild can be made and you will be the Guild Leader.

To get EXP for a Guild, blitz points must be spent. One blitz point equals out to one Guild EXP point. However, you cannot grind dungeons that are way lower than your current level. Dungeons that are 5 levels below you or 3 levels above you will count. Anything more or less will not count towards the Guild EXP. Leveling up a guild will require gold, and each level up will need more gold than the previous ones. There is also an Attendance bonus. The more Guild Members that log on, the higher the Attendance, and at set points, you can receive free Guild EXP. Above Level 10, Guild Leaders will have to buy Guild EXP Books, which cost Guild Points. Guild Points can be gotten by entering Southern Dale. To enter Southern Dale, you must complete 3 matches of Town Invasion, which occurs every Wednesday at 6 PM PST/ 9 PM EST, to get Southern Dale Passes.

If a Guild has 10 or more members, then the Guild can get the Guild Express bonus. There are 3 stages to the Guild Express.
1st Stage: Must have 5-9 members online. Bonus is 3% more EXP.
2nd Stage: Must have 10-14 members online. Bonus is 5% more EXP and you can receive a free bonus reward card at the end of dungeons.
3rd Stage: Must have 15+ members online. Bonus is 10% more EXP and a free reward card.

When you leave a Guild, you?ll have to wait 3 days before you can join a different Guild.

Recommended Avatars for Classes

Note: For Waist avatars, stick with either Evasion (Recommended) or Inventory Weight (If you farm a lot and need to hold extra things).


Weapon master
Hat/Hair: Spirit (Cast speed is preference option)
Torso/Face: Attack Speed
Top: Overdrive
Bottom: HP max
Shoes: Strength
Waist: Evasion

Soul bender

Hat/Hair: Intelligence
Torso/Face: Attack Speed
Top: Hazy-Eyed Bremen (Saya, tombstone, possession preference but not recommended)
Bottom: HP max
Shoes: Movespeed


Hat/Hair: Cast Speed (Spirit preference option)
Torso/Face: Attack Speed
Top: Frenzy (Derange preference option)
Bottom: HP max
Shoes: Strength


Hat/Hair: Intelligence
Torso/Face: Attack Speed
Top: Wave manisfestation brand
Bottom: HP max
Shoes: Movespeed



Hat/Hair: Spirit (Cast speed preference option)
Torso/Face: Attack Speed
Top: Death by revolver
Bottom: HP max
Shoes: Strength


Hat/Hair: Spirit
Torso/Face: Attack Speed
Top: Eagle eye
Bottom: HP max
Shoes: Strength


Hat/Hair: Intelligence
Torso/Face: Attack Speed
Top: Cartridge Expansion (Neil the Sniper for switching)
Bottom: HP max
Shoes: Strength


Hat/Hair: Intelligence
Torso/Face: Attack Speed
Top: G-1 (Female), Robotics (Male, time bomb preference choice)
Bottom: HP max
Shoes: Movespeed



Hat/Hair: Cast Speed
Torso/Face: Attack Speed
Top: Power fist (Dragon kick male preference only)
Bottom: HP max
Shoes: Strength


Hat/Hair: Spirit
Torso/Face: Attack Speed
Top: Overwhelming grab (Male), Spiral/Cyclone Suplex (Female, either are good choices)
Bottom: HP max
Shoes: Strength


Hat/Hair: Intelligence
Torso/Face: Attack Speed
Top: Heaven?s net (Female), Needle throw (Male, net throw preference)
Bottom: HP max
Shoes: Strength


Hat/Hair: Intelligence
Torso/Face: Attack Speed
Top: Tiger Flash (Male), Khai/Stimulating breath (Female, Tiger flash preference depending on build.)
Bottom: HP max
Shoes: Movespeed


Hat/Hair: Spirit
Torso/Face: Attack Speed
Top: Will Driver
Bottom: HP max
Shoes: Strength

Physical Exorcist

Hat/Hair: Spirit
Torso/Face: Attack Speed
Top: Passion Chakra
Bottom: HP max
Shoes: Strength

Magical Exorcist

Hat/Hair: Intelligence
Torso/Face: Abnormal status Resist
Top: Luminous Chakra (Holy amulet preference choice)
Bottom: HP max
Shoes: Movespeed


Hat/Hair: Spirit (Intelligence for battle built)
Torso/Face: Abnormal status Resist
Top: Divine invocation
Bottom: HP max
Shoes: Vitality


Hat/Hair: Intelligence
Torso/Face: Attack Speed
Bottom: HP max
Shoes: Movespeed



Hat/Hair: Intelligence
Torso/Face: Abnormal status Resist
Top: T3 based on build
Bottom: HP max
Shoes: Movespeed


Hat/Hair: Intelligence
Torso/Face: Abnormal status Resist
Top: Florae Collider or Befriend (Lollipop maybe preference)
Bottom: HP max
Shoes: Movespeed


Hat/Hair: Intelligence
Torso/Face: Attack Speed
Top: Meteor Dash (Physical) / Chaser Press or Fusion Chaser (Magic) / Weapon Mastery
Bottom: HP max
Shoes: Strength


Hat/Hair: Intelligence
Torso/Face: Abnormal status Resist
Top: Summoned Creature Aura, Big Sister Louise, Echeverria, lots of options
Bottom: HP max
Shoes: Movespeed

Male mages

Elemental bomber

Hat/Hair: Intelligence
Torso/Face: Attack speed
Top: Mana Congestion
Bottom: HP max
Shoes: Movespeed

Glacial master

Hat/Hair: Intelligence
Torso/Face: Attack speed
Top: Aqua Resonance
Bottom: HP max
Shoes: Movespeed


Hat/Hair: Spirit
Torso/Face: Attack Speed
Top: Dagger/Dual Blade Mastery
Bottom: HP max
Shoes: Strength


Hat/Hair: Cast speed (Intelligence preference)
Torso/Face: Abnormal status resist
Top: Vallacre of the slaughter
Bottom: HP max
Shoes: Movespeed

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