Developer Tips Developer Tips The More the Merrier Hi everyone and welcome to Dying Light Developer Tips. My name’s Maciek Binkowski and I’m a lead game designer at Techland. I prepared a handful of gameplay tips that’ll hopefully help your survive in the quarantine. Trying to survive on your own might be a difficult task. Thankfully, you can play Dying Light with up to three other people. It’s so much safer when you’re backed by other survivors to cover your back or revive you if you fall. On top of that, playing with friends is just so much more fun. While playing in co-op, Dying Light offers dynamic challenges where you and your friend compete to determine who is the most badass survivor and earn extra experience points. To play the game in co-op, you first need to complete the tutorial, which ends when you gnish the very early ‘Blackout” mission. Then look for open games by going to the game menu and choosing the matchmaking option. Or you set the game type to Public and allow players to join you anytime.

If you’re looking for extra challenge, or simply want to troll your friends or random people, check the Be the Zombie mode. Here you can invade other people’s games as a special type of zombie – the Night Hunter. For each PvP match, you’ll get experience that will allow you to level up your zombie character, Unlock his special abilities and become the ultimate killing machine. To check out the Be the Zombie mode, just select the Be the Zombie option from the Main Menu. Thanks for watching and check our YouTube channel for more Dying Light Developer Tips. Good night. Good luck..

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