Welcome to the third part of our tutorial about Arenas. This time, we’ll show you how to place zombies that will make up waves. For the sake of this video, we will prepare three waves, while each of them will be made of two smaller ones. To make waves, we will place AI Spawners, but this time we need another type so we can spawn zombies a few times from the same spawner. First, we place a typical AI Spawner and then we change its type to AISpawnBoxWaves. Now we can choose AI for the spawner. Remember than in each wave, this particular spawner will always spawn the same type of AI. Just like with normal spawners, you can set the number of enemies But in this case, you can also set the number of waves… …as well as the moment when the wave is to appear. By default, a new wave is spawned when there’s 80% or more of this spawner’s AI is already dead. Now let’s copy our spawner, so we have zombies come from many directions.

We should also name the spawners on the map, so we can differentiate between them. At this point, we have prepared spawners for the first wave, which is made of two smaller waves. Now move on to the second wave by copying the spawners we have and increasing the number of enemies. Don’t forget about unique spawner names. Just like before, copy the existing spawners, change the preset, the AI number, and name each spawner. In the third wave we will add Bombers. Before we try out our waves in the game, let’s change field ‘m_ForcedTargetType’ to ‘Player’ for all spawners. Thanks to it, the zombies will immediately aggro on the player. As you could see, all enemies spawned at the same time. As we want to design waves, it needs to be corrected. Go back to the editor, select all spawners and disable them by unchecking field ‘m_QEnableState.’ This field allows you to switch off logic objects and switch them on only in quests. m_QEnableState is different from option m_LEnableState which we used in the case of the siren in that m_QEnableState is controlled by quest phases, while m_LEnableState by other object on the map, such as triggers.

OK, so the Spawners are disabled. We will enable them with the ‘Kill-Multi’ phase, but that’s a topic for the next episode. Thanks for watching..

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