Hello and welcome to the last part of our Arena tutorial. In this episode, we will combine all previous elements into a quest with a timer. First, open the quest file – we’ll use a file previously made for this tutorial. Our waves are supposed to go off the moment the siren is activated. That’s we need a – ,use – phase. This phase interprets usable objects as parameters, in this case it’s our trigger of the PhysicalSwitchDI class. As always, we type in its unique name and the state parameter, which determines to which state the player is supposed to switch the trigger. Out trigger is turned off, so we need to select ‘ON’, as we want the player to activate the trigger. Next, we add a timer to our quest. The player’s objective will be to survive within the time limit.

For that, we need two phases. The first one is a logic phase – ,OR – which allows for branching the quest. It’s made of paths that are being realized simultaneously during the game. We need two of them. Phase – ,OR – is finished when one of the paths is completed. In our quest, one path is – ,timer – which, when it reaches zero, ends the quest.

The other path is survival, that is killing all AI enemies. If the player survives, it finishes the second path before the timer doesn’t end the quest. We will also need to add two parameters. The first parameter is time in seconds, while the other one determines if the quest is to be stopped when the time is up. The survival path will use phase – ,kill-multi -. This phase, unlike ,kill, lets us use more than one spawner. Phases are finished one after another, this is why we need to use the – ;kill-multi – phase three times to have three waves. Let’s add objectives to each phase and attach the spawners. In order to add spawners to phase – ,kill-multi – you need them to add them in new verses, starting with – ,spawner -. Let’s add all our spawners to each – ,kill-multi – phase. The player will need some rest, so we should also make short breaks between waves by using the – ,wait – phase. OK, the waves are ready. No we can prepare the conclusion of our quest that will disable our Playable Area and the siren.

The Playable Area can be disabled with the – ,disable – phase. Use it on the Playable Area Controller Disable the siren with phase – ,set – and changing its state to ‘off’. Let’s compile the quest and see if everything’s alright. We can see one of the phases lacks an objective. Let’s add it now so the player knows what to do. The first phase of any quest needs to have an objective. Alright, so let’s compile everything once again and check our quest in the game. You can’t climb the wall – check. You can’t leave the area without being brought back – check. Everything seems fine, so let’s activate the siren and start the first wave. To save some time, we will kill them all with the keyboard shortcut ALT+K. Let’s jump to the second wave of Virals. Virals have come, which leaves only Bombers. And here they are. After killing the Bombers, the quest is completed and the player can leave the Playable Area bez without any problems. And that concludes our series of episodes focused on building arena.

Thank you all for watching!.

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