Welcome to part 2 of the Dying Light Developer Tools guide. In this video, we’ll give you a basic overview of the User Interface. The largest part of the editor is the map overview window, which you can see in front of me now In the top menu bar, under the ‘Document’ tab you’ll find such options as New Map, Open Map or Recent. Under the “window” tab you’ll find a vast array of additional tools that are normally hidden in the editor. The toolbar is just under the menu bar. It shows all essential tools you might need to create your own project. As you already guessed, disk icon will let you save your project and all the recent changes you’ve made. The left and the right arrow let you undo or redo the last action you made, respectively. The ‘Funnel’ symbol is used for filtering objects on the map. You can press either the toolbar symbol or the ‘H’ key to enable all filters.

You can also choose specific groups of objects to filter by clicking on the eye symbol in the filter list. Let’s try it out and disable Dynamic Lighting. You can also use the arrow cursor symbol on the filter list to make certain groups of objects unclickable while working on a project. By default, this option is enabled for water and the horizon objects to avoid repeatedly clicking on them while you work You can hide any object on the map by selecting it and then pressing the ‘Closed Eye” symbol. Alternatively, you can press the comma key on your keyboard. To show all hidden objects click the ‘Open Eye’ icon on the toolbar or press the full stop key (‘.’).

In the next video we’ll discuss how to move objects across the map. Thanks for watching!.

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