Part VI – Adding Objects Welcome to Part Six of the Dying Light Developer Tools guide. At this point you already know how to navigate the map and edit existing objects. It’ll come in handy in this episode, where we’ll show you how to add new objects. First of all, open the Assets window from the main toolbar as shown here. Click the icon to open a new window. Here you’ll find a vast collection of objects from Dying Light. If you’re looking for more items than those in the preset collections, you can find them under the ‘Meshes’ category at the bottom of the ‘Assets’ window. The window lets you see previews of the objects. You can also display them as a list by clicking the button at the bottom of the window. To start, let’s choose an object from one of the existing collections.

A house should do. Select an object from the list, then click again in the map overview window to place that object there. Before you place an object on the map, you can use square brackets on the keyboard to rotate it or scale it using minus and equals keys. After choosing a new object, you can hold the CTRL key to place it at the right angle to other objects on the map. To deselect the object, press the ‘Escape’ key. If you have to align the object to the surface, press ‘T’ on your keyboard. 13. You can also erase any object by selecting it and pressing ‘Delete’.

14. Apart from typical physical items, you can also place such logic assets such as lighting. To do that, open ‘Object Types’ in the ‘Assets’ window. In there you’ll find object classes that will help you create gameplay using our Dying Light Developer Tools. While we’re at it, let’s place some light on the map. And that concludes Part Six of our guide. Thank you for watching and have fun experimenting with our Dev Tools..

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