There is no better way to finish our Halloween month of videos that with this zombie infested open world. Dying light is a game where you are trapped in a quarantined city in where everyone struggles to survive in a zombie outbreak. It falls on you to run, climb, fight and survive another day Have you ever tried to deal with a zombie outbreak while on less than 20 frames per second? Yeah, this was already hard enough. But never fear! Because they are a bunch of things you can tweak and disable to make it better. This is the LowSpecGamer, where all our skill point go to the agility tree so we can stay on the rooftops and avoid the streets… not because we want to avoid the zombies it’s just… performance is better up here, less stuff to render. So forget about pigeons, blurring effects, clouds and shadows because we are going to make this game run. This is the default configuration I saw on Dying Light on my computer on install. You may have a different one in your computer as I saw different configurations on different setups… but I am not sure the preset system works.

This “balanced” configuration is way, way over what my computer can handle. This is more of a screenshot display that a game. I wonder how the settings affect this? So I have switched to the best performance preset that puts everything to the minimum possible and disables all the performance intensive effects. The result is less dramatic but still unplayable. Any area with any number of zombies drops us to around 16 FPS. So now, it’s time to do our thing. We are going to need a tool to tweak some of the most if the internal elements of the game. This tool is called the “Dying light config manager” It was designed for a previous version of the game but as of today it still works on the latest version. You can download it from this link, which will be on the description. I am going to use the latest 0.11a testing version. Extract the downloaded tool and open it up. It will tell you that there is a new version available, but clicking on yes or no will take you back to either a dead link or the same nexus page we just came from… so, click on cancel to continue using the tool.

You will be asked to locate your game’s executable. For the steam version you can look this up at the program files 86, steam, steamapps, common, Dying Light. The best way to start is to disable shadows, disable all motion blur effects and disable depth of field. Now, if you want to disable a bunch small stuff you can go to this panel: here you can disable the shadows by default as well and all sorts of effects, particles and even clouds and pigeons. Finally, on the start commands section you can disable the intro videos, this is not a performance tweak but… they can be a little annoying and if you have a weak CPU you can set the game’s priority to the highest possible. And now… all you need to do is launch the game. Apart from the small stuff like the complete lack of clouds and pigeons, the removal of the shadows will cause the lightning on some objects to look really odd.

However, this brings a noticeable improvement on performance but be warned… Performance on this game is all over the place even on the best computers… I am still having a hard time while running away from the zombies… So… one last thing. So the last few things we are going to do require the basic configuration file. This is located at your documents folder, dying light, out, settings… a file called video.scr.

To open this file you can simply open notepad and drag and drop it there. As you can see the file includes at least a very basic guide on what each command does. Very nice, I wish all configuration files did this. There is some small stuff you can play around with here. If you did not disable shadows on the previous section you can still reduce them to the minimum quality possible by putting their resolution to 128. Other small things you can do is to reduce the grass quality to 0 and reducing texture quality. You have probably noticed that normal is the minimum texture the game allows, but the configuration file says a low option is available. Put the texture quality line into low. Finally, and the most important part. On my game the lowest allowed resolution 1024 by 768 but you can use the configuration file to customize to a lower resolution quite easily. It is just a matter of inputting the resolution you want on the resolution parameter. I am going to play with 960 by 540. Save the file and you are ready to play.

No, nooo! Where the f***, why do they force me to go at night? I have been very careful. Why, why? Stupid plot. Are they chasing me? I can’t see s**t. Am I hurting myself? I’m not even sure. No, no, no, no, no. Ok, am a little bit calmer now. Still got plenty of adrenaline in me, but is getting better. Ok, I’m gonna make it, I’m gonna make it! Oh God.

Oh God, Ok. The longer you play outside safe zones, the long-more survivor points you get, well f**k that. I’m never going out on night, ever. Colors in this game are a little bit off, wihout the shadows, but it’s not that bad, it’s not really bad… I kind of dig it, it’s ok, we have seen way worse, some elements are a little bit shiny or too dark, but otherwise it looks ok, and we have an entire new morning of terrible exploits and zombie full madness right ahead of us This game I am enjoying, am enjoying the idea that you can avoid everything, I am enjoying the system of jumping around, and doing parkour I kind of digging it. Oh yes, yes! Ah, aha! Violence! Oh s**t, ok. Ok I’m being hit by all sides. Come at me, come at me! Yes am ready for you. Come on, fight me! I’m not done with you. Oh you are dead son, you are dead! Ah? Oh they can block! I didn’t know that.

Oh s**t where do they hell… no go away, leave me alone. Ah! No, no, no. shut the f**k up, no. Oh one of those big guys, no! I’m not interested in fighting you. Uh, safe house. Ok, ok… gate, gate, gate, gate. No! Ok I’m f***ed. Al right, yes I am dead. That is all for today. I am not going to lie, as you already know, I am probably not the biggest survivor horror fan. No don’t kill me, don’t kill me please, pleaseee. I kind of dislike the feeling of being chased by something, but the idea of doing some especial episodes for October just for you ladies and gentlemen, was fun enough to give it a go, and I really enjoy it.

Hell, Dying light was a huge surprise to me, this is a really amazing game. It’s one of the oldest request I ever got and I am glad I gave it a chance, I am going to keep on playing. Thank you for sticking with me during this spooky month and don’t worry, you won’t have to wait a year for me to tackle horror games in the future just… I may not play them exclusively for a month. Now, one more time before we go. It’s time for the: LowSpecGamer Halloween giveaway! Last week I asked about your favourite Halloween candy and the randomly selected winner of Killing Floor 2 is Shadic, a fan of wonderful Butterfingers…

As for the secret giveaway hidden in the last video the winner is Tibor (Hrdlovič), I can’t pronounce your last name, I’m sorry. I will be contacting you both shortly. What? You didn’t find the secret on the last video? Well, keep your eyes open on the future. This week we have several wonderful prizes. The main prize are two keys for Resident Evil Revelations 2, chapter 1 donated by Black Hack and Delta Assassin and the question is simple: “What is the worst Halloween costume you have ever seen?” Hell, I will take the worst costume, it doesn’t need to be Halloween. One of the keys will be given to one of the answers over the steam group or comments and the other will be given to someone that answers the tweet with the questions on the official twitter. Oh, but wait, before we go there is one additional prize. Do you live in one of these countries? Then you should check the Steam Group for a discussion called “Is Halloween celebrated on your country and how?” I have a “Don’t Starve megapack” region locked to these countries and this is your opportunity to snatch it up.

Thank you for supporting me and watching videos during this month. See you soon for a non Halloween LowSpecGamer video. Noooo, aaaahhh, they are right behind me. Noooo get away. Ahhh f***.

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