Hello everyone and welcome back to workrevolt! As always, I’m CD, and with zombies permeating all facets of pop culture, whether it’s TV, movies, gaming or even books, we decided it was time for us to capitalize on the movement. So today, we celebrate the undead with the Top 5 Hottest Zombies in Dying Light. The bikini zombie comes in at number 5 because she’s kind of hot because of what she’s wearing, but also comes off super desperate with how she just won’t stop following you.

I mean, look at this footage? I don’t need a stalker. Also, she won’t stop trying to touch me. I DON’T LIKE BEING TOUCHED! At 4 is this total beefcake. Just look how ripped he is? I bet he could totally hold you in his arms and keep you safe? You know he’s super strong too, because he pulled a pole out of the concrete and made that a weapon! Total hunk, am I right? Coming in at 3 is the athletic zombie. She’s cool because she’s super fit, but she may not pay attention to you all the time because of her training.

That said, the training also sucks because she’s going to totally try to make you work out and screams at you about it. Plus, she doesn’t have a head. Our number 2 zombie is a beauty. She has a certain feeling of grace that is hard to describe, but the free spirit zombie goes where others don’t dare to venture. She’s not afraid to be different. These zombies are on fire, literally, they are hot. I don’t, I don’t know what else you want me to say about them. They are hot. Also, honorable mention for Destiny players. You’re probably thinking, why? They aren’t in dying light. Well, the Traveler’s light is dying so, how about that? Plus your characters are zombies that keep getting revived and Destiny players are zombies because they do the same thing week after week, day after day..

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