Facebook Dynasty Saga Damage Formula


Facebook Dynasty Saga Damage Formula

This formula has been created upon the observation of numerous battle reports and also personal experience fighting using gambit armies and defending against gambit armies. The formula should also apply similarly for normal attack and spell attacks. I will add more information as I discover them. You are welcome to discuss this in the comments section below.


5 Factors multiplied together determine gambit damage. The formula is as follows.

1) Total Gambit Attack and Defense Difference
(Horse Attack + Academy Attack ? Cloak Defense ? Academy Defense)

Multiplied by

2) Bravery Difference
[100% + (Att. Bravery ? Def. Bravery) X 1%]
This means that every point of bravery you have above your opponent will increase your gambit damage by roughly 1%

Multiplied by

3) General Unit Rank Difference
[100% + (Att. Unit Rank ? Def. Unit Rank) X 1%]
This means that a Champion 5 general will have a 1% boost to damage when attacking a Champion 4 general

Multiplied by

4) Number of Units remaining Difference
[60% + (Percentage of Att. Units left X 40%)] / [60% + (Percentage of Def. Units left X 40%)]
This roughly means that when your general is at half health, he fights at 80% strength. When he is almost dead he fights at 60% strength. The same applies to the enemy general.

Multiplied by

5) Gambit Type Multiplier and Morale Multiplier
Spearhead = 0.8
Full Onslaught = 0.5
Each point of morale above 100 gives 0.5% more damage.

Example of Calculation:
Step 1.
Killer Tiger (Exalted 10) = 6010
Academy Lv 100= 2500

Dragon Peacock Cloak (Grand 2) = 3276
Academy Lv 100 = 1800

Difference = 3434

Step 2.
Assume attacker has 10 more bravery than defender.
3434 X?[100% + (10) X 1%] = 3777

Step 3.
Assume attacker is 3 ranks above defender
3777 X 103% = 3890

Step 4.
Assuming beginning of battle each side has full troops so there is no difference.

Step 5.
Using Full Onslaught Gambit the multiplier is 0.5
3890 X 0.5 = 1945

Assume Morale is 192
1945 X 146% = 2839

Therefore the Gambit Damage done is 2839 in this first attack.

Additional Notes

For Normal attacks and Spell attacks. The formula should be the same. Just replace the respective numbers with the weapon/armor and strength values or spell book damage and intelligence values. However I do not have the normal attack or spell damage multiplier for the various attacks and spells at the moment.

This formula however does not apply when the attacker is too weak compared to the defender, for example, a very weak attacker will not do zero damage but instead a very low 20-40 dmg. I did not take that into consideration in the formula because the attacker would definitely lose anyway so there is no point in finding out what damage he does.

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