Eden Eternal Break Point System Guide

Eden Eternal Break Point System Guide by Liddokun

Eden Eternal have a unique feature called the B.P. system or Break Point System. When you take advantage of a monster?s weakness their BP bar will deplete and you will gain better quality loot when you kill it. This system works on all bosses (world and inside dungeons) and mini-boss monsters in the game with a BP bar. Some of the best loot in the game are gained from using the BP system.

Sample of a monster with a BP bar:

When a monster?s BP bar is depleted they will do a special ?weakened? animation or their appearance will change. A large ?BROKEN? sign will also appear indicating the monster is weakened enough for the kill.

If you click on the ? sign on the upper right corner of the monster?s portrait you will see additional info such as the loot that the monster can potentially drop when defeated using the BP system.

This is a list of monster weaknesses:

Slash ? Slashing attack usually done by sword, rapier, axe and dagger type weapons.

Pierce ? Piercing attack done by bows/arrows and guns.

Strike ? Striking attack done usually by hammer, club or mace type weapons.

Lightning ? Attack with the lightning attribute such as spells from a magician.

Nature ? Attack with the nature attribute such as spells from a shaman.

Fire ? Attack with the fire attribute such as spells from a magician.

Ice ? Attack with the ice attribute such as spells from an illusionist.

Holy ? Attack with the holy attribute such as spells from a cleric or templar.

Dark ? Attack with the dark attribute such as spells from a necromancer.

Warning: Some monsters do not take kindly to adventurers who weakened them. They will use everything in their power to try to survive and use their most powerful skill they possess that they normally reserve for worthy opponents (such as yourselves!). For short, get ready for some heavy duty smackdown (this is esp. true for world bosses and dungeon bosses).

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