Eden Eternal Class Switching Guide


Eden Eternal Class Switching Guide by Saltyloves

The ability to change your class is one of the most unique and interesting feaures of Eden Eternal. As you gain levels, more classes will become available to you, including skills, expertise abilities, and certificates.

New classes become available at the following levels:

Defense Classes

Warrior: Beginning class, or character level 5.
Knight: Character level 25 + Warrior level 20.
Templar: Character level 60 + Knight level 55 + Cleric level 55.

Melee DMG Classes

Thief: Character level 15.
Martial Artist: Character level 40 + Thief level 35.
Blade Dancer: Character level 50 + Bard level 45.

Ranged DMG Classes

Hunter: Character level 10.
Engineer: Character level 30 + Hunter level 25.
Ranger: Character level 65 + Hunter level 60 + Martial Artist level 60.

Healing Classes

Cleric: Character level 5.
Bard: Character level 20.
Shaman: Character level 45 + Cleric level 40.

Magic DMG Classes

Magician: Beginning class, or character level 5.
Illusionist: Character level 35 + Magician level 30.
Warlock: Character level 55 + Magician level 50 + Shaman level 50.

How do I change my class after level 5?

It?s easy! Follow these simple steps. Smile

1. Press K or select the special notification that pops up on your screen when a new class becomes available.

2. Click on the tab labeled Class Roster at the top of your class window.

3. On the left side, click on the class you want to change to. If it is grey with a small symbol of a lock on it, you cannot change to that class yet due to level restrictions.

4. Once you have hilighted the class of your choice, click on Transform! on the upper right side of the class window.

REMEMBER: When you change your class, your clothing set will change as well, but NOT YOUR WEAPON. You must change your weapon yourself! Do so by opening your bags (B) and right-click your weapon(s) of choice. Clerics just aren?t meant to use bows!

Please also note that there is a short waiting period of 20 seconds between class switching.

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