Eden Eternal Cleric Class Guide


Eden Eternal Cleric Class Guide by VampiricDemise

I. Introduction
II. Spells and Passives
III. Stats & Certificates
IV. Knowledge Point Builds
V. Class Advice

I. Introduction

The Cleric class is associated under the Healing/Support archetype of Eden Eternal. Unlike the other archetypes, the Healing/Support roles are to sustain damage from killing their party members through curative magic and can temporarily enhance the combat prowess of the party. All groups are built on the foundation of solid healing and fortified tanking.

Being a Cleric, you define that you want to be a defensive role. You stand in the back, maintaining health and order for your comrades in combat and if one has fallen, you can resurrect them to bring them back into the fray!

II. Spells and Passives

The Cleric spells are in affinity to Nature and Holy based damage, buffs, and supportive spells or heals.

Supportive Spells

  • Prevention
    Randomly removes one debuff from the target and reduces the target?s received damage by -X points. Lasts 8 seconds.
  • Revive
    Cast Time: 5 seconds
    Brings a dead character back to life with X% HP and 1% MP. Also reduces death EXP penality by -50%. Cannot be cast in combat.
  • Cure
    Cast Time: 2 seconds
    Heals a target for X HP.
  • Life Cure
    Heals a target for X HP per second for 12 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.
  • Sacred Breath
    Cast Time: 1.5 seconds
    Randomly removes one debuff from each party member in a 25-foot target area. Also increases healing effect by 10% over12 seconds.
  • Divine Light
    Heals a target for X HP.
  • Healing Radiance
    Cast Time: 2.5 seconds
    Heals all party members within the 25-foot target area for +X HP.

Damage Spells

  • Saction?s Heretic
    Increases M-ATK by X. Deals Holy damage to the enemy and lowers its Nature and Holy resistances by 10% for 12 seconds.
  • Holy Smite
    Cast Time: 2 seconds
    Increases M-ATK by X. Deals Holy damage in a 20-foot target area and has a 50% to Stun all enemies for 3 seconds.
  • Earth Shock
    Cast Time: 1.5 seconds
    Increases M-ATK by X. Deals Nature damage to an enemy and has a 50% chance to lower the enemy?s ACC by -X points. Lasts 12 seconds. No effect on boss monsters.
  • Tornado
    Increases M-ATK by X. Deals Nature damage to all enemies around 15 feet.
  • Hammer of Discipline
    Cast Time: 1.5 seconds
    Deals Holy DMG X per second and reduces EVA by -X points. Stacks up to 3 times.


  • Hard Truth
    Cast Time: 1.5 seconds
    Increases a target?s Max MP and Max HP by 10%. Also grants and extra +X points to each. Lasts 15 minutes.
  • Life?s Blessing
    Cast Time: 1.5 seconds
    Increases a target?s LCK by +X points. Also increases Nature and Holy Resistances by 10. Lasts 15 minutes.
  • Grace of Wisdom
    Cast Time: 1.5 seconds
    Increases a target?s INT +X points and WIS +X points. Lasts 15 minutes.

Passives for right now are only on Humans since they are the only available race currently. In time Zumi (mice) and Anuran (frog) will become available for play and I will include them later in the guide.


  • Magic Dissipate: Received M-DMG -10%
  • Incantation Master: Increases Cast-SPD by 10% when equipped with a Mace.


III. Stats and Certificates

The Cleric stats are fairly simple: WIS, AGI, LCK and INT. Secondary stats for gear would be G-Healing, Cast SPD and M-CRIT.

Primary Stats
WIS is needed to increase both G-Healing (general healing) and P-Healing (personal healing.) This is mainly sought for the G-Healing properties.
AGI increases Parry, EVA, ATK SPD and Cast SPD. AGI is used for the Cast SPD it provides granted it takes a large amount of AGI to make a difference.
LCK is a general stat that all classes will want since this increases both M-CRIT and P-CRIT rates. For a Cleric, M-CRIT applies to heals as well.
INT will increase M-ATK for the Cleric. This is not an entirely sought after stat unless exclusively going a DPS Cleric build or going for DPS gear for solo play.

Secondary Stats
G-Healing is needed for the general healing that a Cleric will do when they are grouped with fellow adventurers. This will increase the potency along with stacking WIS.
Cast SPD is always another desirable secondary stat. Faster heals can be the difference between life and death!
M-CRIT rate does affect the critical rate of healing as well. Although it is not desired as much as G-Healing and Cast SPD, any little bit that is on the gear will only improve the Cleric?s ability to perform their job.

The Cleric certificates benefit them greatly by increasing WIS, increasing INT, and increasing Mana Pool. There are two ranks of these 3 certificates and will be automatically upgraded to the higher rank when your class level has reached the appropriate level for it.

IV. Knowledge Point Builds

Many of these Knowledge Point builds are theorized through the talents in what would be the best those particular points will bring. Remember, plug the points in how you feel best compliments your play style of Cleric. There is also an item called Memory Tome that will reset your knowledge points for the current class but are fairly expensive (currently: 499 AP.)

These builds are also for level 50 cap currently. When more levels are released, I will come back and visit these builds and analyzed what knowledge points will fill in for the newer levels.

Note from the OP: Since I do not have the ratio of WIS to G-Healing is, I prefer to place points into Evangelical Theory (G-healing talent) over Religious Knowledge (WIS talent). For the builds that exclusively have points in Evangelical, you can place them in Religious if you so choose.

?Big Heals?

Strengths: Super buffed healing, mediocre cast speed increase
Weakness: no improved buffs, no improved HoT, no improved AoE Heal

This particular build will have an extra point left over. Personally I would leave that point where it is until the level cap rises up to 60 or higher so that this Knowledge build can be flushed more for main healing.

?Support Cleric?

Strengths: Mediocre increased WIS and cast speed, improved + heal buff, improved HoT, improved AoE Heal and + % to MP
Weaknesses: no improved buffs, not as strong healing potential in comparison to Big Heals

?Buff Buff Heal?

Strengths: Improved buffs, improved % to MP, improved HoT
Weaknesses: Weaker single target healing, weaker AoE healing

?Speed Healin??

Strengths: greatly improved cast speed, greatly increased g-healing
Weaknesses: no improved buffs, no improved HoT or AoE heals


Strengths: Increased damage for holy attacks, improved M-CRIT, improved M-CRIT DMG, improved Shield DEF for solo play
Weaknesses: Not as strong DPS in comparison to Pure DPS classes, no improved buffs, no improved healing all around

This is a theorized DPS build for a Cleric. It is a bit of a stretch for a Knowledge point build as a cleric but there is the opportunity of having such a build. You may find yourself not in many non-guilded runs as a DPS cleric because everyone will assume you are in for a healing position as a Cleric, not a DPS position. Play this build at your own risk if you so choose to take this build.

V. Class Advice

Q: For the Human racial for Cleric that gives 10% cast speed with a mace, can I wield two?
A: No. The bonus only applies to your main hand weapon. You can still dual wield maces and get the benefit from the extra, more cleric centric stats over using a shield.

Q: Why do I want AGI on my gear? It doesn?t do anything for me!
A: It actually does AGI raises cast speed and cast speed is good! Speedy heals keeps people alive! Remember though, it takes a lot of AGI stacking to make a noticeable difference in casting your heals. You are better off finding gear that has cast speed on it or use cast speed enchants.

Q: G-Heal? P-Heal? What are these?
A: G-Heal is your general healing. This is the type of healing you give to people. P-Heal is personal healing, all the healing you receive will be increased. As a Cleric, you want to have G-Healing for your gear. P-Healing is more of a tank stat.

Q: I?ve never healed a dungeon before! HELP!!
A: Take it easy. If you feel uncomfortable, let your tank know to slow on pulls. Using Prevention will help lower the damage the tank takes as well as remove the debuffs they may have on them. Life Cure stacks are very handy too and can top off a tank, saving you mana and cast time on a Cure for burst damage. When in a 5 man with another Cleric healing, talk to them to see who is main heals (they focus on the tank and tank only) and who is support (cleansing, Purifying Winds buffing, keeping the party healed, applying Life Cure on the tank,)

Q: What is better: WIS or G-Healing?
A: Since I am still trying to figure out the formula for WIS to G-Healing, there is no answer to which one is better than the other currently. Both are still extremely desirable stats so get as much as you can!

Q: They said I should only level my heal spells only and not bother with my DPS ones!
A: Although Cleric is primarily sought as a healer, they do need to kill things now and then for solo play. A cleric does need to level up his damage skills now and then but they can keep it a few levels behind the current level due to cost (either by gold or class points) in later levels. But there is one skill that a Cleric does not need to level at all: Revive. To level it only increases the amount of %HP the target resurrects with. There is a money saver right there!

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