Eden Eternal COD ? Cash on Delivery Guide


Eden Eternal COD ? Cash on Delivery Guide

So you?re playing your favorite game (EE) when you see someone selling something you want! You PM them and ask where they want to meet. Huh? COD? What?s that? Well you?ve come to the right place!

COD, or Cash on Delivery is a feature in our mail system where person A will send person B an item via mail with COD and person B will have to pay the required amount to get the item, OR send it back to the other person.

Let?s say you want to mail someone an item and use the COD system what you do is type there name in the ?To? box and right click the item you want to send to them, put how much money you want them to pay, and click Cash on Delivery!

This will show up when you have made sure that everything is correct and you want to mail another person you?re item. Don?t worry about it asking ?Are you sure you want to send this amout?? because it?s not saying you have to pay it?s saying are you sure you want the other person to pay this amount?

After the person accepts that it is the proper price they will push the Cash on Delivery button.

After you click Cash (or ash as it is in the SS xD) on Delivery you will get mail back that looks like a gold brick

At last your money has finally arrived and it?s time for you to collect it.

(yes I know they?re two different screenshots but >_>; i messed up on the weapon one)

And now you /hopefully/ know how to use Cash on Delivery!

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