Eden Eternal Guild Towns Guide


Eden Eternal Guild Towns Guide by GeekAtLifeMeter

A lot of people in my guild have been asking about how to enter guild towns, so I thought I?d make a guide so everyone who doesn?t know can learn how.

The first step is to open the Guild window.

See that button near the middle that says ?Find Town?? Click that, and a new window should appear.

This is the Find Town window, and will automatically appear if you are not in a guild.

The part we?ll be focusing on first is the left section, the Town List. The upper part is the search criteria section, and the bottom is the list of towns. To access the complete list of towns, leave all of the options blank and click the ?Towns? button.

Your window should now look something like this.

From here, actually entering a town couldn?t be simpler; just click a name in the list and click the ?Enter? button at the bottom of the list.

The right section of the window is what I call the guild town profile; it lists all of the NPCs, buildings, facilities, and other goodies that town has to offer, as well as some basic guild information, including a complete list of the guild?s members. To access said list, simply click the ?Search? button.

I hope this guide has been useful to some of you. I will be editing this as I get feedback or as new features are added, so stay tuned!!

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