Eden Eternal Monster Arena Guide


Eden Eternal Monster Arena Guide by Rhia_Shirubia

What is this beautiful invention?

Welcome to the newest form of entertainment gifted from our beloved developers!
All across the realms monsters have always run rampant, today we mark a time where these monsters gather to prove their worth. In teams of three these majestic creatures take turns exchanging blows, each representing an alliance formed by you the players!
(**Please note teams are random)

When do the doors open?

The doors to the arena open during the following times,

Monday: 4-6 pm PST (GMT 0.00-02.00)
Tuesday: 11am-1pm PST (GMT 19.00-21.00) and 8pm ? 10pm PST (GMT 04.00-06.00)
Wednesday: 4-6 pm PST (GMT 0.00-02.00)
Thursday: 11am-1pm PST (GMT 19.00-21.00) and 8pm ? 10pm PST (GMT 0.00-02.00)
Friday: 4-6 pm PST (GMT 0.00-02.00)
Saturday: 6am-8am PST (GMT 14.00-16.00) and 4pm-6pm PST (GMT 0.00-02.00)
Sunday: 6am-8am PST (GMT 14.00-16.00) and 4pm-6pm PST (GMT 0.00-02.00)
** Times are subject to change, please let me know if this occurs

Well, what do we do?

Upon entering the arena you are randomly assigned a monster, they will fight as your loyal servant until the end of each round, afterwards they walk off into the distance and await the news of their battles to travel across the lands.

Once you have been assigned a monster you will need to arm your loyal servant. Breaking a barrel as shown above will drop a random of two weapons, we will explore those shortly. Once equipping a weapon you will realize your HP is close to nothing, these weapons give indescribable strength to your servants. You must regenerate their muscles after the power flows through the weapon into their bodies. To do this stand within the beautiful aura circling the barrels. For some reason the weapons when contained release a soothing healing essence.

The Weapons!

we all love wielding sharp objects, so wait no further here they are!

Welcome the Ragnarok and Penthos. The GM?s were kind enough to spend hours, days, weeks and months forging these beautiful weapons. They poured their very souls into these weapons. When monsters wield these wonderful creations their powers is increased magnificently. Keep in mind the Ragnarok was forged by our close ranged GM?s who prefere the direct approach, this weapon matches the melee based monsters. The Penthos however was forged by those who enjoy accessing a situation, these flow with arcane magic and aid those who use magic based attacks. Always choose your weapon wisely, it will make or break your servants performance.

Ok, So how do we win?

The scoring system for monster battles are strangely similar to that of our well known arena scoring system.

In order to win your team must best your opponents 3 times, simple enough right?

Don?t worry, you will still win our beloved tokens we all know and love,

Finally, take note of those you fight in the arena, each monster has it?s ups and downs, strengths and weaknesses, use these to your advantage and take on the tough monsters first, remember team work is the key, muscle alone won?t win a fight.

Additionally, this guy thinks he?s pretty boss,


? Welcome to the monster arena
? break a barrel, get a weapon
? equip the weapon or you?ll be destroyed in the arena
? Auras around barrels recover your HP
? Defeat your opponents 3 times to win
? You just read everything above in 5 lines.

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