Eden Eternal Races Guide


Eden Eternal Races Guide by koager

Originating from the frozen tundra of the north, the humans are a race that is filled with curiosity of the world around them. With their curiosity, the humans continuously adventured and explored across all the lands. It is through their traveling that the humans became the largest and widest population. Currently the humans have establish three main countries, the Toledo Empire, the Western Walun Federation, and the Meite Lou Vatican.

Mouse (Zumi)
Far across the ocean, located in the southeast in a land of desert is a petite race of mice. They are a mischievous race that love invention and business and often surprise others with their creations. The mice are on friendly terms with the humans and they can be often seen in various cities. However, there is a notorious tribe called ?Pirate Mice? that seek to plunder all the riches from the land while leaving a wake of destruction thus giving others a headache.

Frog (Anuran)
Originating from the forests of the southeast, are the humans? best friends. Frogs are a friendly, honest, helpful, and entertaining race. However there is a group, called the Black Toad that are different. The Black Toads are notorious throughout the lands in the pleasure that they seek from destruction.

Bears are one of the native races that originated from the mountains. Due to a throne war that happened many hundred years ago the race split into two. The losing side harbored vengeful thoughts and started to create chaos on the lands while the other side, for the sake of the pride of the bears, came down from the mountains in order to suppress those creating chaos. Bears are an upright race but can be hard to approach so it took them longer in figuring out how to associate with other races.

Turtles are a very ancient race that are very gentle and peaceful. Turtles are a symbol of knowledge with their expertise in herbal medicines, magic, and various lost secrets. Unfortunately there is a tribe of turtles that were cursed thus leading them to have a change of temperament of enjoying torturing their opponents. These cursed turtles are called Fanged Turtles as the curse made them grow a fang out of their lower jaw.

Orcs are another one of the native races. Orcs have bad tempers and enjoy killing. Money and power mean nothing to Orcs, the only thing that can excite them is the slaughter of war. The smell of blood in the wind and the wailing cries of the defeated are the pleasures of Orcs and it drives them into a state of frenzy. Anywhere there is a war, you will be able to find Orcs.

Boars are one of the native races and have the widest population distribution compared to Orcs and Lizards. They are classified as one of the evil races for their nature of pettiness, bullying, and interest in only the strong. Sometimes they decide things on a whim that is dependent on their emotion. Rumors say that the boars have a large capital hidden away in some volcano.

Lizards are a mysterious race with not a lot known about them, it is even said that they may be descendents of dragons. Lizards are born with more magic power than any of the other races and often use necromancy that result in catastrophic disasters. Due to their extraordinary abilities and evil aura Lizards are often hired as mercenaries by those with ill intentions. Currently it is unknown the exact location of where they live.

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