Eden Eternal Tanking for Melee/Defense Classes Guide


Eden Eternal Tanking for Melee/Defense Classes Guide by koager

Common Information
HP: The HP that equipments give is fixed; additional HP is dependent on class knowledge and class differentiation.
Defense: A stable amount is all that is needed to easily get to 50%; it is not necessary to wear special orange grade equipments.
Evasion: Evasion is not a primary concern for the path of a pure tank that focuses on bosses.
Malice: The game has set malice generation to be pretty basic; one Provoke is all this is needed to aggro the boss.
Resistance: At end game, most of the fatal attacks are from magic damage thus it is necessary to collect equipments with resistance.

Kite Tanking: By using the two factors of after attacking, monsters will stay in place while waiting for their attack cooldown and any obstacles on the field, you can significantly decrease the amount of times the monster attacks.

With the healer as the circle?s focal points, kite in either circular direction. This increases the time between the boss? attacks and makes it easier for the healer to support.

Warrior Tank
High HP, immune to fear

Knowledge focus: HP as main, defense as secondary
Point Distribution: HP-15 Defense-10
Able to solo tank bosses. High HP and defense. Keep HP at at least 10k so bosses don?t kill you in an instant

Knight Tank
High mobility, more convenient to tank groups, immune to sleep

Knowledge focus: HP as main, malice and evasion as secondary.
Point Distribution: HP-17 Malice-5 Evasion-5
Knights are mainly used to drag a train of mobs in instances. The only area malice skill is Judgment Storm so add some points into the Knowledge for malice increase.

Templar Tank
No information currently

Trophy Collection
The first two trophies are required. The last two trophies are the late game trophies that tankers should obtain.

Castle Key
Lv45 Trophy
Lightning and Nature resistance increase 16 points
2% chance to activate on attack to cause the target to not obtain any buffs for 8 seconds

Pure White Horn
Lv47 Trophy
Lightning resistance increase 10 points
1% chance to activate on attack to inflict faint on target for 3 seconds.

Dragon Soul
Lv50 Trophy
Defense +553
5% chance to activate on attack to increase all resistance by 10 points for 12 seconds.

Crystal Shards
Lv50 Trophy
Decrease damage taken by 50 when attacked.
5% chance to activate on attack to increase defense by 2212 points for 10 seconds.

Stat Cultivation
1. WIL/HP Tank: Tank build with WIL as its primary stat and Knowledge points focused in HP makes healers easy to support. For example, a tank with 300 WIL and a cleric with 400 WIL heal for an average of 2500 and crit heals for 7000.
2. STR/HP Tank: Tank build with STR as its primary stats and Knowledge points focused in HP. Has the highest block rate and is suited for situated battles.
3. AGI/Evasion Tank: Tank build with AGI as its primary stats and Knowledge points focused in evasion. Easily takes out regular mobs but has low HP and is easily taken out by bosses.

Conclusion: If you don?t want to spend a lot of money on maxing out your gear focus on these two attributes: Not to be killed off quickly and able to have a healer heal you back up.

Cultivation Order:
Boost HP -> Boost defense -> Boost magic resistance -> Boost physical resistance -> Boost stats
Goal: 10k HP, 8500 defense, magic resistance 40+. The higher the physical resistance and stats the better.

Malice Generating
Later in the game, people will often ask ?I?ve used all my skills, why can?t I hold the boss down??
In reality, what?s important for generating malice isn?t with ?attacks with high malice generation? but is the combination of Declaration of Anger and the amount of attacks.

Declaration of Anger: Increase malice by 125 points and decrease damage taken by 50 points for 30 seconds
In other words, even if you only deal 1 damage, you still generate 125 points of malice. It is through the use of multiple attacks to raise Declaration of Anger?s effects that you immensely increase your malice.

Malice generating combo
Warrior: Declaration of Anger -> Provoke -> Bloody Attack -> Angry Punch -> Any Attack -> Repeat
Knight: Declaration of Anger -> Provoke -> Malestorm -> Judgement Storm -> Any Attack -> Repeat

Always keep Declaration of Anger up and follow up with a multi-hit attack

Finally to grade yourself on your kite tanking look at the durability on your shield:
The heroic tanks that stand there without moving will need a repair hammer after a round
Kite tanking leaves about 120/200 durability after a round.

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