Eden Eternal Tips and Tricks


Eden Eternal Tips and Tricks by Liddokun

Random gameplay tips and tricks for the game Eden Eternal.

  • Clicking on the quest tracker will automatically route your character to the quest destination or target.
  • To quickly reply to last person who whispered you type ?/r? or + R
  • You will get a FREE companion pet early on. Be sure to do your quests!
  • Healing and mana potions have a 10 second cooldown. Use them wisely! HP and Mana potions each have an independent cooldown so you can use 1 of each type.
  • If you got lost, don?t fret! Look at your map (default: ?M? key). The spirit guide will also return you to the leaf guardian where you last saved your soul.
  • You can customize the hotkey to your desired customization.
  • Can?t find the mailbox? Don?t worry! You can now read your mail anywhere! Just click on
    the mail icon on the upper left side of the mini-map.
  • Your unread mail is now saved by the server for up to 365 days! Wow!
  • The [Tab] Key is your best friend for quickly targeting a monster for elmination!
  • Never forget to assign points to your Job Expertise. It will make your battles easier!
  • Your Job Certificates/License and Job Expertise will make you more effective at your job. Be sure to assign them.
  • Press (default: ?K?) for the skill window. You can change your job, assign skill points and many other things here.
  • Your branch skill uses in-game gold to upgrade your skill while your job skill uses CP points to upgrade the skill.
  • Your branch skill and job skill level cannot exceed your main level. Your job skill level cannot exceed your job level even if you have more than enough Job EXP points to upgrade the skill.
  • Being defeated will cost you 5% of your total CHAR EXP for the level and 10% armor durability.
  • You do not lose EXP and Durability when under level 20 nor when defeated while inside a dungeon.
  • CXP and JXP charms can each stack up to 500%. EXP charms of the same type will stack in duration. Grade 1 and Grade 2 EXP charms can stack (25% + 50% = 75%).
  • You have access to a free warehouse bank in the holy city of Aven to store your excess items and equipment.
  • Certain items and equipment can be stored inside your archive which can then be shared with your other characters on the same account.
  • Orange armor and weapon sets DO NOT have duration hence will never be needing repair. They can also be stored in the archive.
  • Your armor will automatically switch to the appropriate ones once you switch jobs but your weapon will NOT.
  • Repairing your equipment no longer lowers its maximum durability. Hip Hip Horay!
  • You will recieve your quest to obtain a FREE Alpaca mount at level 25 but you cannot complete the quest until level 30. You can ride your Alpaca mount at lvl 30. The mount increases your run speed by 15% and I think stacks with other speed enhancing effect such as Bard running song and effect from items.
  • Pressing ?spacebar? while mounted on your Alpaca will make your Alpaca mount dance! ~llama llama dance~
  • You recieve your first dungeon quest at around lvl 8(?). This game has a ton of dungeons and you will recieve plenty of quest to do 3 man and 5 man dungeons.
  • Your companion pet will pick up any loot for you as long as you have space in your inventory. You can set it up to auto discard or auto-sell certain unwanted loot (like white or green quality items). At level 25 after doing a quest, your companion pet can fight with you as long as they have stamina. You can recharge your pet?s stamina using ?Healing Pet Food?.
  • You can now invite anyone to your party! Even your friends from another channel.
  • There is NO FREE world chat. To use the world chat requires one (1) World Call. You can get some World Call from the ?milestones bag? as reward also buy some from the IM.
  • You can become lover with anyone as long as you both agree. Yes, same-gender couples are possible! Being on the same map as your lover will net you both 10% more EXP and CP. You can earn lover points which can be used to purchase exclusive items from the lover vendor NPC like potions and lover buffs. Lovers have their very own exclusive chat channel.
  • 1000 silver = 1 Gold
  • When fighting Jahan inside the solo dungeon be sure to have your quest item ?Miner?s hammer? equipped in order for you to recieve the quest item required.
  • Titles can give bonus stats. Be sure to equip your titles. In order to obtain more titles be sure to complete all the storyline quests and book quests.
  • Boss and Mini-Boss have a BP (Break Point) bar. Once the BP bar is depleted the monster can be defeated to earn extra goodies (usually uncommon or rare loot will drop). How to deplete the BP bar ? Find their weakness! Monsters are usually weak to some sort of attacks (i.e. slashing, fire, lightning, etc.). Finding the monster?s weakness is key to earning some extra loot!
  • When targeting a monster you can press the ? button to see additional information about the monster including skills which it may posses and potential loot that it can drop.
  • Successfully harvesting will grant you some bonus Character EXP.
  • Fragments of map pieces that you found as loot can be combined to form a complete treasure map. You need all 3 parts of the fragment pieces from the same map. Great adventure and wealth can be found following the treasure maps!
  • Items with UNIQUE tag means you can only equip one (1) of the item in your equipment slots.
  • You can link items on any chat channel by ALT+ the item in your inventory.
  • You can archive orange quality weapons and armor which can then be shared with your other characters on the same account.
  • Some races have innate racial bonuses that makes them very well suited for certain jobs.
  • Chisel can be used to socket your weapons and armor. A chisel cannot exceed the maximum number of socket an item can have. Chisel is guaranteed to put a socket but it only works on items below its level.Orange armor/weapons:
    Armor: Chest[4], Leg[2], Gloves[2], Boots[2], Headgear[2] Weapons: 1H weapon[3], 2H weapon[6], Shield[3]Blue/Green armor/weapons:
    Armor: Chest [2], Leg[1], Gloves[1], Boots[1], Headgear[1] Weapons: 1H weapons[2], 2H weapon[4], Shield[2]
  • Shields are a bit of a maverick, it is considered armor when it comes to fortification (only guard scrolls work on them) but when it comes to sockets it is considered a 1 handed weapon (max 3 sockets for orange quality shields).
  • Charms of different grades (i.e. 25%, 50%, 75%) will stack their XP bonus on top of each other, however charms of the same grades and type will stack their duration timer on each other (i.e. if you use 2 x 1 hour charms you will have 2 hours of bonus EXP).
  • Conditions for setting up a guild:
    1. The applying character must at least be level 20.
    2. The applying character must have at least 50 gold on them.
    3. The applying character must not be currently in a guild.
  • Conditions for setting up a guild town:
    1. The registering person is the guild leader
    2. The guild leader is at least Lv. 30
    3. Guild is at least Lv. 3
    4. The guild has at least 30 members.
    5. The guild must not already have a guild town.
    6. There must be 500g in the guild bank used to purchase the town. If there are more than 50 guild towns in existence, the cost is increased to 10,000g.
    7. If the guild loses it?s members to be under the requirement (less than 30) and there is less than 10 people online for 3 consecutive days, the guild town WILL be demolished.
  • The top 5, 10 and 20 players each month can be awarded prizes by the game, the prizes can include cash shop items and other useful items.
  • Your guild needs to be level 3 before it can have a guild insignia.
  • Each crafting of medicine/potion produces 10 units of that medicine/potion.
  • Class licenses can be combined to form a variety of license combo that gives a variety of bonuses. Example: Treasure Search + Turbine Dynamics + Find Weakness + Lens Optics = 2H Weapon Master (increase ATK & MATK by 5% when equipped with a 2H weapon). Mix and Match Class licenses to discover new and powerful license combos!
  • Job requirement table

Hero Characteristics
Upon character creation there are 8 different hero characteristics to choose from giving your character more personality.

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