Eden Eternal Tips for Tanking in Dungeons


Eden Eternal Tips for Tanking in Dungeons by kneepee

1. ALWAYS have Declaration of Anger on. This creates more malice and keeps the mobs and bosses focused on you. This skill should always be maxed. You should always have the most malice in the party.

2. Spam your AOE spells after you cast Declaration of Anger. This keeps up the malice.

3. If a mob monster is attacking your teammates, Provoke it right away. Make sure it switches target to you, otherwise your healers might stop healing you and you may die.

4. Make sure the mobs and bosses are a safe distance away from your teammates. You don?t want them to be affected by the monsters? AOE attacks.

5. If you are a Warrior, try to save your Onrush for when you notice the boss is about to cast something. You want to stop him from casting a major spell with a stun. For Knights, it?s the same thing with Magic Blockade against casting mobs.

At the beginning of this dungeon, you see a room full of Confused Walkers. REFRAIN yourself from charging into the middle of the room and trying to get aggro from all of them at once. You can only tank 3 at a time, at least that?s what I recommend. You will have to be patient, but what you want to do is wait for most of them to turn their backs on you and Provoke one that is apart from the group. Most of the time, 2 other Walkers will see and follow the one you Provoked. Use your AOE spell when they are close enough and make sure none are attacking your team. Keep doing this until none are left.

When you reach a room with 2 rows of these octopus things and Garson, DO NOT rush in there and aggro everything. When Garson?s back is turned to you, Provoke one of the octopus at a time and run back towards your team. You will be fighting 2 of these at a time. Do not fight in the middle of the room or you risk getting Garson?s aggro along with the octopus and you cannot tank all 3.

When you can battle with Garson, make sure to stun him when he?s about to cast if you have it. Watch for a debuff that was a picture of a hand with blood drops on it. This debuff heals him over 2000 HP if you attack him. If you have it, just run side to side and refrain from attacking him until it wears off.

For Doubledoor, if you are a Warrior and you have another teammate who can stun you will not need to run away when he starts casting his AOE spell. Just time your stuns when he starts casting and you?ll be fine. If you?re a Knight and have no stuns in the party, just make sure you have your Knight?s Breeze up and run out of the circle before he casts it. When you go back in, make sure Doubledoor is in the center of the room again, you don?t want him to AOE your teammates.

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