Eden Eternal Warlock Guide


Eden Eternal Warlock Guide by koager

While Warlocks don?t have any useful buffs that help the party, Warlocks have excellent field control abilities with their fear area effect skill, a variety of powerful single target attacks, and the ability to exchange their MP to slowly recover their HP. Warlocks solo well with a drawback of not having any area attacks; if many enemies are encountered the option is to kite.

Warlocks? specialization weapon is the tome and with it Warlocks are able to increase their casting speed. While tomes have slow casting speeds, tomes have high magic attack with increases to hit rate, evasion, and magical critical damage as their focus. Even though Warlocks have low defense, from wearing cloth armor, Warlocks have their summon Magic Eye which supports them in their battles. Magic Eye has the abilities to increase the damage that opponents take from magic critical hits by 50% and thus makes Warlock a vital damage dealer.

?Class Features:
Pros ? Strong single target attack; fear skill for field control; doesn?t overlap with other classes; solos well.
Cons ? No area attack skills specific to the class; skills need high levels to deal good damage; uses a lot of MP and may often run dry.

^Lightning Web from the shared magic class skills is the Warlocks? only area attack skill.


Character level requirement: lv55
Prior class requirement: Magician lv50, Shaman lv50

The specialty of Warlocks is that their magical criticals are their strongest point. When cultivating warlocks it is suggested to equip licenses that focus on magic criticals with secondary licenses that increases INT as the stat effects magic attack damage. It is suggested that upon character creation to go the path of the Magician in order to achieve the needed requirements for Warlocks faster.

Start training the Bard class when your character reaches lv20 and train the Bard up to class level 20 for the magic critical and MP usage decrease licenses as the two licenses will let you be able to train easier. Next is to have your main objective to raise Magician to class lv50 and a secondary objective of playing Cleric and raising its class level to lv40 in order to unlock Shaman. Once the Shaman?s class level reaches lv50 you are able to unlock Warlock while at the same time unlocking useful licenses.

Since warlocks don?t have any area attack skills, Lightning Web from the shared magic class skills should be maxed. Another vital skill, particularly in the early stages, is the Fire Bomb skill with its chance of inflicting faint. Magic Boost should be kept up to date with your level as it is vital in its increase of INT and casting speed.

^When confronting a powerful monster, Magic Eye becomes a vital support allowing Warlocks to quickly deal large amounts of damage.

^Warlocks? critical damages are their strongest point

Class Skill Recommendations

Parasite ? One of Warlock?s main attacks. Must be maxed out for significant damage.
Shadow Arrow ? While a higher level skill doesn?t increase the amount of HP absorbed, damage is increased. Early on there is Fire Bomb that can be used so there is not urgent to max out the skill. Maxing the skill is necessary for when maxed the skill does more damage than Fire Bomb.
Command ? no comment
Dark Pact ? Important skill, keep up to date with level.
Sacrifice ? While an important skill, there is not a large on higher levels. The skill can be maxed later on if there aren?t enough job points.
Nightmare ? Early on, without the skill being maxed, damage dealt will be on the low side. It is recommended to wait until higher level and max out the skill with extra job points.
Death Prediction ? Used often for field control. However, in instances, it is important to watch out for any hidden mobs as not to accidentally pull them in and cause an accident.
Conversion ? At low levels, the HP recovered is very small, thus it is recommended to keep the skill up to date with level for the skill to be useful.

Critical Path

The critical type Warlock focuses on raising magic attack damage, critical chance, and critical damage. For hero characteristics, you can choose ?Adventurer? to increase LUCK (LUCK increases critical chance). Choose equipment and knowledges that increase critical chance and critical damage. In order to have more consistent attack damage, some points should be put into the Knowledge ?Death Knowledge?.

For licenses, during the early stage you can use the Bard?s ?Rock?n?Roll? and ?Tuning? along with Magician?s ?Alchemy? and ?Magic Knowledge? to increase magic damage and decrease MP consumption which in turn makes leveling easier and cheaper. Upon higher levels, you can equip Shaman?s ?Totems? to increase magical critical damage.

In the top license combo area use the 3 magic damage increase type licenses to boost the damage of Fire Bomb and Lightning Web as it is more useful that using 4 MP increasing type licenses. In the lower license combo area, insert the 3 heal/support class licenses; even though while the effect boosts aren?t very useful, they are more practical than the other licenses. If you don?t mind the MP consumption, ?Tuning? can be exchanged for Martial Artist?s ?Perseverance? for the HP boost can be more useful in a party while fighting a boss; however, in order to gain the license you would have to go through the extra path to specifically gain the license.

Recommended Hero Characteristic: Adventurer
Stats to Focus on: LUCK, INT
Knowledges: Dark Magic, Curse, Death Knowledge
Gems to Slot: INT gems, LUCK gems
Recommended Effects: Magic attack increase, Cast speed increase
Equipped Licenses: Ritual, Rock?n?Roll, Tuning, Alchemy, Magic Knowledge, Totem
Additional Class for License: Bard lv20

^Might as well use the shared class skills due to a lack of supportive type skills

^If Magic Eye was more slender, with the Parasite skill animation, the Magic Eye would look like an octopus spitting ink :p

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