Eden Eternal Warrior Guide


Eden Eternal Warrior Guide by Mukuro123

Warriors are one of the first available choices as a class in this game. They can be both deadly and very bulky at the same time. They do extremely well in the PvE environment and is definitely a class anyone can get used to.

A. Basic stats.
B. Class Skills
C. Expertise analysis.
D. Tanking and Efficiency.

Note: I?ve only gone up to class 35.

A. Your Stats
From important to least important.
Str ? Influences P.Atk and Block Rate at a rate of 1:1
Agi ? Influences Evasion, Parry, Casting SPD, and Attack SPD
Luk ? Influences your Crit ? Rate and Accuracy.
Wis ? Influences the healing you receive through P- Healing.

Generally anything that involves Int is a waste of time. You?re gear should focus around Strength, Agility, and Luck. Wisdom is fine too, but it isn?t as great as the rest

B. Class Skills. Only gone up to class 35 so far.

Deep Impact ? It?s just a melee skill that smashes the target with a 15% chance to knock them down if they are under the effect of Destroyer.

Destroyer ? This a DoT skill, that also reduces the evasion of the target. It?s not relatively the strongest DoT skill but it is important.

Provoke ? This literally causes a monster to target onto you. It also does a nice amount of damage.

Declaration of Anger ? This skill a buff that reduces the damage you take from attacks by an exact number. However it also increases the malice you incite which is vital to any warrior.

Combat Cyclone ? the only AoE until FOREVER (aka group provoke). It just does damage and is good for keeping group aggro. It is a must use.


B1.Actual Warrior Only Skills

Bloody Attack ? This attack is basically just like Deep Impact with a longer cool down and a 50% chance to hit again. It?s a great DPS skill for Warriors.

Angry Punch ? (One handed only)This is like the rest of the DPS skills, however it has a more important effect which is the fact that it incites a huge amount of malice. It?s crucial to holding malice.

Onrush ? This is the warrior?s stunning technique. It isn?t important to level if all you want is the stun effect. So if you?re running low on CP, this skill can wait.

Titan?s Wall ? (shield only) Now this skill basically just reduces the damage you take by a fixed amount. At level 30 it?s only reducing around 120 DMG. It?s not so significant in DGNs.
This skill can just be preference.

Sense of Survival ? Now this skill I haven?t touched. I?m not saying it?s bad. All it does is raise your max HP, and the P ? Healing you receive by 10%. This probably helps the cleric a ton. However it?s hasn?t really ever made a DIFFERENCE in my overall game play. I?m going to say this is just a preference too. Very debatable.

Metal Buster ? This is a solid buff that gives a ton of defense. It is a must raise end of the story.

C. Knowledge Points and Expertise.
I wish I had a picture of every single one but I don?t.
I?ll give this a rating from 1- 5.

Weapons Mastery = NO. You do not need it!
Rapid Healing > Resilient = NO. It?s a waste and there are better places.
Survival Training = NO, you do not NEED an extra 10 seconds.

Precise Defense: 1% defense for every level.
Tanks: 4, You?ll get a shield master license at some point you?ll see why it doesn?t touch 5. However it does open a path that helps out.
DPS: 1, It?s not important, you can get away with tanking most DGNs without it.

>Metal Buster: 20% defense added to the already given. Requires Level 10 Precise Defense.
Tanks: 2-3, I?m not really sure if you really need that MUCH defense for a mere 30 seconds.
You can probably get away without it honestly.

CQC Training ? 1% STR Every Level.
Tanks ? 3, really depends if you want to tank and help add some damage or just tank.
DPS ? 5 (Required), Warriors have a monstrously high bonus from this. Getting it to level 10 can contribute over 20 STR in the long run. It also opens a good path for DPS.

>Weapon Master ? 2% MATK and ATK every Level. Requires CQC Lvl 10
Tanks: 2, Once again it?s a preference. It adds to you?re DPS though.
DPS: 5 (required), It?s a must end of the story.

>Strength Training ? 3% Extra DMG for Bloody ATK every Level.
Tanks: 1, I wouldn?t touch it, you?re tank anyways.
DPS: 5, Bloody Attack is one of our only other skills. It does a ton of damage when it Crits and double hits.

War Technology ? 1% Crit ? Rate
Tanks ? 1, Read below.
DPS ? 1. This bonus does not work point for point, as in it doesn?t actually add to the percentile as a whole. What it does is increase the total Crit ? Rate, which in turn determiens your chance of a critical hit. 20% Crit Rate with a 200 base Crit ? Rate is equal to 240, which means about only a 24% critical chance. 200 to 240 = 4% increase. It?s a HUGE WASTE.

Self Defense ? 1% Hp for every Level.
Tanks ? 3, It?s an OK bonus, but definitely don?t waste all your points here.
DPS ? 1, It?s not important.

Avenger ? Increase Malice caused by 2% each level.
Tanks ? 3-4, Warriors have trouble keeping groups of mobs together. It?s not that they need more malice it?s more like they only have 1 AoE until class 60. Opens path.
DPS ? 1, Just NO.

>Hatred Release: 3% Extra DMG for Angry Punch.
Tanks: 2-3, It only helps the damage, there are other things to focus on as a tank.
DPS: 1, You?re wearing a 2 handed weapon, can?t even use the skill.

Lower Body Training > Madman ? 3% extra DMG for Onrush, and 10% ATK and HP when using Exhilaration.
DPS: 3-5, This path seems like a DPS thing really. Onrush has a long cool down too.

Physically Prepared: P-ATK received decreased by 1% per level. (Opens path)
Tanks 5 (Must get to lvl 5), I?m not sure how this works but I believe it?s point for point, so it?s worth it.
DPS 3, Doesn?t exactly help damage wise, but it opens up Sarcasm Skills.

Sarcasm Skills ? Group Provoke makes enemies take 20% more dmg.
DPS and Tank: 5, 20% more damage is a crazy bonus. It will HELP everyone.

D. Tanking and Efficiency

1. First of all a DPS warrior can get away with Tanking just because all the expertise builds do not crucially stop them from being tanks.

2. At level 30 you?ll have access to the Shield Master License which requires 4 Defense certificates to activate. PLEASE USE THIS WHEN YOU TANK WITH A SHIELD.

3. Move a little when you?re tanking. If you strafe left and right you can stop incoming attacks from happening too soon. This gives clerics time to heal.

4. Carry some type of bow. I don?t personally carry one but clearly it helps pull in some hefty situations.

5. Use the auction house for gear. Don?t just keep farming dungeons with weak gear, you don?t help anyone. As a tank you should have reliable defenses, and as a DPS you should have a good AXE. At character level 35, I have 7.7k Attack on my warrior.

6. As a tank you should command your party with a fist. If their getting in the way of your play style, then they?re not helping you. You?re a tank you do things as smoothly as possible on your terms and make sure you?re team gets that

7. Please keep your buffs active as much as you can. Declaration of Anger doesn?t have a CD that?s less than it?s duration for no reason. USE IT when you?re a tank of course.

8. You don?t have to be perfect. You definitely do not need a whole set of Orange Gear, people are indifferent and don?t usually check your gear anyways.

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