Dragon Knight: Tank, or Damage Dealer Magician: Damage Dealer, Support or Healer Nightblade: Damage dealer, supporter, but also possible as a tank Templar: healer, but also damage dealer or tank Skills system: The typical role allocation with tank, healer, damage dealer and supporter applies. However, there are several racial bonuses that can support your desired style of play. For example, the orc inherently gets higher armor values. From rank 15, you unlock the weapon change that allows you to fill an alternate bar. If you change your weapon set, then these 6 SLOTS are available. You gain skill points over skyshares and when completing certain tasks Class system: The four classes are very flexible in terms of development.

The overwhelming range of options right at the beginning is frightening. You have two to three trees for class abilities, six weapon constellations, three trees for armor, and later others through magician and warrior guild skills and more. The versatility of skills is huge, pay close attention to how you spread your skill points. Save yourself from the high level to notice that so much skew ran in the points distribution. By not using some skills first. Overview of alliances: Daggerfall Alliance Breton: Light Armor Bonuses Summoning Magic and Spell Resistance Orc: Better handling of heavy armor and increased life regeneration Rothwardone: Better use of shields, increased endurance regeneration and increased strength. Aldmeri Dominion: High Elf: Stronger in dealing with destructive spells and increased magicka recovery Wood Elf: Improved archery, stamina regeneration, and creeping abilities Khajit: High Dexterity, Improved Melee, and Schleich Skill Ebonheart Pact: Argonier: Improved healing and recovery magic and toxin resistance North: Frost resistance, improved handling of two-handed and increased life regeneration Dark Elf: Improved two-weapon combat, Fire Magic bonuses, and Fire Resistance Imperial: Improved melee combat, resilience, increased stamina and life regeneration.

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