Elder Scrolls Online Beginner’s low effort Crafter alt guide


A shorter but hopefully decent guide for people looking to make a crafter alt (Without ESO+, with the + it would be easier and faster). Writing this as DXP is on.

Disclaimer: Not going to be most efficient but it will hopefully be a good reference point for people

Character Creation:

Race, class, male or female- doesn’t matter to you.
Name: Pick a name which helps you remember the account is a crafter, otherwise anything you want.
I picked Breton Templar as two initial skills are Puncturing strike, which is a quick and easy damage dealing ability and Rushed Ceremony which is a nice heal. Piercing Javelin as a third skill is good as it has range, so it can be used to get npcs who are following you to turn away (they’ll unaggro once you hit them and they realise they’re out of their wander range)

First In-game Steps

  1. Upgrade inventory space- you start off with 60 and with 38,500 gold you can increase that by 50.
    Obtain the gold from your bank (deposit from another character).
    Teleport to Vvardenfall, Vivec City and go to the pack merchant located in Saint Olms Guild Halls. Should be a guild mate you can teleport to at any time.

  2. Destroy/ bank items/use – since you’re a crafter alt, you don’t need a lot of items. Straight away you get a crown meal from a level 1-2 reward. Use it. From the traveller’s backpack (greymoor), you get some trash equipment (destroy or equip) and 5 lockpicks and soul gems. Bank those if you want.

  3. Adjust controls- for me, playing on pc, that’s pretty much just changing the keybind of auto-run. Then I can use auto-run to help speed-run through wherever. Remember, we won’t get a mount (horse) and it won’t be very fast, so running is our method of transport.

Leveling Up

  1. Begin Main quest to level up and gain a few skill points at the same time. The bulk of the xp comes from completing the quest plus you get the skill point, so don’t worry about spending too much time killing non-mandatory npcs. Pretend you’re doing a speed-run, just run to the quest marker and go through quest dialogue quickly. This isn’t your first rodeo, so I don’t think it’s too important to read everything. If you’re on pc, hold shift to sprint. Use the map to help you run efficiently.
    After completing the 1st Main Quest: Soul Shriven in Coldharbour I reached level 4.
    This in all took me 15 mins.
    Open: https://alcasthq.com/eso-skyshard-beginner-guide/

  1. Starter Island – For me this was Stros M’Kai. Starter Islands are small which is great as we don’t have to travel too far. There are 3 sky-shards here we can collect. Use the skyshard map. Don’t bother with any quests. They don’t award any skill points. I was taken here after the main quest I believe, being of the Daggerfall alliance.

  2. Skyshards from other starter islands-

  3. Back to and continuing with the Main Quest…

Plan to go from level 1-50 in 5 days:
Day 1:
Create account, complete first in-game steps & first main quest.
Go to Starter Island, collect first 3 shards.

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