Elder Scrolls Online Easiest veteran Vateshraan/Solo content build for every Stam and Mag class! By: PeterUnlustig

Please keep this Discussion short and simple so that new players dont need to scroll through hundrets of unrelated comments!1. Intro
With the new Vateshraan solo Arena coming up tomorrow/today, im excited to show you the easiest possible way to master the Arena, on every single Stam and Magicka class!

A complete guide on the Arena you will find under https://alcasthq.com/eso-vateshran-hollows-solo-arena-guide/ with all the mechanics explained, however this build allows you to ignore alot of “oneshot” mechanics so ill give you a quick guide on the only mechanics you really need to take care of on the bottom.

Just as the Maelstrom Arena, Vateshran heavily favours Magicka builds, you can mitigate entire Boss mechanics by not playing stam and also the path you have to go will be the hardest for stam chars. That being said for those who still want to play Stamina i have the easiest possible build so that you can be almost on par with magicka.

2. The Idea for the Builds
The Idea behind the builds is using the strongest possible auto defence in the game right now and that evolves around:
https://elderscrollsonline.wiki.fextralife.com/Torug’s+Pact+Set a 3-trait crafted set anyone can get very easily
https://elderscrollsonline.wiki.fextralife.com/Ring+of+the+Pale+Order the new Mythic set
Combined with the very underestimated Shield glyph on Infused weapons


As you can see the even for the last boss fight, where my light armor shields are huge the 7K shield glyph every 4 second absorbs still 35% of my dmg automatically 29% were absorbed by my light armor shield and around 35% were healed by the Ring of pale order. And this was on my first ever blind run of the Arena which almost did no-death on the first try, just bc the build carries so much.

Without really sacrificing that much you can end up with an insanely tanky auto heal+shield mechanic that lets you ignore almost all oneshots in Maelstrom/Vateshraan/World bosses

Why is this the best auto defence in the game? Bc the shieldglyph is basically increasing your maximum health by 7K every 4 seconds while also healing you for that amount and you dont even have to actively cast it, it will basically be permanently on you, allowing you to absorb a whooping 460k Damage on the last Boss fight for example.

Is the Shield glyph OP? I dont think so since you have to build specifically around it to make it work this good.

3. Magicka Builds:

In Vateshraan you can get up to +10.000 health and +10.000 stam/mag as a bonus stat. So building for max stats as your damage source is kind of a waste. Thats why i combined an older idea for a very simple heavy attack build with the new defensive sets to create a build that can hit a huge amount of damage while being insanely tanky and super easy to use for everyone.

Heavy attack Damage:
+40% from empowered +~20% from CP + 80% from off-balance + 1250 from https://elderscrollsonline.wiki.fextralife.com/Crushing+Wall+Set + 1800 from https://elderscrollsonline.wiki.fextralife.com/Noble+Duelist’s+Silks+Set +your individual class passive and the base heavy attack damage

This allows you to reach ridiculous amounts of heavy attack dmage just by holding left mouse button.


On The last Boss in vet Vate i dealt 54,3% of my damage just by holding left mouse button an that was still on a non optimized setup.

So here are the builds for every Magicka class:

Dragonknight http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Special:EsoBuildData?id=218670 the +50% heavy attack class perk makes this one of my favorites to use
Warden http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Special:EsoBuildData?id=287799 the class heal and the auto attack pet make this a nice and easy build for new players
Sorcerer http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Special:EsoBuildData?id=287797 Everyone will run a sorcerer for the new Arena but its still a pretty safe call for new players
Necromancer http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Special:EsoBuildData?id=286773 A really strong contestent due to its +15% dot increase and the +40% crit chance in execute phase
Templar http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Special:EsoBuildData?id=287803 strong bc of the 100% empower uptime and execute
Nightblade http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Special:EsoBuildData?id=286949 also a hidden favorite since this build allows you to dish out a spectral arrow after every 2 heavy attacks

The rotation on every class is farely simple you buff yourself up, apply your damage over times when running into the enemies and once your in a fight you will just do: la – blockade – barswap – heavy attack (fully) – scalinding rune – Heavy attack – Rune -heavy attack – rune – heavy attack- bar swap and repeat. The buffs you keep up while fighting are channeled acceleration and class sustain skills if you struggel with sustain or ele drain. And you use your class skills however you like it and burn bosses or mechanics with your prefered ultimate.

You can tweak every CP, Barsetup and rotation however you like it or feel comfortable, but you will most likely lose on offence or defence if you do so. The Only things that are kind of a must have are Blockade for the shield glpyh and scalding rune as “spammable” for the 3 seconds of empower.

4. Stamina Builds

The easiest “stamina” build is WW but i dont really want to focus on that if you want the easiest possible way of finishing the arenas just use one of the magicka build or the easy ww build here https://alcasthq.com/eso-solo-stamina-werewolf-build-pve/

If you however are decide to play on your favourite stamina class here are the builds with the best chance to give you a very smooth run:

Dragonknight http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Special:EsoBuildData?id=283197 Solid setup with good sustain but the spammable is kind of clunky so you might switch it out to wrecking blow or psijic skill.
Nightblade http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Special:EsoBuildData?id=280047 probably my favorite setup sustain/damage wise
Sorcerer http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Special:EsoBuildData?id=281995 the easiest of the stam setups for new and vet players bc of all the passive healing skills and the auto attack pet/heal
Necromancer http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Special:EsoBuildData?id=283212 Strong class espacially in execute range
Templar http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Special:EsoBuildData?id=287792 Jabbs Jabbs Jabbs is there more to say?
Warden http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Special:EsoBuildData?id=287789 Auto Attack Pet and the class heal make this also a solid choice for newer players or warden lovers.

The Rotation is actually very much different from the magicka builds since you just use your average class rotation. The only thing you really need to take care of is your sustain and keeping arrow barrage up (on the enemy) for the auto shield. The stamina classes arent perfectly min maxed so feel free to adjust them however you like and you feel good with. But dont expect to be able to ignore all mechanics like you can do on magicka afterall stamina is the real challenge in this arena.

5. The Tldr. Guide to the Arena

This is in the order of how magicka players should choose the path (sorry stam players)
Hunters grotto (green)
Boss 1: Shade of the Grove: Just always attack the Glowing Boss since the non-glowing take alot less damage and make sure to interrupt the spriggans that try to steal your buff (yellow channel on you) if you loose it, kill a spriggan and continue dps on the Boss

Boss 2: Rahdgarak: As soon as he start glowing red grappling hook to a blue plattform, if he glows Blue hook to a red plattform. Block after every hook bc the boss will follow you and slam you. As soon as the mages start to channel interrupt at least 2 of them and hook onto the plattform oposite of them. The remaining mages will cast a huge aoe onto the plattform they are facing to that will melt you in seconds. Continue this dance until hes dead.

The Wounding (blue)
Use your new grappling hook straight to the left after the first mobs to reach a blue orb that gives your +5000 max magicka. On the way to the bosses you will find blue orbs that will give you another 1k magicka each.
Boss 1: Zakuryn the Sculptor & Flesh Abomination: try to burn both equally but if that fails just kill the mage first and stay out of the heavy attack of the abomination.
Boss 2: Iozuzzuneth: 2 Tactics; 1. Just burn the Boss and avoid the beams from upstairs while also standing behind the floating eyes when they spawn (the heavy attack wave from the boss will damage the sentinels and you can kill them wiht one skill/heavy attack) 2. go upstair and kill the nasty beam shooters while also avoiding their aoe fields.

The Brimstone Den (Red)
After the first mobs go to the right and take the portal to an area where you will find a Red orb that gives you + 5000 max Health and another +5000 on the way to the last boss
Boss 1: Magma Queen just burn her nothing to worry about ( i dont even know the mechanics lul)
Boss 2: The Pyrelord burn him until he starts his rotation aoe attack, if that starts go out of range instantly and attack him from range. Stick close to the next Brimstone orb (or his own Throne/plattform if you wanna cheese his lava attack) As soon as he plays “floor is lava” heavy attack the brimstone orb and continue burning him. The adds can be annoying bc the are buffed at this stage of the arena, but with your ol reliable heavy attacks no problem.

Final Boss Vateshran Hollows:
Maebroogha the Void Lich

Just burn him and try to kill the adds along with it (stay away from the chained up mobs and the edge of the arena or you will get oneshotted by the skellis) As soon as the Skellis spawn which carry a Ring towards the middle focus a single one of them (maybe with your ult now) and step outside of the hula hoop of doom. After you burn the boss down to low health he will spawn a dealy aoe field and you have to port away from the middle plattform to one of the smaller ones and port back to big plattform almost instantly (1 or 2 seconds) or you will die as well. Fight the ghostly mobs and repeat the cicle. You can only use everyone of the 3 plattform once to get to safety so remeber which one you already used and stick close to the unused ones(glowing white).
After the 3rd time of doing this you can finally kill the Lich for real.

Congrats you have mastered Veteran Vateshran!

Yes this works on all classes, but some are just better for it.
Yes you can do almost all content solo on this builds except 12-man-trials, some dungeons and maybe vet Dlc dungeons.
No the one bar Pet sorc build isnt better but if you really really really dont want to bar swap you can use it or just go Werewolf

Where do i get the Gear from? Mythics from having Greymoor, Monster sets and noble duellist from the dungeons/undaunted enclave, Maelstrom staff from the Arena (normal staff is fine i dont use perfected as well) trainee, Briarheart and torugs can just be bought/crafted. If you are unsure about where to get sets from take a look at: https://elderscrollsonline.wiki.fextralife.com/Sets and https://eu.tamrieltradecentre.com/ for purchasing

Will i be able to hit a Leaderboard run? Not in the Top 10 of your class but depending on your score you will maybe reach the top 100 and get a golden reward at the end of the week.

I dont have noble duellist nor ring of pale order can i still run this setup? Ring of pale order is worth getting anyways if you like solo content, noble duellist can be replaced by necropotence/mothers sorrow/crafty alfiq

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