Elder Scrolls Online How to Tank Falkreath Hold Hard Mode (for first timers) By: Irreverent_Aegis


Hey everyone, I’m continuing my DLC dungeon hard mode tanking/mechanics series. Today I bring you Falkreath Hold hard mode. Just like my recent guide to Ruins of Mazzatun, this is an older DLC, so it is on the lighter side of mechanics and difficulty. However, just because the dungeon is old doesn’t mean new players won’t be attempting it for the first time, so this guide should still be valuable to people making their first attempts. I’ve been meaning to put this one together for a long time (the footage was recorded when heavy attacking with an ice staff drew aggro, so you can get a feel for how old this video is), but other projects took priority.

Because dungeon advice of “just bring 3 dps and ignore all mechanics” is not helpful to anybody who doesn’t have great DPS or simply likes bringing a healer, my friend and I, when we were thinking about getting footage for this, decided we would PUG. So, two of the people in the group are randoms, and I hadn’t played with them before or since. That gave us the opportunity to actually show mechanics in the video, which you can find here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9r7Ey4Ts_YA

Here’s the written description of the hard mode:


  • Shout phases occur at 70%, 50%, 30%, 10%, and 5%. They are not hard locks, meaning you can burn through phases and skip shouts. Domihaus will continue doing whatever he is doing before shouting. If you push him fast enough, his hibernation/add summoning takes priority over shouting, so you have the opportunity to skip shouts. The downside of this is that his next shout will come at a much less predictable time, which may catch team members off guard and kill them. Domihaus will also shout every minute or so during execute, so if you don’t kill him, he’ll keep shouting.

  • What to do during a shout: Everyone in the group should hard stack behind a pillar. Most groups choose to go clockwise, starting with the first unbroken pillar. Just make sure everyone agrees this is the direction everyone will be going before the fight is begun. Domihaus will break every pillar that has a person behind it, so it is imperative everyone stacks behind the same pillar so only 1 is broken each phase.

  • What not to do during a shout: Stack behind the wrong pillar. It is usually MUCH BETTER to die than break an extra pillar. There are exceptions to this, but in general, just die so you don’t wipe the entire group later. It is fairly easy to get a res during this fight.

Domihaus Main Attacks and what to do about them:

  • Light attacks (fireballs): These don’t do much damage, even to DPS.

  • Heavy attacks (charge up that looks like a kamehameha, followed by a fireball): These will 1-shot a DPS through a block. They can also be roll dodged.

  • Fire ring: (outer arena is lit on fire): Don’t stand in it.

  • Vaccuum + AOEs (sucks everybody in, then puts several AOEs out under every player: It is best to soft stack around the boss, so when he sucks everyone in, they aren’t overlapping. Then, when the AOEs occur, everyone can just walk backwards at a medium pace then move to the side until the AOEs stop.

  • Ground pound + fireballs (middle of the arena lights up and Domihaus repeatedly smashes the ground, sending out fireballs): Everyone needs to get out of the middle, and to avoid the fireballs, they can hide behind pillars if it makes them feel safe.

Add phases:

Execute Phase:

  • Domihaus will no longer go into hibernation, but he will continue to summon atronachs.

  • Domihaus will get a fairly large damage shield periodically.

  • Domihaus will continue to shout if you don’t kill him.

Tank-specific strategies:

  • Always pay attention to when Domihaus leaves hibernation. Re-apply taunt immediately.

  • Always chain in the flame atronach, or group the other atronachs on the flame atronach.

  • Try to maintain aggro on all atronachs, especially during execute phase. If your team has mediocre or worse DPS, execute is going to get crazy and time on target (the target being Domihaus) is going to suffer, so, try pulling them out of the way of the boss so they can focus boss and do as much damage as possible before he gets another shield.

Other than those things, not much to think about. This fight is mostly a DPS race with a few light mechanics. A group comprised of 2 damage dealers with 20-25K DPS each (on a 3 mil dummy) should be enough to get the job done here while still getting to enjoy mechanics. A group with 3 DPS averaging 40K+ will pretty much wreck everything.

Again, here’s the hard mode in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9r7Ey4Ts_YA


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