Elder Scrolls Online I’ve just hit 50 so I bring you 38 tips By: Eisn


I’ve just started playing ESO and I hit my first 50 yesterday. While playing I compiled a list of tips with things that I learned and decided to share it with you guys. No chickens were harmed in the production of this list*.

Top 5 tips

  1. Assault passive gives 30% mount speed everywhere!!!

  2. For antiquarian spots equip the eye in the quickhold. Now you can actually find the excavation spot and don’t spend 2 days looking for it. It didn’t happen to me, but to a friend I swear;

  3. When lockpicking the sweet spot is right before the jiggle starts, not after. Don’t be me and try to let go as late as possible in the jiggle;

  4. If you’ve already purchased a mount on a character you can use it on a new one starting from level 1. Just mark it as enabled in the Collections tab;

  5. Blue weapons and shields (or epic if you’re lucky) drop in dungeons only from the last boss or from chests.

General tips

  1. When you complete an objective on the map (world boss, delve, quest, etc.) the markers change from black to white;

  2. When you get to the first big city (Vulkher Guard in Auridon, Daggerfall in Glenumbra, Davon’s Watch in Stonefalls) unlock Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, and Undaunted even if you don’t want to start their questlines right then. It will allow you to advance in ranks passively as you encounter lorebooks in the world, kill Undead or Daedra for other quests, or complete Dungeons;

  3. Learn to lightweave – after each light attack use a skill as it cancels the attack animation and jumps to the skill one thus increasing your damage output;

  4. You can join up to 5 guilds at the same time so don’t be afraid to try them out;

  5. To sell an item you must be part of a guild with a merchant. The merchant is physically somewhere in the world and most likely you won’t be able to go to him directly. But you can list and buy items from a banker as well (for your guilds only). The money comes via mail. You can buy from any guild merchant;

  6. If a quest is in the prequel category then it’s for a DLC. I skipped those until I wanted to do the DLC, but marked the NPC / item with a pin on the map to remember where it was – but you can always start them from the Crown Store for free;

  7. Horse training usually lasts around 179 days so remember to do it every time you log in. If you plan to have an alt at some point in the future it could be worthwhile to create the char, send him some money and park him in front of the stable. At least you’ll have that taken care when you’ll get around to playing that character;

  8. Unlock Persuade and Intimidate from Mages Guild and, respectively, Fighters Guild as they allow extra dialogue options;

  9. If you kill things like chickens or goats in a settlement remember that the loot is flagged as stolen. If you have auto-loot enabled (for stolen items) it’s an easy way to rack up a big bounty when you don’t expect it;

  10. Killing things like chickens in view of guards is frowned upon;

  11. Waiting for your mail? Switch zones (don’t shrine to the same zone – it needs to be a different one);

  12. Don’t sneak while wearing heavy armour, duh!

  13. Having more people fishing at the same spot increases the chance of rare fish to drop.

Crafting tips

  1. Unlock jewelcrafting writs in Alinor, Summerfall. Look for the purple elf outside of the crafting area;

  2. You can steal a recipe and learn it right away, applicable to food or other consumables as well;

  3. Deconstructing or researching an item will add it to your outfit collection. Selling it to a vendor or at a guild store will not add it;

  4. You can look in unlocked containers before you steal without getting bounty;

  5. If you plan to do only writs and maybe daily dungeon for a while don’t put skill points in crafting because it makes new writs require the new level of mats.

Addons – Quality of Life

  1. Harven’s Custom Map Pins – add your own custom pins;

  2. Notebook 2018 – for… taking notes;

  3. Librarian – store all read books – especially useful in parties as now you can follow the group without the fear of missing out;

  4. Azurah – move every UI element;

  5. Inventory grid view – much better view of your inventory;

  6. Morrowind Style UI – skins the UI with a Morrowind inspired theme;

  7. NoAccidentalStealing – similar to the no loot option from the game settings only now you can loot while hidden from view or if you mash the loot button a few times;

  8. pChat – actually makes the in-game chat usable. Seriously. What’s up with those emoji?

  9. Slightly Improved Dialogues – adds numbers to the dialogue options;

  10. Tamriel Trade Centre – $$$;

  11. Votan’s Minimap – it’s actually another rendition of the map, only smaller. Can reduce the game’s performance because of it;

  12. Votan’s Fisherman – for the angler within;

  13. The Questing Guide – helpful guide for how to follow the story chronologically.

Addons – Immersion

  1. TrueExploration – ads fog of war to the map;

  2. Pinkiller – lets you disable the map pins, quest markers, the compass icons, the compass, etc.

*At least I have chicken.