Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Jewelry Crafting by deconstructing loot drops or other character’s crafted Jewelry By: Taka_no_Yaiba


Sorry if this was made before, but I couldn’t find the information anywhere.

I was tired to jog around every corner of tamriel to buy all of the cheap intricate jewelry to level all of my character’s jewelry skill, so I was thinking about an alternative way. Deconstructing jewely which was crafted by my crafting character.

First I had to find out which kind of material would be best for this. Since the most abundant materials are pewter and platinum, in only considered those.

The inspiration gain includes the 30% boost from the CP tree, but not the orc racial passive, as I don’t wanna have 18 orcs and neither do you.

  • A lvl 1 ring requires 2 Pewter Ounces to craft and grants 146 xp upon deconstruction

  • A lvl 24 ring requires 13 Pewter Ounces to craft and grants 1187 xp upon deconstruction

  • A cp 150 ring requires 10 Platinum Ounces to craft and grants 8082 xp upon deconstruction

  • A cp 160 ring requires 100 Platinum Ounces to craft and grants 8435 xp upon deconstruction

Since you probably don’t have a few thousand spare materials lying around, you probably want to buy some. Let’s include the gold cost too!

As of writing this guide (and this may have changed when you read this so you have to check the market yourself) the average pewter ounce costs about 8g and the average platinum ounce costs about 36g. Converting the material cost into a gold cost and dividing this by the experience gain gives us an inspiration per gold number, which is about:

  • 9 xp/g for the lvl 1 ring

  • 11 xp/g for the lvl 24 ring

  • 22 xp/g for the cp 150 ring

  • 2 xp/g for the cp 160 ring

We can clearly see that crafting cp 150 rings is the best in terms of gold spent per inspiration gained.

Additionally, I was looking at the inspiration gain when deconstructing cp 150 intricate jewelry and cp 160 intricate jewelry and I found there to be no difference, so their value is equal.

You also should set a limit on how expensive the platinum ounce is that you’re willing to buy. For example, if you do not buy platinum ounce above 35g per unit, you should not buy normal rings that cost more than (35g * 10 =) 350g or intricate rings that cost more than (35g * 10 * 3 =) 1050g

x * 10 because 10 is the amount of mats consumed when crafting a cp 150 ring and x * 3 because intricate gear gives 300% inspiration upon deconstruction (so one intricate ring equals 3 normal rings).

I hope this was as helpful to you as it was to me

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