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Elder Scrolls Online Soloist’s Guide to Imperial City By: Vaoh

This thread was created to explain the mechanics of each of these bosses, NOT just to show off! If I waited until Thieves Guild or spent gold to fix my Champion Points, I could have tremendously shortened the duration of these videos There is no other guide online for the Imperial City bosses which means I had to create this one out of sheer obligation. A ton of work went into this guide so I hope you will be able to fight these bosses after reviewing my explanations and videos. Keep in mind that some of these bosses are very difficult, so it’s not that great of an idea to attempt some of them solo. This guide includes District and Sewers bosses. I will most likely add some Imperial City Banner Bosses, Wrothgar World Bosses, and Dungeon/Trial Bosses in the future.
(PS4 videos may turn out blurry for a few seconds at first but are high quality afterwards!)Bunch Of Important Notes about Bosses and Builds:

– IC Sewers Bosses < IC District Bosses
– I change skills slightly depending on the boss, but otherwise utilize my PvP-specific setup to *hopefully* survive ganking encounters. You can be MUCH more effective than I was by using a smarter PvE setup/not attempting on a fulIy populated campaign. I also played with minimal interface for a better view, making Ultimate build-up invisible to me as well.
– I had 366CP when I killed the final boss to complete this guide, and 352CP when I started my run.
– You absolutely do not need to be a Magicka Sorcerer like me to kill these bosses. This is how I view it (to get great survivability):
Magicka: Sorcerers use Hardened Ward with a focus on Max Mag/Max Health, Nightblades use Swallow Soul+Rapid Regen with a focus on Spell Damage or Max Magicka/Max Health, Templar uses Cleansing Ritual+ Honor the Dead/Sweeps or another heal with a focus on Spell Damage or Max Magicka/Max Health, Dragonknight uses Igneous Shield+Burning Embers+another heal with a focus on Spell Damage or Max Magicka/Max Health, ALL Magicka users slot Healing Ward and sometimes Annulment.
Stamina: I found that in many fights, mobility kept me alive where a Stamina build of any class could fight bosses much more successfully with Resolving Vigor+Rally+ Dodge Rolling used effectively. Caltrops+Volley is insanely effective and makes lots of fights easier. All classes have the healing, but Magicka Templar/Magicka Dragonknight may lack the mobility in certain fights. I’m sure myself and many others could get any class to pull these fights off consistently.
– I rated the bosses in terms of difficulty. ZOS did not intend to make them equal in strength…. at all. All ranks given with respect to their competition, meaning none are actually a joke to defeat.
– Bank all Tel Var stones if around 1,000 or more. Always hold on to 100 Tel Var Stones for 2x multiplier. Base reward for killing an Imperial City District boss is 500, while the base reward for killing an Imperial City Sewers boss is 100.
– Rather than giving up when a boss is tough, you might see more success if you specifically adapt your build for a soloing playstyle. This means changing Skills, CP and Gear. I killed these bosses with an un-optimized pre-Thieves Guild Magicka build.
– A key strategy to many of these bosses is to have a high damage AoE/AoE DoT skill or two for constant use. This means skills like Lightning Splash, Searing Strike, Burning Breath, Volley, Caltrops, Vampire’s Bane, Wall of Elements, Debilitate, even Boundless Storm, etc. This allows you to cast once and focus more on survivability/resource management instead/other targets. Caltrops+Volley allows most solo content to become far easier for Stamina builds
– Group bosses are obviously not designed to be soloed, making certain mechanics extremely difficult to deal with. Hence, mobility is important for some fights.
– You should probably be capable of completing Veteran Maelstrom Arena and even some group dungeons solo to have a shot at killing the tougher bosses here by yourself. A select few are truly easy to win against though.
– Dusky Bronze = okay-looking dye. Not worth really worth it unless you want more dyes just for the sake of having them.
– A number of bosses have reflectable attacks, which make them much more manageable alone. I completed/ranked all of these without any reflects, so keep in mind that some fights may be easier than I ranked them.
– If you attract random mobs into the fight, there are two choices: You can kill them or if they are too much to handle with the boss you can run away and find a new spot. A District Boss will follow permanently unless you get way too far, similar to Banner Bearers in the sewers.
– Bosses are harder when inside of a building, but in some videos I fight them inside of buildings anyway. The reason for this is to avoid gankers that I knew were present and looking for me.

Imperial City District Bosses

Arena District
Immolator Charr (7)

He is a fiery, armored Ogrim. Don’t be intimidated by his looks and just stay aware of your surroundings. Deadly to bigger groups due to extensive AoEs, so good choice on ZOS to put them in the Arena District with zergs.
• Punch – He will run and smack you with his arm for moderate damage. May or may not hit you again, but will wait a few seconds so you can heal before he does.
• Fire Square – Stands still. Four large fire AoEs spawn in a square around him that explode for high damage.
• Lava Streams – Stands still, spawns streams of slow flame to move in front of him from left to right. High damage.
• Lava Burst – Stands still and causes a bunch of small persisting AoEs to spawn on ground you previously stood on. You will die if you stand in them for more than a few seconds. More AoEs depending on the number of players attacking him.
• Lava Explosion – Stands still, creates a telegraphed circle himself and explodes. Deals high damage. Will often form a Fire Square afterward.
• Lava Storm – Small Fire AoE’s will spawn on the ground all around you that persist or a bit and do high damage. There will always be circles of fire on the ground that deal high damage and you need to be careful
• Fire Snake (Dark Souls Copy?) – A ton of fire explosions will begin to follow you, blasting lava into the air as they explode summing up to a “move or get incinerated” scenario. It is exactly as witnessed in Dark Souls 2. Not much to worry about as long as you keep moving.

King Khrogo (7)

A heavily-armored Daedroth. You will want mobility and maybe even AoE root abilities for this fight. This is a test to see if you are good at soloing.
• Summon Dark Seducers – King Khrogo will spawn a Daedric rune under himself which causes four Dark seducers to appear, all of which hold either one-handed or two-handed melee weapons. They will chase you, attack you, and sometimes even attempt a Wrecking Blow. Killing them will cause the boss to respawn them within about 10-15 seconds
• Earthquake – The boss hunches over and begins smashing the ground below him. A medium-sized high damage lingering AoE surrounds him. Red telegraphed circles will begin to spawn every second on your location meaning you MUST be mobile or have insane amounts of healing to counteract this if hit early on. If touched by the circle that follows you, it will cause a stun, giving about 0.5 seconds for you to react on each subsequent hit until he stops. This attack is high damage all around and tresult in half of your deaths since 0.5 seconds is not enough to move out of these circles, which pound you to death unless he stops.
• Incinerate – Coughs up fire (2 second charge) and blasts a small fire projectile at you. It explodes for high fire damage and knocks you high in the air. You will be i trouble if this hits you. In order to avoid the high damage and knockback, you need to either block (stops knockback) or dodge roll. If the projectile makes contact with you, it also leaves a pool of fire on the floor where is landed dealing a high AoE DoT.
• Slash – King Khrogo will chase you, usually with his Dark Seducers, and punch you for pretty decent damage. If he chases you, he intends to slash you before doing anything else.

Arboretum District
Lady Malygda (9)

She is a very difficult Spider Daedra. It borders on unfair since there are a lot of different things you need to focus on to not die. Lady Malygda also has high health and/or resistance to damage, meaning you have plenty of time to mess up. Trust me, this boss is not worth the Tel Var Stones.
• Summon Spider Daedra – Lady Malyda summons three Spider Daedra from portals. They will punch and blast moving lightning AoEs at you (same as those caused by Lightning Storm). These little things are very annoying and compound the issue of dealing with the boss. Killing them signals them to the boss to respawn them within 20-30 seconds.
• Cocoon – Spits a web at you which wraps you in a cocoon permanently. You need to quickly CC break or get eaten alive. Lady Malgda will also sprint to your location once she does this.
• Web – She will spawn a web on the floor which deals low AoE DoT damage but snares you if stepped on. It’s pretty much a poison Ash Cloud (DK skill).
• Lightning Storm – Spawns a ton of AoE lightning bolts which travel outward from her body about 20 meters and then back to her, giving plenty of opportunity for you to get caught up in more than one of them while dealing with everything else.
• Poison Spit – Spits a ball of poison at you. Moderate damage and keeps pressure on.
• Speeding Meteor – I named it “Speeding Meteor” because I’m not sure what actually happens here. A red telegraphed of a medium-sized AoE will silently spawn and expand. Then something happens, and if you’re standing in the circle, you take high damage. Pay attention to those red circles!

Ysenda Resplendent (7)

A harvester who holds the esteemed title of “total b**ch”. She would’ve been rated a 4 had she not been equipped with a mechanic that may prolong this fight to the point you call it quits. This boss is frustrating to fight alone, but extremely easy with one or more friends. Barrier will become your friend if you have none.
• Waves – She sends out waves of energy similar to those of other harvesters. The difference between her shock waves and those of other harvesters is that these deal high damage, are fast moving, and conjure five instead of three. Will resort to Magic Projectile afterward followed by Leaping Magic.
• Magic Projectile – A common projectile attack she uses which deals decent damage. Should be reflectable, as are the typical Harvester variants of this attack.
• Leaping Magic – Sends a ball of Cold Fire onto the floor right beneath you which deals high damage so you need to keep moving. It will leap 2-3 times toward you before setting down.
• The Feast – Ysenda Resplendent will use this attack when around 50% health. It will take the place of a Leaping Magic. The Feast will simultaneously perform a high damage CC on you and spawn 8 orbs in a perfect circle around her that can ONLY be damaged by single-target skills. They slowly move in her direction just like a normal Harvester’s orbs do. It is very difficult to destroy all of them and they will heal the boss for 20%-25% health EACH. Make sure to apply a shield/heals then focus solely on the orbs. She will give you a few seconds, then proceed to shoot one Magic Projectile and use Waves. **NOTE: If she is next to an inclined surface, the orbs will spawn as close as they need to in order to stay on the exact same level as the other orbs, meaning close to a wall/staircase she is unkillable.


Elven Gardens District
Zoal the Ever-Wakeful (6)

A big, electrified and frightening Watcher. One of the coolest bosses and also one of my personal favorites. An overall challenge but especially for melee builds so using Flying Blade if you have to.
• Shock – He shocks you. The typical boss attack that drains your Health so you need to constantly heal. Moderate damage.
• Whirlwind – Floats up a few inches and charges in your direction. If hit, you will take high damage and be pushed a distance which may land you in a shock AoE meaning instant death
• Encompassing Shock – He charges up and cause multiple streaks of lightening to form between his body and the floor, expanding outward. If this touches you it will deal enormous damage and CC you (almost certain death if caught by the attack early on in its expansion). The bolts of shock will then explode into lingering, very high damage AoEs.

The Screeching Matron (10)

A humongous Clannfear. Very difficult solo. I don’t recommend trying it, as you probably won’t win. Hardest IC boss in my opinion, tied with Lady Malygda
• Bite/Punch/Kick – Basic boss light attack when close to her- deals pretty high damage
• Forward Charge – Telegraphed, deals high damage so avoid it.
• Circular Tail Swipe – Telegraphed, deals high damage so avoid it.
• Summon Clannfears: Spawns five clannfears that will chase you down forever. They also tail swipe, charge, and hit you. Besides this The Screeching Matron will constantly try to hit you for decent damage and apply lots of pressure. Combined with her small clannfears decent damage attacks, you will almost certainly die.
• Feasting aka Bulls*** Attack – The Screeching Matron also uses the signature giant clannfear attack, which is a buggy knockdown + feasting on your character which will kill you in a few seconds if not broken free from ASAP. The first tick of damage happens no matter what, and at least one more high damage tick is pretty much guaranteed afterward (must CC break fast enough). You know it is happening if your character becomes immobilized+silenced for a second. Smash down your CC break-free buttons and dodge roll to avoid smaller clannfear attacks.

Memorial District / Market District (TES: IV)
Volghass (7)

A big, diseased Flesh Atronach. He has a tendency to get angry, so you will need some mobility to avoid the one-shots.
• Flaming Stomp – Spawns a two medium-sized Fire Aos which do high damage and linger for awhile when he stomps hard on the ground.
• Summon Skeletons – Four skeletons appear by his side, preceded by him slamming the ground really hard. They use flaming weapons and hit for decent damage, definitely making things more complicated. This process also causes him to Enrage.
• Enragement – His attacks now do much more damage. He turns bright red (enraged) for about 10 – 15 seconds. My health is pretty high, and I have a good shield, yet was still one-shotted by his Punches during this phase. (Note: Enragement ends about 1 – 2 seconds before the red glow dissipates from his body)
• Punch – He punches you with his huge arms. Moderate damage. Will kill you immediately if enraged.
• Slam – Raises arm in the air and slams the floor. It replaces a typical Punch with a much higher damage version of light attack.

Included a death at 1:40 and 2:22 I forgot to edit out. I killed him on my third attempt ever facing him. Didn’t know the Enragement could one-shot at first at 1:40. Zenimax got me killed at 2:22 (character did a roll on the ground locking me out of controls for 0.5 – 1.0 seconds since he fell from a height of….2 inches ) Winning run begins at 2:30.

Amoncrul (7)

A Cold Fire Bone Colossus. He is equally cool-looking as he is dangerous. Similar in mechanics to Volghass, his District buddy. Don’t attempt this boss if you can’t focus on more than a few extra enemies. He spawns some, and you will probably drag some more on accident into the fight (which you should kill before aggroing him).
• Summon Risen Dead – Spawns Risen Dead around himself to fight you. There is usually four of them butwhat they aren’t too dangerous.
• Silence – Spawns a large dark blue persisting AoE which deals high damage over time, snares, and silences you if inside. Avoid and dodge roll out of.
• Punch – Self-explanatory. He chases you, and then smacks you for moderate damage.
• Coldfire Blast – He will stand still and a telegraphed cone-shaped AoE will spawn in front of him before the attack fires off. High damage so avoid, block or dodge roll.

Nobles District / Talos Plaza District (TES: IV)
Baron Thirsk (9)

This Grievous Twilight is a difficult boss to solo. He has a method of healing himself which can make him unkillable if attacked without caution. It took me many tries before I pinpointed exactly how to defeat him without some faceroll 40K+ DPS. His health regeneration makes him a formidable boss.
• Slash – Baron Thirsk slashes you for pretty high damage. Helps to block this, but he won’t do it very often anyway.
• Flash through Shadows – Teleports into darkness and reappears next to you, immediately attempting to slash you for high damage. Must block/dodge or you will be in trouble. Has a chance to stun you as well. Be aware of a rare bug afterward in which his appearance becomes a dark, closed-wing Greivous Twilight who fails to play any further animations. Will go back to normal after around ten seconds.
• Summon Daedric Arch – A portal spawns and scamps charge outside from it every second. They will charge you and explode for high AoE damage at random when close. All scamps have low health but you must destroy the portal ASAP to survive.
• Magic Projectile – Baron Thirsk blasts dark blue projectiles at you often over the course of the fight, but not while casting his other abilities. Deals pretty high damage. It is also reflectable.
• Banekin – Baron Thirsk usually summons a Banekin when teleporting around. This Banekin creates a very high damage lingering AoE around himself and stand still. This AoE will provide healing to Baron Thirsk if he enters it, meaning you must keep him away at all times. It is best to stay mobile during this entire fight to counteract it. This mechanic is also slightly buggy, sometimes not healing him when he enters it and sometimes providing some healing when he doesn’t enter it. The Banekin will also despawn after about 15 seconds has passed so Baron Thirsk can summon him again for another chance at healing.

Nunatak (5)

A gigantic Frost Atronach. In Elder Scrolls lore there is an entity called a Frost Monarch, which is a greater frost atronach. This is most likely one of them. It is a really cool boss, yet doesn’t provide very much challenge due to its rather slow, simplistic nature. A good boss (in my opinion) to practice on.
• Ice Smash – Slams arm into the ground and causing the ground in front of his to explode in ice. Does high damage., causing a telegraphed cone AoE before impact side sidestep or dodge it
• Blizzard – Slams arm into the floor, causing a ton of mini AoEs radiate from his location in all directions dealing decent damage and rooting you. You can be hit by as many as three of these AoEs at a time from what I noticed, but I may have just been lucky when playing risky. It is most likely possible to get hit by as many as possible coming your way, but if hit by more than three you’ll die anyway.
• Ice Pillars – A bunch of ice pillars burst from the ground, and remain for a bit. They deal very high DoT damage if stepped on which will cause you to die for sure when inside for more than a few seconds.
• Punch – Hits you with him giant, frozen arm. Deals good damage, I think more than typical bosses punches (aka light attacks).

Temple District
Glorgoloch the Destroyer (5)

A disgusting flesh atronach, reminiscent of the monster guarding The Adjudicator’s boss room in White Gold Tower. Big and bulky, slow and hard-hitting, you just need to dodge/block his attacks and watch for poison AoE. Not too dangerous, but you can get caught up and mauled by his humongous, armored fist.
• Heavy Poison Burst – Heavy attack signals (yellow streams) emit from his body as he charges you with his arm raised high. He then slams into the ground and poison AoEs begin to spawn on your location signaling you to activate heals and stay mobile. It is a good time to drop down ground AoE DoTs. Block or dodge the heavy attack slam or it’ll kill you/knock you to minimal health.
• Swipe – Swipe his arm across the ground in front of him. Three small AoEs radiate from in front of him that deal very high damage
• Enrage – He gets enraged and glows red. It is easy enough to avoid his attacks, so make sure you REALLY avoid him when enraged.
• Punch – High damage. Basic attack but is slow and lazy.

Malazuhad (8)

This Lich will do a few very dangerous things, but otherwise stay mostly stationary and vulnerable. You can drop some ground based AoE DoTs then focus entirely on survival.
• Summon Zombies – They follow you around, and have enough health to be really annoying. They will punch, heavy attack stun, and telegraphed cone-AoE hit you. When around half health, they may explode for high AoE damage when next to you.
• Daedric Bolt – The Lich will blast light blue balls of fire at you, which deall decent damage but are reflectable.
• Daedric Runes – Spawns a TON of persisting runes on the ground which deal high AoE damage and snare you. Must constantly avoid these. More spawn per player.
• Once while under 50% health Malazuhad MAY decide to CC you like a harvester does (you levitate). There is no indication it’s going happen and sometimes does not happen at all when fighting him. Weird, but something you need to be paranoid about or it can catch you when you’re low on health.

Died at 1:35. Lesson learned: Don’t fight the Dremora that follow this boss (forget to edit that part out). Winning fight starts at 2:00.

Imperial City Sewers Bosses

DC Side
Gati the Storm Sister (2)

• Storm – Lightning bolts strike the ground causing small AoE. They appear randomly throughout the battle. Easy to avoid and mostly scenery
• Summon Storm Shadow – Two Shock-illuminated Daedra spawn to fight you. They deal low damage attacks and have Lightning form permanently equipped.
• Whirling Blades – Gati spins in a circle. Moderate damage. Avoid the red telegraphed AoE around her.
• Shock – Shocks you with a lightning bolt from her palm. Low damage.
• AoE Shock – Raises arms like she is activating a buff, which just deals low AoE damage instead.
• Bolt Escape – She travels to the four corners of the room with this. Try not to travel in the central water pit when going after her as it deals moderate damage.

General Zamachar(1)

• Summon Winged Twilight – Summons two Winged Twilights to attack you. They can be more dangerous than the boss himself.
• Magic Torrent – General Zamachar raises arms in the air and a stream of dark blue projectiles hammer on your character. Decent damage.
• Dive – Jumps into the air and slams down in a large high damage AoE explosion. A telegraph shows shortly before he does it.
• Punch – Slaps you with his hand. The boss version of a light attack.
• Teleport – He jumps into a portal, which heals him for a small portion of health and pushes him back out into battle about 5 seconds later.

I included two videos so you can better see the mechanics (killed him too quickly in the first clip).

Otholug gro-Goldfolly(1)

• Skull Blast – Shoots a red skull sphere toward you. Deals low damage.
• Summon Bloodfiend – He summons two bloodfiends which attack you and may CC. they deal low damage overall.
• Scare – Shoots a different red skull projectile at you which forces you to CC break.
• Red Mist – Exhales a Red mist which deals moderate to high damage. Has a telegraphed Cone-AoE. It’s the only real threat from this boss so try to dodge roll or avoid it.

Taebod the Gatekeeper(3)

• Summon Winged Twilight – Two Winged Twilight’s will appear from the Daedric portal. One will heal Taebod, and the other will attack you. Kill these things ASAP so you can focus on the boss. They all deals moderate damage to you as well, which is dangerous with the boss already attacking you as well.
• Heavy Lightning Storm – Will raise staff in the air and a TON of shock AoEs will radiate from her and flow outwards. They deal high damage and are very dangerous. Keep your distance when this is about to happen or you are 100% dead.
• Shock – Basic shock ability which acts as a boss light attack. Decent damage.
• Stampede – Gap closes you with her Xivkyn Greatsword. Deals high damage and will CC you as well. Probably dodgeable, but it’s very difficult to see the attack coming until it actually happens to you. Save stamina for CC break at all times.

AD Side

• Bow Light Attack – Deals pretty high damage. This makes him immediately dangerous. I’m not sure if it was intended for such a typical light attack to deal so much damage (intended ZOS?)
• Flaming Arrow – A heavy attack, which he aims at the floor. It strikes the ground beneath you and causes a small fire AoE to stay there for a while. Deals a high DoT if stepped on.•
• Negate Magic – A Negate Magic which can catch you unaware and cause you to die.
• Summon Clannfear – Spawns two clannfears to assist him. Sort of annoying to deal with.
• Bombard – High damage cone-AoE. Look at the telegraph and avoid it no matter what. Deals high damage.
• Volley – When he uses this, it causes a small AoE spot on the floor to deal a very high DoT (same as average enemy archer Volley) but besides that keeps him occupied while not hurting you. Also leaves himself completely open.


• Summon Dremora- Dremora will keep on spawning from the “back” tunnel area. The boss does not signal them, they just show up from their blue portals. If you have high DPS you might as well pretend they aren’t even there and burn the boss. Those Dremora should be an afterthought.
• Blood Rush – Charges you in shadow form with a gap closer, causing moderate damage and a CC. He will raise one of his axes into the air for a second before he does this.
• Rend – Swings his axes in a circle and causes a huge red explosion around himself. There is a telegraphed red circle before he does this. High damage.
• Whirling Blades – Spins his axes in a circle . There is a telegraphed red circle before he does this. Pretty high damage.
• Light Attack – He hits you with his Xivkyn-styled axes.

General Nazenaechar(4)

The only boss in the sewers that surprised me. Keep in mind that I defeated each of the Sewers bosses on my first try (doesn’t apply to District bosses). This Daedroth almost killed me a few times, and kept me on edge the entire fight. I would’ve died for sure without having experienced equally crazy bosses patrolling the Districts. If he had more health, higher damage on his attacks, and slightly altered movesets to fit a bigger map then he could’ve been a district boss. I liked this fight a lot.
• Summon Banekin – Banekins surge through the portal and start attacking you. These Banekin try to distract you from the boss, so they’re annoying to deal with at the same time.
• Sacrifice(wtf!) – General Nazenaechar will run over to a Banekin whom he paralyzes with his magic, clench its body in his right hand, and bite off its head. Blood sprays from the neck of the poor Daedra. The General’s mouth glows a bright yellow-green, then he throws the Banekin’s body on the floor which explodes, causing four high damage AoEs to move outward from its location. These AoEs will also stun you. Very dangerous.
• Incineration – Same attack as King Khrogo. His mouth ignites in flame, then he spits a flaming projectile at you. If it hits you, it deals high damage and spawns high DoT AoE. It will also knock you up into the air if it isn’t blocked. If dodge-rolled, the projectile will disappear and not cause any lingering ground AoEs.
• Punch – Smacks you with his meaty hands and their sharp claws. Used when there are no Banekin to murder and he has just used Incineration. His main attack when in his Coldfire Stage.
• Ram – He rams you, causing high damage, knock back, and a small snare. Only uses this during his Coldfire Stage. It seems to be undodgeable and unblockable
• Coldfire Stage – At 50% health, he acquires a 30%ish Max Health damage shield and Radiates a large, moderate DoT AoE. He will chase you at a fast pace and attempt to Punch and Ram you. This continues until the damage shield is fully depleted, causing him to return to his normal stage.

Lady of the Depths(3)

• Lightning Storm. Unless you find a sweet spot, high damage lightning bolts will occasionally pound you. They spawn everywhere so try to avoid them as much as possible from the telegraph warnings.
• Webbed Chains – She uses this pretty often. You will be pulled to her and lose control of your character. You then have a second to CC break or you will be knocked back for more low damage of which you will have to also CC break.
• Bolt – Creates two moving lightning bolt AoEs which deal moderate damage and travel from her to your direction.
• Poison Spit – Spits a ball of poison at you. Moderate damage but her main way of hurting you.

Included two videos to better show off the damage of her Lightning Storm. I killed her too easily the during my first attempt.

EP Side
General Kryozote (3)

• Fire Breath – Breathes fire, high damage. Avoid getting close when he when he does this.
• Rock Throw – Throws a big rock at you, dealing moderate damage and CC as well. It can be blocked to avoid the CC or dodged.
• Flame Blast – Spits a flaminf projectile at you for moderate damage. Creates a lingering fire AoE on the location it impacts you. (No impact or lingering fire AoE if dodged)
• Flaming Earth – Spits fire in a bunch of directions. All of the streaks of flame deal high damage if they touch you, and create a lingering fire AoE when they stop moving. These AoEs cover a lot of the floor and also deal high DoT damage.
• Summon Scamp – Summons 4 Scamps when very low on health. They will all you their fire spawning attack in order to create even more of those deadly fire AoE spots.

Ebral the Betrayer(1)

• Fire Spout – Fire spouts from the wall of the room. It is a very simple thing to didge but deal moderate damage if you don’t remain aware of your surroundings.
• Summon Skeletal Wretch – Summons two skeletons at a time which will attack you as they normally would. Low health and low damage, so they aren’t to much of a threat.
• Daedric Rune – Spawns two Daedric runes on the floor which seal decent DoT damage and snare you. Dangerous if stood in for more than a second or two. Very easy to avoid.
• Necrotic blast – Fires a light blue, low damage projectile at you. Ebral’s basic boss light attack. Never even swings the greatsword, and if he does, it deals almost no damage and doesn’t deserve to be labeled as its own attack.

Emperor Leovic(3)

• Zombie phase: Normal zombie move-set. Build ultimate/conserve resources for his transformation.
• Flesh Atronach phase: Summon zombies – Zombies fall from the ceiling and attack you. Can explode for poison damage and leaves lingering poison AoEs on the floor that snare+damage you.
• Flesh Atronach phase: Slam – Slams ground for decent damage. Stands still and creates a large AoE. Plenty of time to move from the telegraphed circle.
• Flesh Atronach phase: Fire Torrent – Stands still. A fireball will be blasted toward you every second. Deals high DoT so you need to heal and avoid zombies when this happens.
• Flesh Atronach phase: Punch – He punches you. Low damage.

Secundinus the Despoiler(4)

• Summon Skeletal Wretch – Summons two skeletons to attack you. Their spawning is signald by a dark blue light and whirling flames emanating from the bosses heart. You must kill them or slow them down so they don’t slaughter you when Restrained.
• Restrain – A light blue beam that deals high DoT damage and holds you in place, unable to control your character, for 5 seconds. A death sentence if there are skeletons attacking you. Have a HoT active, activate shields, do what you can to be unkillable for five seconds.
• Coldfire Blast – Typical attack that the boss consistently uses to deal damage to you.
• Coldfire Streaks – Coldifre is layed on the floor and pushed in all directions around Secundinus, moving slowly outward. Easy to avoid, but deals good damage if it touches you. Undodgeable as well so just step to the side. I made it sound a lot more extreme than it actually is, so just ignore it and focus on prep for Restrain.

Imperial City Banner Bearers

Might attempt a few of them.

Wrothgar World Bosses

Hard to find bosses alone and not have someone jump in during the middle/end. Will do them completely solo eventually.


Showing off now:
Veteran Dungeon Bosses


Trial Bosses


The first boss encountered within Hel Ra Citadel. A very difficult boss that requires mobility. This turns into a extended no-room-for-error fight where you are tested in your ability to survive ridiculous encounters. Kill the adds separately by running back towards then door you entered through across the bridge and kill them off one by one. Then fight Ra-Kotu in a slightly fair 1v1 within the arena where he awaits you. I prefer this battle at night time.

Lightning Storm Atronach (3)

The first boss encountered within Aetherian Archive. Such a boring boss to solo. Deaths are only caused by getting careless due to repetitiveness. Not worth attempting to prove if you are a good soloist or not. Even terrible builds can defeat this boss.

*Thank you to those who simply watched me these solo bosses without intervening. I can’t count the amount of times that people would see me engage a boss alone and be like “This guy is crazy I’m outta here!”, only to jump in the fight when the boss is near death for the loot. This happened to me many times on most of these bosses, including once while fighting The Screeching Matron. I understand the greediness, but it made this guide take longer than I wanted it to. ENJOY!!!


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