Elder Scrolls Online Updated for Markarth Stamina Sorcerer Circuit Breaker By: Waffennacht

Updated the Build for the Markarth changes.Build Guide – For the First Time Ever I Narrate

The sets have changed for Markarth:

Engine Guardian x2
Clever Alchemist x4/x5
Way of Fire x3/x5
Trainee Shield

Way of Fire replaces Sheer Venom.
Way of Fire procs on LA and Weapon abilities (I.e. poison injection)

Way of Fire is a Heavy Armor set and because of this I had to switch away from EV. That meant I needed a new source of sustain and that is Engine Guardian. The best choice for a backbar set to me is Clever Alchemist; it’s craftable and therefore can be medium armor and it’s buff carries over to the front bar.

Trainee goes from armor piece to shield to have clever’s 4th bonus on the front bar and continue to buff defensive posture.

Running sharpened over Nirnhoned now to buff procs, enchantments, and elemental damage.

The video will give more details as well.

If you have any questions or comments please let me know!

**** Old Build ****

I wanted to step away from the tank builds Ive been making as of late and move towards more traditional burst builds.
This is one of my more “unique” builds, as I have not seen a similar one in game nor posted on the forums.

I use the build in BGs, however I have been in OW a few times with it and ganked a few peeps that wandered into my quest areas.
With CP the build looks even better; but I primarily BG.

Circuit Breaker (BG Gameplay)

The Build:
Sheer Venom x3/x5 (most likely not after update) front bar
Eternal Vigor x3/x5 back bar
Trainee x1
Malacath’s Band x1
Bloodspawn x2

Bow Front; SnB Back

Traits: Preferably well fitted then impregnable (I have a whole mix mash)
Jewelry traits: Healthy x2 Bloodthirsty x1

All max stamina glyphs on armor
Weapon damage jewelry x2 stamina regen x1

Nirnhoned on Bow (wanted to help heals because of malacath)
Poison Damage Glyph (over poisons for upfront burst)

Defensive 1h Well fitted shield; max health on shield

The Serpent Mundus

Braised Rabbit with Spring Vegetables Food (Max Health and Max Stamina)

For more offensive choices (because I went with a more defensive set decisions) you can easily exchange BS for Balorgh and/or EV for Clever Alchemist (and go with something other than healthy on jewelry)

The Skills:

Bow Bar: Crystal Weapon, Bound Armaments, Crushing Weapon, Resolving Vigor, Poison Injection, Ult: Summoned Atronach
SnB Bar: Dark Deal, Critical Surge, Hurricane, Defensive Stance, Streak, Ult: Spell Wall

The Combo:
Crystal Weapon, Crushing Weapon, LA, Injection (Canceling for all hitting at once)
If you want a quick follow up; after combo, LA, Crystal Weapon, (Cancel for an immediate follow up hit while arrow is in the air)

It takes a bit to get use to, but the burst is there even without dedicating a whole lot to damage. Im currently running sheer because the pressure it provides after the burst is too good to pass up; however after the Nerf im leaning towards New Moon.

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for taking the time, if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please feel free to post :)

Special thanks to all the xbox players, and @MurderMostFoul @EtTuBrutus @Beardimus and all forum goers!

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