1) Line of Sight
• Allows you to still hit your opponents as they try to hid behind a rock or crate.
• Denies opponents the ability to hide behind their zerg as you attempt to burst them down.

2) Situational Awareness
• Keep your full speed whilst jumping and doing a 360 spin with your camera to see how many opponents are chasing you.

3) Block Jumping
• Have a ~90% uptime on block with NO movement penalty.

4) Negate Self Snaring Skills (forgot to mention in video)
• Jump + cast allows you to keep full speed while using skills that would otherwise slow you down.

I made this video and post because a vast majority of the community seems to thoroughly misunderstand bunny hopping. I hope my explanation will help counter some truly crazy suggestions that it’s a symptom of mental illness demonstrated in this thread, and many more like it. Outside of active combat bunny is also used so signal friendliness (combined with blocking) or to try and get the attention of some players at the edge of a zerg to come fight you.


NA | CP 801+
Taytaytatty – AD – AR37 – StamBlade – Former Emp
Tayderp – AD – AR15 – MagPlar – Stormproof
Tayrawr – AD – AR17 – MagBlade – Boethiah’s Scythe – Inducer of Rage
Nottaytay – EP – AR11 – MagDK – Boethiah’s Scythe – META Tank (zzzzzzz)
Taytayfattyy – AD – AR27 – MagSorc – Stormproof

EU | CP 0
NA is Down – AD – AR0 – StamDK


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