ESO – A Guide for New Players by Veterans


ESO – A Guide for New Players by Veterans – By: Rizz_the_filthy_Dino

Whether you’re a new player, returning player, or veteran, there may be things you just don’t know about ESO. I wanted to compile a small list of quality of life to necessary features for ESO, and will continue to update this list with your replies! Some of these may be common knowledge for the people in the know how; however, not everyone will know all of these. So I hope this little guide or list comes in handy!

Horse Training
1. Train horseback riding everyday across all your characters. Having horseback riding speed will make Skyshard hunting and general traveling much easier, find your local stable at any town and train. It’s around 250 gold per character, so make sure to sell!

Fast Ultimate Gaining
2. Pick up Fighters Guild Skill Line! Fighters guild can easily be obtain and can easily be leveled up, it’s also one that’ll help you build ultimate incredibly fast! The passive “Banish the Wicked” under the Fighters Guild will enable you to build up to 9 ultimate after killing an Undead, Daedra, as well as Werewolf. Search for any “Fighters Guild” location in any town to pick pick up the skill line.

Fast Movement
3. Pick up the Assault Skill Lines! Whether you’re into PvP or not, “Rapid Maneuver” is a really important skill! It’ll give you and your party “Major Expedition” and “Major Gallop” for 30 seconds as long as you’re not using another skill, both of which increase movement speed while either running or mounted. Even if you cannot find a slot on your bar for this skill, don’t fret. Check out the must have addons below for a solution!

Understanding Training Gear
4. When leveling up your character, whether first character or fifth character, always have “training” armor on! “training” is an armor trait that gives you 10% additional experience gain at “epic” quality, or rather purple text. Legendary (gold) is too expensive for a pair of simple training armor and would only boost your experience gain by an additional 1%, ala, 11% at Gold. Join a guild and have a guildy craft you a level 6 set of Shacklebreaker. I highly recommend having three sets of training armor, and can’t stress this enough. Have one set be Light, the next set be Medium, and the last set be Heavy, you really want to level all three for a multitude of reasons.

Understanding how to Maximize Experience Gain
5. When you’ve fully experienced the game, if that’s possible haha, and you’re interested in making your second or third character, consider power leveling. Before knowing where to power level, understand all the sources of maximizing experience gain: ESO Plus 10%, Duo Grouping 10%, EXP Potion or Scroll 50~150%, Purple Training Gear 80% (7 armor, 1 weapon), Anniversary Buffs 50~150%.

Fastest ways to Level
6. Everyone has his or her own preferences on the best locations for gaining the fastest amount of experience; however, there are a few places I recommend and I’ll give reasons why. Skyreach Catacombs, a private dungeon in Craglorn (base game) is arguably the fastest and with a good runner, can be completed in under 4 mins. The experience you can reap from there can be absolutely insane, you can level a character from like 1-50 in 4 hours or less under the right circumstances. I personally prefer Skyreach as it alleviates the external variables which can hurt your exp gain: players. It’s a private instance and other players won’t leach off your mobs.

If you don’t have someone to run you in Skyreach, or have money to pay them, there are slower but free alternatives. Forgotten Crypts, a public dungeon in Deshaan, is great for duoing in. Bring some aoes and run in circles rounding up the mobs. It has great experience; however, is open to all players.

The last and probably most common place for power leveling is in Alky’r Desert. There are raids of people that farm 3 specific dolmens in a triangle formation, the group leads typically have an addon installed that auto invites all players who type X, Y, or Z in zone chat so it’s easy to jump onboard the exp train. If you need all three waypoints, see next point below. The experience gain is much slower farming dolmens, but it’s free and faster than questing.

5-1-1 Armor
8. You should always try to go 5-1-1 with your armor; I’ll explain: If you’re a healer or magicka damage dealer, you’ll typically wear 5 Light, 1 Medium, and 1 Heavy. A physical DPS would typically go 5 medium, 1 light, 1 heavy, and etc for tanks. There are at least 2-3 passives per Armor skill line which will bolster your character, as well as one in Undaunted. Generally your 1 and 1 off armor types are your head and shoulders (no pun intended lol) because your “monster sets” always come with helm and shoulders.

Build Set Planning
8. You can and should plan around having two primary sets (5 armor, 2 weapon/3 jewelry) a monster set, and if you can fit it into your build, a weapon set. When planning your build early on, figure out what sets you want, find out where to obtain them.

Waypoints and Zones
9. Can’t quickly get to a zone or need a specific waypoint? Ask a guildy or friend and teleport to this player! Press either G or O in-game, right click their name, and click “Teleport to this Player”.

Tamriel Trade Center
10. When trying to find a set, always use “Tamriel Trade Center“. TTC for short will basically cashe what’s on a guild trader and tell you where an item is based on lowest price, or latest listing. There are lots of filters when searching for items and is widely used by a majority of the ESO community. It makes hunting down that one set you’re looking for that much easier. TTC works for PC/Xbox One/PS4 and supports North America and Europe, there’s also an addon made by the author of the website.

Easily Acquiring “Crown Gems”
11. Watch Twitch streams which advertise “drops”! The drops you get are “Ouroboros Crown Crates” and can be used to extract crown “gems”, a special currency alongside “crowns” on the crowns store. These gems can be used by opening the Crown Store and clicking “Crown Crates”. Consider saving your gems!

Must Have Addons!
1.?Assist Rapid Riding:?This addon will slot in Rapid Maneuver and it’s morphs on the 5th slot of your bar when you mount up. When you use the skill, it’ll disappear and revert back to whatever prior skill you had, essentially giving you a 6th skill. When Rapids comes back up from CD, it’ll appear in your 5th slot again until you use it or dismount.

2.?Inventory Insight: When you start to have 3-5+ additional characters, or just have a big bank, you may lose track of where you placed that one item you need on the spot. Inventory Insight is an extremely handy addon which opens up a window and lets you search for a specific item (as well as tell how much gold is on each character or your bank) across all characters.

3.?Itemization Browser: This really handy addon will open up a window that’ll let you search for an item across the entire game and tell you what the stats for the item will be for your specific character based around his or her stats. It’ll tell you what type of armor it is (Crafted, Jewelry, Heavy, Light, etc), as well as where you can obtain it. You can also link people in chat the items from Itemization Browser!

4.?Set Me Up: This addon will allow you to create a settings profile and load it on all your characters, this is really useful when creating new characters. On your “Main”, save your profile, on your new character, quickly load that profile over the default new character settings.

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