Hello everyone, my name is Tianlein and today i will show you how you can install fast and easy Addons in the Elder Scrolls Online Last Year i created already a video about this topic but without commentary So i thought it is a nice idea to remake that video So first we have to open our browser window and go esoui.com On this page you can find many great addons for the Elder Scrolls Online and if you have the wish you can download now manually some Addons But ESOUI created also a great Addon Manager Tool which can help you with installing, updating and managing your Addons.

This Addon Manager is called Minion and you can find it here on top of the page After you clicked here on this red Minion icon a new page will open where you can take a look what Minion can do for you and on the top right click on the big download button A new page will open and you can decide which version you need to download After the download finished and you are done with the installation you will see a window like this If you would like to use Minion with a dark color theme you have to click here on the top right to open the minion settings Also you can change your your backup save location Options let you choose where you wish to Save the Addons and here on the right you can check update automatic addons if you dont want to do that manually Backup is straight forward and you can save here your Addons and saved variables and game settings Find more is the most important point since you can search here for your addons You have different options to sort the addon list or you can search via the text search too if you are looking for a specifc addon.

If you need more information about the addon just click once on the name and a new window will open with a description and screenshots of the Addon Also you can go to the esoui page of the Addon too when you click on visit website To install the Addon you have just to click on Install and we already got our first addon for the Elder Scrolls Online Under Installed you can manage all your installed addons With a right click on an addon you can uninstall, reinstall, delete saved variables, ignore updates or visit the website Now we are more or less done When we open now the Elder Scrolls Online you will find a menu point Add-Ons Here you will always have an overview about all your installed Addons.

Also you can deactive or activate addons for all or only for specific characters On the top right you should always check allow out of date addons Otherwise older Addons will not work even if they are doing a good job Sometimes after big updates the game removes this check so if some addons are missing take a look at the ingame addon overview Minion does a really good job with managing and updating your addons Just remember to open Minion from time to time so your Addons can update You can also use the Auto Start option which you can activate in the Minion Settings I hope you enjoyed the Video and if you are looking for new Addons or just Information about the Elder Scrolls online take a look at my Channel It would be wonderful if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment Have a nice day and until next time Tschüß

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