What’s up guys it’s Mitch savage here we have been playing a lot of Elder Scrolls online so far this game has been awesome I did come across some problems of not having some gear so I struggled a bit I looked around tried to find a nice spot that had a lot of gear and I think I found the right place and in this video I’m going to show you where that place is and I’m going to show you the gear you can get if this guide is helpful to you please like and subscribe and I hope you enjoyed now to get to this awesome loot spot you’re going to want to zoom out of your map all the way to the like the big world map.

here you’re going to want to go to the clockwork DLC area and we’re going to go to the shadow clef to delve I haven’t seen many videos of this del which is kind of odd considering how much gear it actually gives you I found a lot of set pieces I’ve gotten a full set of white wire in here there’s a lot of unfathomable darkness in here and there is I think it’s mad tinkerer those are the three sets you can get in here there’s one sky shard and five bosses along the route that I’ve built the boss is here tend to respond pretty quickly the chests also respawn fairly quickly you’ll get a lot of master chess a lot of advanced chests like the majority of it is simple but there’s the off chance that you do get the master chest which has some pretty good set pieces in it also if you’re a low level character like me I went in here for the first time at level I think it was level 12 and I left after two hours at level 18.

I did use a crown experience scroll so that helped out quite a bit and I had also left with over 2,000 gold over the time that I have spent in here I developed my own route to get the most loot as possible while I’m in here and I’m gonna put that up on the screen right now the big green arrow is where you’re going to start this route the black line will be your path the red crosses will be all of the boss fights that you’ll find and the purple dots will be all the treasure chests that you’ll get when this place isn’t populated you end up getting a lot of loot sometimes you have to share it with the people that are also running through here getting the sky shard and the boss achievement and all that other stuff there are more chests around the map that I don’t have marked just because it isn’t a part of my rub that I’ve built and I just thought it would be just a waste of time to go out of my way to get those so we’ll go back to the route and I’m going to speed it up.

And I’ll talk to you guys at the end of the video I’m going to slow down the video here just to point out that in this game you’ll find the sky shark all right so that’s the entire route if you follow the route perfectly you’ll end up right at the start so you can start again you get all the loot the chest should be respond by now this is all the loot we managed to get in one run there’s a bunch of blues some greens and it also looks like a level 50 player oh and a few of the chest and left some level 50 160 champion point gear we got a few level 50 set pieces and some jewelry which is awesome I’ll probably save that out for when I hit 50 if you learned something from this video please like and subscribe and I’ll catch you later

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