Hello everyone, my name is Tianlein and today we talk about the new upcoming storage system for the Elder Scrolls Online In February with the the Dragon Bone Update these storage chests will be added to the base game That means you dont have to buy any DLC to be able to use these chests. Please keep in mind that I recorded this on the Public Test Server and it is possible that some things can change until we get this new system on the Live Server. In case you are only interested in a specific topic take a look in the description So what are this new collectible home storage furnishings? You will be able to obtain up to 8 collectible storage chests which you can place in your houses and apartments You can purchase 4 large chests which can store up 60 items per chest and additionally 4 small coffers with can store up to 30 items per coffer. That means that we will get 360 extra storage space for our items. This home storage space is not connected to your inventory or bank space This storage chests are a new form of collectibles and once obtained they are account wide for all your characters available You have to place these storage furnishings in your house or apartement Also you are able to rename the chests and coffers how you like.

You can rename them when you place them in your house or direct at the collection menu. Since the chests and coffers are collectibles you can place each one in as many homes as you like and will see the same items regardless of which home you open the particular chest or coffer in Unlike bank storage, ingredients stored in chests and coffers will not be used when crafting, and stored equipment will not appear in deconstruction, research, or upgrade windows at Crafting Stations There are various ways how and where you can purchase storage chests One way is to to buy storage chests with master writ vouchers from the new Achievement Mediator Faustina Curio She is waiting for you next to the Mastercraft Mediator Rollis in Mournhold in Deshaan, Elden Root in Grahtood or Wayrest in Stormhaven The large storage chests are available for 200 writ vouchers per chest And the storage coffers are purchasable for 100 writ vouchers per coffer To be able to buy the storage chests and coffers you need to have “permanent Tenant” achievement That means you have to obtain and enter one of the free inn rooms which are the Mara’s Kiss Public House, the Rosy Lion or the Ebony Flask Inn Room Take a look in the description in case you need help with obtaining your free apartement Alternatively you are able to buy storage Chests with Tel Var Stones from The Tel Var Merchant in the Imperial City Sewers.

To get access to the Imperial City you need to have the Imperial City DLC or an active ESO Plus subscription The storage chest for 60 items is available for 200 000 Tel Var Stones per chest and the storage coffer for 30 items is avalaible 100 000 Tel Var Stones per coffer Of course you can purchase these storage chests via the crown store too Open the Crown Store, then go to Furniture and then to special Here you can choose which storage chest or coffer you want to buy with crowns Sadly i don’t know what the crown price will be for the storage chests or coffers since on the Test Server all Crown Store Items are available for 1 Crown With the upcoming Update ESO will also introduce a new System, the Level Up Advisor I will explain this new system in an extra Video in depth But it is important to know that you can earn a storage coffer from the Level Up Advisor upon reaching level 18, if you have not already purchased it That means if you want to earn one coffer for free you should start to level up a new character when the Dragon Bone Update arrives on the Live Server in February Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed my small overview about the upcoming collectible storage furnishings in the Elder Scrolls Online It would be wonderful if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment.

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