Hello everyone and welcome to the armor and weopon showcase of the Glass Style in the Elderscrolls Online My name is Tianlein and in this video i will show you the Glass Style in all armor and weapon classes for male and female characters Take a look in the description if you want to go direct to a specific armor or weapon The process to obtain the Glass Style Motif chapters is a bit different than other Styles First you have to gather 10 Glass Style Motif Fragments which you can get as a possible reward from the daily crafting quests.
Then you have to buy a Merethic Restorative Resin from a Mystic for 10 000 Gold Usually you can find one at the Mages Guild in any town or city and most larger cities have also non guild affiliated mystics If you use the Merethic Restorative Resin to create a random Glass Style Motif chapter, 10 Glass Style Motif Fragments will be used To craft the Glass Style you need Malachite which can be refined from 10 Malachite Shards which can be found in treasure chests Enjoy the Video and it would be amazing if you subscribe, like or leave a comment I wish you a nice day and until next time.

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