So here it is the new and improved Templar tank build made for end game play this build is designed in the preferred playstyle of end game and should fit the need for something different in the end game.

Has a standard set up for end game and uses a similar skill set below is a write up of the build.


5x Torug’s Pact
5x Ebon Armory
2x Lord Warden

Do the gear 3 ebon armory jewelry and 2 body with the torugs pact in the sword and shield and the rest of the body minus you helm and shoulders where the monster set goes.

All enchantment glyphs

5 Tri stat glyphs 3 in the big pieces and 2 in the shields
4 healthy in the smaller pieces
2 crusher in the sword and shield

Skills front bar

Pierce Armor
Heroic Slash
Blazing Shield
Absorb Magic

Skills back bar

Silver leash/inner rage
Ritual of retribution
Power of the light
Restoring Focus

CP Allocation for this build

Red Tree
56 Iron Clad
56 Hardy
56 Elemental Defender
23 Thick Skinned
40 Bastion
19 Quick Recovery

Green Tree

23 Break Free
21 Bashing Focus
76 Arcanist
43 Tenacity
31 Tumbling
56 Shadow Ward

Blue Tree
100 Blassed
100 Elfborn
40 Master at arms
10 Precise Strikes

And that is the set up if you feel something is not working to your liking please feel free to change it to more your playstyle or set up thanks you for taking the time to check out this build and have a great day.


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