Hello everyone, my name is Tianlein and today i wanted to share with you good farming locations for furniture plans Keep in mind that the drop chance is random so there is no 100% chance to obtain furniture plans There are several ways how you can get the new furniture plans Some common ones you can just buy from the regular merchants across Tamriel From the Mastercraft Mediator Rolis you can purchase with Writ Vouchers “Furnisher Documents” which contain a random furnishing plan of purple quality and he offers some legandary furniture plans too.

Then you can try out your luck with stealing, pickpocketing or murdinger citizens I tried that out but i never was a huge fan of stealing and i had not much luck with that If you have found some good stealing places it would be nice if you share them with us in the comments Beside of the that you can find funiture plans in containers across the world To be precise you have to loot just all crates,boxes, urns, cupboards, dressers just plunder all what you can find My favourite place at the moment is old orsinium since this public dungeon has a lot of urns inside Beside of that you have the chance to find furniture plans you get the new crafting material decorative wax too And it is a good place to level your character and from the bosses here you have the chance to get ancient orc style chapters.

The entrance area and the next floor are not interesting We have to move inside Old Orsinium The red marked areas are the places where you should go to find the containers The dark red spots are the rooms where you can find many conatainers next to each other It gets a lot easier and faster if you come here with a friend since you will find here some enemies too From one run i got most of the time between 3 to 5 furniture plans and a lot of decorative wax To access the Old Orsinium dungeon you need the Orsinium DLC Of course you can visit other dungeons too I traveled to Eastmarch and went to the Hall of the Dead which you can find direct in Windhelm Here i cant show you a specifc map since the dungeon is overall filled up with things to loot I was not so lucky in this dungeon and got only 2 furniture plans but maybe it will be better for you.

The Obsidian Scar Dungeon in Rivenspire has some rooms which you can loot If you enter the dungeon the first big room to the right has a lot to loot and the big room to the left has some containers too Then you could try your luck in the Crimson Cove Dungeon in Malabal Tor This dungeon is huge and almost every room is filled up with barrels, crates and trunks Here are really many enemies too which will respawn fast If you want to make your live easier come here with some friends to speed the process up Next you can check out Dwemer Ruins, since they are always filled up with Dwemer Jugs, Dwemer Pots and Urns The example you see at the moment is Razak`s Wheel in Bangkorai Sadly i got in my test runs of these dungeons only 1 furniture plan per run But my RNG luck is never really good and the dungeons i showed you have so many containers inside that there should be a higher chance of getting a furniture plan just by the quantity what you can loot If you don`t want to fight and look for a place to loot fast without the stealing penality you should check out the Hollow Citiy in Coldharbour.

Of course you have to have finished first all the quests here so the city is filled up with NPC`s and the shops are opened You can freely pick everything up what you find and you will not get any bounty I got here some furniture plans, but at some runs i did not get even one plan This works too if you enter the house of the Maelstrom Arena in Wrothgar To be honest i had no luck here but the house itself is not so big but you have a lot of nightables, cupboards, crates and other stuff to loot So there should be a chance that you can get here something Hopefully you enjoyed this video with some examples of good furniture plan farming locations and i wish you a lot of RNG luck Share in the comments what furniture plans you found and maybe you have some other good furniture plan farm locations which you want to share It would be wonderful if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment Have a good day and until next time.

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