Hello everyone, my name is Tianlein and today i present you the good furniture plan farming locations part two for the Elderscroll Online It is not an easy task to find furniture plans and i was searching to find more good furniture plan farming locations for you Also i will show you the suggestions from the comments of the first farming locations video You can find link of part one in the description in case you wanted to take a look The first location is Fort Greenwall in Rift That small Delve is just great The city Riften is near by, the delve is small, easy and fast to farm You will find here many barrels, crates, trunks, baskets and backpacks I got here almost every run 1 or 2 furniture plans Then i can recommend you the Shark`s Teeth Grotto in Hew`s Bane if you have access to the thieves guild DLC In this huge grotto you will find a lot of containers to loot As you can see on the map when you enter the delve you are direct in the main area If you follow the room straight to the end you can walk to the upper level There you can find even more things lot.

In Reaper`s March i explored the Claw`s Strike Delve Compared with the other delves this one has not so many containers but somehow i got here everytime at least one or even two furniture plans In this cave you will find in every room something to loot and it is a relative small cave too so you can easily explore it In the north of Cyrodiil between Bruma and Kingscrest Keep you can find the Red Ruby Cave Infront of the cave you will find some tents with backbacks and crates to plunder The cave is pretty small and you can find almost everywhere some containers to loot I got here most of the time 1 furniture plan Since we got some awesome recommendations in the comments of the first video i thought it would be nice to record and show you these furniture plan farming locations Chicken Wittle suggested the ilessan Tower in Glenumbra This little delve is next to the Baelborne Rock Wayshrine and not far away from Daggerfall too It is really a good place to find furniture plans This Cave is a small and compact delve but filled up with a lot of conatiners to loot I got most of the time one or two furniture plans Brendan Strallow suggested the Scarp Keep in Orsinium To access this area you need the Orsinium DLC.

This place is really great for easy stealing You really dont have to be to careful since there are often not even one NPCs in the rooms Infront of the Sarp keep you have to Outlaw Refuge, so you even can visit fast the Fence Forged Faerie had a nice tip for the thieves among us in Glenumbra in Daggerfall At the top right of the city you will find 6 small houses were you have to break in Inside you have many things to loot and there are always one or two npcs inside It is really a good place to steal and the wayshrine is near by to travel to a save location after your stealing spree AndrogyneMichinaga, i am sorry if i pronounced this wrong suggested the city Anvil at the Gold Coast Direct at the entrance of Anvil we can start to break in in mulitple houses.

Plus we have a fast and direct access to the outlaw refuge and the wayshrine The tip with Anvil Castle is great too if you like to steal even more To access the Gold Coast you need the Dark Brotherhood DLC LegolasPL suggested the Leki`s Blade in Aliki`r Desert You can find this place near the Kulati Mines Wayshrine.


Here are some tents where you can find some backpacks which you can loot without problems There are some NPC`s around but you can easily sneak around them Thank you guys that you shared your amazing furniture farming locations with us! That is really awesome, thank you! Hopefully you enjoyed the Video and it would be wonderful if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment If you find more good farming locations for furniture plans please share them in the comments Thanks for watching! And i wish you a nice day and until next time! Tschüss!

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