Hello everyone, my name is Tianlein and today we talk about the Target Skeleton which can be used to practice combat and test your DPS It does not fight back but is almost as difficult to put down as the Bloodspawn Boss from the Veteran Spindleclutch Dungeon First we have to learn the Target Skeleton plan which is purchasable from the Mastercraft Mediator Rolis in exchange for Writ Vouchers. If you want to learn more about Rolis and Writ Vouchers take a look at my Master Crafting Writs Video.

To be able to craft the Tarket Skeleton we first have to meet certain Craftingskill requirements Potency Improvement from Enchanting has to be on 10 Solvent Proficiency from the Alchemy Skill has to be on 5 and Recipe Improvement from the Provisioning Skill has to be on 6 Then we need to acquire the crafting materials You need 15 Mundane Runes , 1 Kuta, 11 Alchemical Resins, 20 Bones, 10 Decorative Wax and one Animus stone The Animus Stone is available for Writ Vouchers at the Mastercraft Mediator Rolis Keep in mind that i recorded this on the Testserver, so it is possible that some ingredients change on the Live Server.

After we learned the recipe you can craft the Target Skeleton at an Enchanting Station If we want to use it we have to first move to our House and enter there the Housing Editor You can find the Target Skeleton in the tab Workshop and then under Training Dummies Now you can just fight against the Skeleton and Test your Skills and DPS You will get a report about your damage per second and the lenght of the fight in the Chat window When you are looking for a more detailed DPS overview i can recommend you the Addon FTC In case that the Target Skeleton is to weak you can buy the Robust Target Skeleton If you defeated the Target Skeleton it will reform itself and is ready for the next fight Hopefully i answered all your questions around the Target Skeleton It would be great if you subscribe, like or leave a comment Have a nice day and until next time Bye bye

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