Hello everyone and welcome to my Ancestral Tomb Guide for the Elder scrolls online My name is Tianlein and today i will show you how you can get the Ancestral Tombs Hunter Achievement, the Librarian Title and the great Vvardenfell Scale Model for your Home If you want to go direct to a specific topic take a look in the description So before we start and if you play on PC i want to recommend you a great Addon – by the Ancestors -Tomb Hunter from Kyoma It will add little markers on your Vvardenfell Map so you can easily find all locations You can find the link in the description When you don`t want to use this addon or your play on a console the Elder Scolls Online i will show later all locations Before we start with Tomb hunting we have to start the actual quest For that we have to travel to Vivec City to the Temple Canton Not far away from the Vivec Temple Wayshrine you can find the Library of Vivec.

You find here the Librarian Bradyn who will send you on the quest the ancestral tombs For this quest we have to find the Othrelas Ancestral Tomb which is marked on your map and not far away from Vicec City Here we have to take a rubbing and then return to the Library Now we have to find the other 29 Ancenstral Tombs which are scatterd over Vvardenfell Before we leave the Library pay attention to the library center.Here you see a big Model of Vvardenfell but with a lot of parts missing With returning of the Othrelas Ancestral Tomb Rubbing we added one part So over the time when you return Rubbings to the Librarian Bradyn our model will get piece by piece completed Now we will talk about the left 29 Ancestral Tomb locations.

I started the Ancenstral Tomb Hunt in Vivec City and traveled to the east but it is totaly up to you in which order you collect this tombs and how often you return to the Library to see your MInature Model grow The Velas Ancestral Tomb is east of Suran You can find the Releth Ancestral Tomb south east of Suran on a small island West of Molag Mar is the Raviro Ancestral Tomb South of Molag Mar is the Redas Ancestral Tomb At the South Coast of Vvardenfell near the Tel Branora Wayshrine you can find the Arano Ancestral Tomb At the East Coast of Vvardenfel you can find the Hlervu Ancestral Tomb The Arenim Ancestral Tomb is at the East Coast of Vvardenfell not far away from the Holamayan Monastery North of the city Sadrith Mora on a small island is the Verelnim Ancestral Tomb A little north of Sadrith Mora is the Sadryon Ancestral Tomb.

The Aran Ancestral Tomb you can find north of Suran North of the Nchuleftingth Wayshrine is the Serano Ancestral Tomb East of the Nchuleftingth Wayshrine you can find the Maren Anfestral Tomb East of the Missir Dadalit Egg Mine is the Andas Ancestral Tomb North East of the Falensarano Ruins you can find the Ieneth Ancestral Tomb West of the Dubdil Alar Tower is the Venim Ancestral Tomb West of Vos you can find the Nerano Ancestral Tomb East of the Valley of the Wind Wayshrine is the Favel Ancenstral Tomb Next to the Urshilaku Camp Wayshrine is the Seran Ancestral Tomb In the North of Gnisis you can find the the Ginith Ancestral Tomb East of Gnisis is the Rethandus Ancestral Tomb Direct at the West Gash WAyshrine you can find the Salothran Ancestral Tomb North of the West Gash Wayshrine is the Telvayn Ancestral Tomb.

Next to Nilthog`s Hollow you can find the Uveran Ancestral Tomb West of Balmora is the Norvayn Ancestral Tomb Direct in the city Balmore Next to the Silt Strider and Stable you can find the Tharys Ancestral Tomb South East of Balmora at the Coast you can find the Heran Ancestral Tomb Between Seyda Neen and Balmora is the Lleran Ancestral Tomb West of Seyda Neen you can find Thelas Ancestral Tomb You can find the Sarano Ancestral Tomb east of Balmora After we collected the last Ancestral Tomb Rubbing we have to return to the Library in Vivec City Talk to the Librarian Bradyn and our Miniature Model in the center of the Library will be almost completed For finishing this quest you will be awarded with the Ancenstral Tombs Hunter Achievement and you earend the title Librarian.

Speak again with Bradyn to get the next quest “the Lost Library” We have to find the lost library which is marked on your map You can find the Library of Andule north of the Nchuleftingth Wayshrine Inside of the library we have to solve a small riddle To progress further we have to light two braziers – the brazier of wisdom and the brazier of knowledge To reach the brazier rooms you have to follow and step only on these tiles which are shown at the entrance After we lit succesfully the braziers a path will open to the library vaults Here we have to collect the 4 Geanologys of the Houses Indoril, Dres, Redoran and Hllalu If you want to try this riddle alone you can read the house histories to get some hints You have to talk to each Ancestor Spirit at each house chamber and answer his questions correct to get access.

We start with house Indoril: Now the House Dres Then House Redoran And last but not least House Hlaalu After we collected all 4 House Geanologys you can collect the Telvanni Geanology and then return to Library in Vivec City Speak to the Librarian Bradyn to finish the quest and you will get rewarded with Andule`s Curiass of the Defiler and the Vvardenfell Scale Model You can place the Vvardenfell Scale Model at your house You can find it in the housing editor in the gallery – display tab Hopefully you enjoyed my Ancenstral Tomb Guide for the Elder Scrolls Online It would be amazing if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment Have a nice day and until next time. Tschüss!.

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