Hello everyone and welcome to my armor and weapon showcase of the Morag Tong Style in the Elder Scrolls Online My name is Tianlein and today i will show you the Morag Tong Style in all armor and weapon classes for male and female characters Take look in the description if you want to go direct to a specific armor or weapon You can obtain Morag Tong Motif chapters from Bounty Dispensations or Explorer`s Dispensations which are awarded to those who complete tasks for the Hall of Justice The Hall of Justice is located in Vivec City not far away from the Vivec Temple Wayshrine Here you will find Beleru Omoril and Traylan Omoril as your daily Quest Brokers To access Vvardenfell you need the Morrowind Chapter To craft the Morag Tong Style you need Boiled Carapace which you can acquire from the Hall of Justice Quests Enjoy the Video and it would be wonderful if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment Have a nice day and until next time.


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