Hello everyone, my name is Tianlein and today we talk about the upcoming Holiday Event, the New Life Festival 2017 in the Elder Scrolls Online We still have to wait for an official announcement to know exactly in detail what will happen in the upcoming event but i wanted to share with you my experience from the last New Life Festival 2016 and show you all rewards that you could earn Since the last holiday events worked similar to to the events last year, i assume that the New Life Festival will probably not have many changes too In case you are only interested in a specific topic please take a look in the description. The most important question is probably when will the New Life Festival Start? After i read the descriptions of the upcoming crown store items, my guess is that the event will start on the 14th of December and last until the 2nd January.

Last year you had to acquire the free New Life Festival Scroll from the crown store to start the event After you read the scroll you have to travel to Breda which you can find in Eastmarch North of the Kynesgrove Wayshrine you will find Breda’s Tent There you will not only find Breda but also a keg with Breda’s Magnificent Mead If you drank from the Keg you got a double experience buff for two hours and you had to come back every two hours to refresh the xp buff We will see if xp buff process works this year similar To start the New Life Festival quests we have to speak to Breda She will offer you every day 9 unique New Life Festival quests which you can do once per day with each of your characters Breda gives you the quests in a random order, but you will be able to obtain every quest every day during the holiday event Each quest is themed for Tamriels different races and located in their respective zones The Castle Charm Challenge is a Breton tradition For that you have to travel to north western part of Stormhaven Here you have to visit Alcaire Castle and entertain the people at the marked areas on your map Last year you had to perfom in the Old Goat Inn, then at the Alcaire Marketplace and finally you had show your performance in the castle itself.

The Fish Boon Feast is an Argonian tradition Travel to southern part of Shadowfen to the Percolating Mire Wayshrine Here we have to catch some fishes at the marked new life fishing holes on your map You can use any bait to catch these fishes The fishing place near Hissimir was last year always pretty crowded You can also find more new life fishing places along the coast to the east After you caught a Histmuck Blobfin, a Shadowfen Creeping Leech, and a Black Marsh Cucumber speak to Gentle Heart in Hissimir which will prepare the fishes The Lava Foot Stomp is a Dunmer tradition For this quest you have to travel to Stonefalls and dance in some taverns First you have to go to Davon’s Watch and perform a dance in the Watch house tavern For the next dance you have to go the Fish Stink tavern which is near the harbor of Davon’s Watch Next you have to go to the city Ebonheart to the Ebony Flask and perform there your dance The last location is in the town hall of ebonheart Go inside the town hall and go downstairs for your last dance performance.

The Mud Ball Merriment is a Bosmer Tradition This quest will send you to Skywatch in Auridon and you have to throw 10 Mud Balls on NPC’s or other players After you completed this first task you have to to the Skywatch Manor Inside the Manor go to the first room on the right There you have to throw Mud Balls on any of the three alliance ambassadors The Signal Fire Sprint is a Redguard tradition Visit Bergama in the southern part of Alik’r Desert Speak to Aubatha to start the quest You must light now four signal fires in 55 seconds to complete the quest The timer will start once you light the first fire and you can also do this quest in a group Once you lit the fires within the time limit return to Aubatha The Snow Bear Plunge is a Nord tradition To complete this quest you have to jump into freezing water at the highlighted spots on your map First you have to go to the docks in the eastern part of Windhelm Once you are there jump into the water.

If you want to remove the freezing status effect go the the fire nearby and warm yourself up For the second jump go to the bridge which leads into Windhelm Jump of the bridge into the water and then warm yourself up at the fire The final place is the Dead Man’s Fall which is west of Windhelm Go to the top of the Waterfall and jump down The Stonetooth Bash is an Orc tradition This quest will send you to the Stonetooth Fortress in Betnikh Matron Borbuga asks you to collect Meat and Honey You can obtain meat by killing Wolves, Mudcrabs or rabbits and from Giant Wasps you can obtain honey After you returned to Matron Borguba you have to eat and drink from the marked dishes and drinks and show your appreciation for the feast with a belch The Trial of Five-Clawed Guile is a Khajiit tradition Travel to Rawl’kha in Reaper`s March and speak with Tumira Unlock the three nearby locked chests and take the coins inside before the time runs out War Orphan’s Sojourn is an Altmer tradition Visit the Temple of the Eight in Grahtwood which is north west of Elden Root and speak to Ormurrel You can complete this quest pretty quick by donating a small amount of gold But you can also help with killing encroaching wildlife.

Each time you want to complete a New Life Festival quest you have to return to Breda in Eastmarch and you will receive New Life Gift Box This Gift boxes can contain different rewards For example you can find a selection of crafting materials, unique recipes, Skinchanger Motif Chapters and special collectibles Additionaly you could obtain various consumable emote items For example the Disposable Swallower’s Sword Disposable Juggling Knives Fire-Breather’s Oil Bun or the Mud Ball Now i will show you the special recipes which you could collect last year at the New Life Festival the Alcaire Festival Sword-Pie Old Aldmeri Orphan Gruel Rajhin’s Sugar Claws Snow Bear Glow-Wine Bergama Warning Fire Betnikh Twice-Spiked Ale Jagga-Dredged “Mud Ball” Lava Foot Soup-And-Saltrice and the Hissmir Fish-Eye Rye which will let fishing holes glow so you can see them faster from distance and additionaly it will tell you what type of fishing hole you have found Another possible reward are Skinchanger Style chapters and also it’s crafting material Wolfsbane Incense As far es i remember it dropped last year frequently and the Guild Traders got flooded with the Motif chapters So if you miss at the end of the event some chapters you can probably buy them pretty cheap at the guild stores In case you want to see more of the Skinchanger Style you can take a look at my Showcase Video which i will link in the description below.

Last year you could also collect various collectibles The Colovian Filigreed Hood and the Colovian Fur Hood are two Hats which you can add to your wardrobe Additionaly you can receive the Nordic Bather’s Towel Costume which is perfect for a jump into the icy river in Eastmarch Inside the New Life Gift Boxes you can also find the Mud Ball Pouch Memento which allows you to throw Mud Balls on NPC’s or Players If you own already these collectibles you can also sell them via the guild trader or trade or gift them to other players Of course you can also buy these items at the guild store too if you don’t find any in your New Life Gift Boxes Sadly i don’t know if they will add new collectibles to the New Life Gift Boxes For that we have to wait some days for the official New Life Festival announcement.

In case you didn’t participate last year at the New Life Festival or didn’t find the time to complete all the achievements you should maybe try to complete them this year For completing all quests from Breda you will receive a new dye, the new life Cerulean And if you manage to complete all New life related Achievements you will earn the “Magnamimous” title You should also take a look at the Crown store since you can find there unique items during the New Life Festival too From 14 December to the 2 January you can buy the Stalhrim Frostcaster Style This is a crown store exclusive Style and you are not able to find this Style ingame Last year you could purchase the Stalhrim Frostcaster Style for 2000 crowns In case you want to take a closer look at this style you can watch my Showcase of the Stalhrim Frostcaster Style which i will link in the description From the 21 December until the 2January you can purchase a festive horse, the Winter Garland Dapple Gray Additionaly you can get different new winter themed hats.

The Winter Broadbrim Hat Pack contains the Winter Corsage, Winter Garland, and Winter Wreath Broadbrim hats This Bundle is available from the 14 December to the 2 January The New Lifes Monk’s Cap and Sun’s Dusk Winter Hood are available from the 18 December until the 21 December Last year you could buy this Hats for 500 crowns per item And the New Life Festival Cap is available from the 21 December until the 2January Last year the New Life Festival Cap costed 500 crowns Since you get a double XP Buff at the New Life Festival it is also a perfect opportunity to level up fast and easy new Characters If you need some tips how you can earn even more Experience beside of the Double XP Buff i will link my XP Boost Guide in the description below Hopefully you enjoyed my overview of the New Life Festival and what kind of rewards you can receive I am looking forward to the this holiday event since i had last year a lot of fun I liked the most The Snowbear Plundge quest and which quest did you enjoy the most? It would be awesome if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment Have a good day and until next time.


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