Hello everyone, my name is Tianlein and today we take a look at the Shadowrend Undaunted Style for the Elder Scrolls Online. At the moment the Undaunted Styles are only available on the Testserver and i don’t know when they will be added to the live server. Please take a look in the description if you want to go direct to a specific topic You have a chance to obtain the Shadowrend’s Mask Outfit Style page if you complete the Banished Cells 2 dungeon.

This Dungeon is located in northern part of Auridon. The Shadowrend Shoulder Outfit Style page can be found as an possible reward in Maj al-Ragath’s Undaunted chest. You are more likely to find the Mask and Shoulder Outfit Style if you have completed the hard mode achievement for the Banished Cells dungeon. There will be also a Shadowrend themed weapon Outfit Styles in the Crown Store available. the Shadowrend Arms Pack inlcudes a shield, one handed axe, Greatsword, Staff, Bow and one Outfit Change Token. All Shadowrend weapons share a purple shadow theme which is visible if you draw your weapon. The tooltip states that you can only obtain the Mask and Shoulder Chapters while the Shadowrend weapon pack is available in the crown store.

So if you are interested to get the Shadowrend Outfit Style you should have an eye on the Crown Store. We have to wait and see how this new Undaunted Styles will be integrated to the live server. Sadly i also don’t know what the price for the weapon pack will be. I hope you enjoyed my quick showcase of the Shadowrend undaunted Style. Whats your opinion of this upcoming new style? Thanks for watching and it would be wonderful if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment. Have a good day and until next time. Tschüss!.

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