Hello everyone and welcome to my overview about “the New Life Festival” holiday event in the Elderscrolls Online My name is Tianlein and in this video we talk about how you can start “the New Life Festival” quest what quests you can do, which rewards you can collect and what new stuff is available at the crown store The New life Festival already started and it will end on 4 january First we have to travel to Eastmarch and find Breda outside of Windhelm to start the New Life Festival quest The shortest way is if you port to the Kynesgrove Wayshrine and walk a bit north.

There you will find Breda and a Keg with Breda`s Magnificent Mead This Mead will give you double xp for 2 Hours and you have to travel every time back to Bredas tent and drink again from the Keg if you want to refresh the xp boost After you talked with Breda she will give you the opportunity to complete 9 different daily quests Each quests ist themed for Tamriels different races and are located in their respective zones For the Castle Charm Challenge you have to travel to Stormhaven to Alcaire Castle There you have to entertain the people at the marked areas with your perfomance For the Fish Boon Feast you have to travel to Shadowfen and catch some fishes with simple bait at the marked areas on your map.

After you catched your fishes you have to bring them back to Hissimir For the Lava Foot Stomp quest you have to travel to Stonefalls and visit some taverns and perform a dance For the Mud Ball Merriment Quest we have to travel to Skywatch in Auridon and throw mud balls on people For the Signal Fire Sprint Quest you have to travel to Bergama in Alikr Desert and light 4 fires in a limited amount of time For the Snow Bear Plunge quest you have to travel to Eastmarch and you have to jump into the river at the highlighted places on your map After your cold bath you have to go to the fire place nearby and warm yourself before you go to the next jumping spot For the Stonetooth Bash Quest we have to travel to Stonetooth Fortress in Bethnik After you talked with Matron Borbuga you have to collect first Meat by killing animals and Honey by killing a Wasp Then you have to eat and drink some things and belch For the Trial of Five Clawed Guile Quest we have to travel to Rawl`kha in Reaper`s March.

There you have to lockpick 3 chests in a limited amount of time For the War of Orphans Sojourn quest you have to travel to the temple of the eight in Grathwood There you have to donate some money and as an optional step you can help with killing some enemies As a reward for completing each quest you will get a New Life Gift Box Each Box will always contain: A random crafting material for exampel a Provisioning ingredient or Alchemy ingredient or Health glyph Then a consumable version of a New Life themed Memento And a Skinchanger style item – the Wolfsbane Incense In addition, you will also receive one of the following: A Skinchanger Motif chapter A New Life recipe of either green, blue or gold-quality A special New Life Collectible like the Mud Ball Pouch.

It`s a Memento or Nordic Bather’s Towel Costume or Colovian Filigreed Hood or Colovian Fur Hood If you are an Achievement Hunter you will find various new Achievements for the New Life Festival Event For Completing all quests from Breda you will get a new dye the new life Cerulean And if you manage to complete all New Life related Achievements you get the “Magnanimous” title Beside of the ingame rewards there are some new crown store items available for a limited time during the New Life Festival The Stalhrim Frostcaster Style looks really awesome, take a look at my showcase video about this beautiful style:)

It costs 2000 crowns Sun Dusks Winder Hood is a Hat and costs 500 crowns From 22.december to 4 januray the new life festival cap the new lifes Monk Cap and the Great Elk Mount are available in the crown store I really enjoyed this the new life festival quests and had a lot of fun The rewards are great and i really like the the Skinchanger ) What is your opinion about this Event? Which quest did you like or dislike the most? Hopefully my Video gave you a good overview about the New Life Festival Event and it would be wonderful if you subscribe, like or leave a comment Have a nice day and until next time Bye bye!

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