Hello everyone, and welcome to my Quick Tips Beginner guide for the Elder Scrolls Online My name is Tianlein and today i will give you a quick overview about various topics like abilties, leveling, mounts,houses, inventory and many more things to make the start of your journey in ESO a bit easier In case you are interested to learn more about a specific topic take a look in the description where i will link in depth guides which i created already in the past First we talk about your Character abilties. Your character can learn many class, weapon, armor, guild, race, world, alliance war and crafting skills abilities With the Morrowind Update you have now to unlock most of this skill lines before you can access them Weapon skill lines unlock when you get a killing blow while the weapon is equipped Armor skill lines unlock when you equip 3 pieces of a given armor type there is light,medium and heavy armor The Alliance War skill lines now unlock when you gain Alliance Points You get Alliance Points from PvP in Cyrodiil or Battlegrounds Your racial skill line unlocks at level 5 Crafting skill lines are unlocked when you visit the appropriate crafting station Mages and Fighters Guild Skill Lines unlock when you join the guilds Next we talk about some useful tips related to Character progression In ESO you Level up your abilties while you have them slotted when you earn Experience While you Level your Character up.

it is a good idea to place one of each class abilities and then some other skills for example weapon abilities on your skill bar Like that you can easily level up multiple different abilties at once Also it helps you later if you want to change your character and you have already all skills leveled up Then I would recommend you to wear at least one piece of armor from each type light, medium and heavy, so that you can level up their respective skill lines The reason to wear this mix of light, medium and heavy armor is that you level up all the armor skill lines so you have later access to all skills and passive skills If you want to level your Character faster you should wear Armor and Weapons with a Training trait on The training trait increases your Experience gain from kills If you are new to ESO ask maybe friends or your guild members if someone can craft for you a nice Set with a training trait Many people asked me if it is possible to reset your attributes and skill points in ESO.

Yes, you can do that But it cost either ingame gold or crowns If you want to use gold you have to visit a Rededication Shrine which you can find in Mournhold in Deshaan, Elden Root in Grahtwood, Wayrest in Stormhaven or Vivec City in Vvardenfell There is one shrine to respec your attribute points and at at the other shrine you can either reset your complete skill points or just the morphs This respec will cost you 50 gold per skill or attribute point From the Crown Store, you can buy an attribute respecification scroll or a skill respecification scroll, each one of those costing 700 crowns Then i would recommend you to join as soon as possible the Mages and Fighters Guild to gain access to their skill lines and to be able to level them up To Level up the Mages Guild you have to collect Lorebooks which you have to find and collect overall in Tarmiel, For the Fighters Guild you have to kill Undead Daedra or shut down Dolmens Next we talk quick about mounts The cheapest mount you can buy ingame costs 10 000 gold or you can purchase one in the crown store And your mounts are shared between all your characters Get as early as possible a mount so you are able to level it up You need at least 180 days until you have your mount stamina,speed and capacity skill completely upgraded.

You can buy crown store riding lessons too if you want to speed up the mount upgrading process Now we talk about some crafting related subjects All the armor, weapons and glyphs what you gather on your adventures but you don`t need you should either deconstruct to gain inspiration for your crafting skill lines or use them to research traits Inspiration is the Experience you gather for your Crafting Skills Deconstruction gives you a lot of Inspiration which increases your crafting skill lines and additionaly you will gain some materials And to research all traits takes a long time, so it is a good idea to start as early as possible Also it is a good idea to do the daily crafting writs which give you materials, gold and inspiration as a reward It is possitble to craft your own furniture in ESO For that you need to learn first furniture blueprints and then gather special materials which are rare drops from the regular nodes To craft furniture you have to visit the regular crafting stations Since you collect a lot of Loot in ESO we have to talk about Bank and Inventory Management too You can increase your Bank and Inventory Space with gold Visit the Bag Pack Merchant to improve your inventory and a Banker to increase your Bank Space It is important to notice that the Bank is shared between all your characters so you have to invest only once the gold for the Bank improvements Also it is possible to buy Bank and Inventory Upgrades via the Crown Store When you subscribe for ESO+ you gain access to the Craft Bag and you get double Bank Space If you still need more storage but you dont want to subscribe for ESO+ you can create extra characters and use their inventory as storage room Now we talk quick about Wayshrines in the Elder Scrolls Online In Tamriel you can find Wayshrines which are used to fast travel around the map But in order to use them you have to discover them first A fast and free way to come to the place you want is to travel to another player Just right click on a name in your friendlist or guild roster and choose the option travel to player Especially if you are a member of 5 guilds you will have many free teleport options available Next we talk about your maximum level in ESO When you level up a Character in the Elder Scrolls Online the maximum Level is 50 After you reached Level 50 you will start to collect Champion Points At the moment the maximum amount of Champion points you are able to use is 630 It is important to note that Champion Points are shared between all your characters The maximum Gear Level is at the moment Level 50 with 160 Champion Points Next we talk about how you can earn gold in ESO If you like to sell your goods best way is to join one or multiple trading guilds Like that you gain access to a guild trader at the bank and you can sell there your goods You can sell more or less all but things like raw materials, special potions,rare style chapters or special set pieces can earn you a lot of gold Also you can search different guild stores for cheap items and sell them for a higher price After someone bought your goods in the guild store you will receive an ingame email with your profit attached.

When you play ESO on PC you have the opportunity to use Addons which can add a lot of useful things to your game For example you can display all Skyshards, or a Mini Map or improve your inventory Take a look on EsoUI.com to find many great addons and they created Minion which is a helpful tool to install and manage your addons Sadly you can use at the moment Addons on XBOX or PS4 Now we talk about housing You can purchase different houses in ESO there are even several apartments which you can get for free There are different houses for different prices availble in Tamriel and to be able to buy them with gold you need to have the releated achievements It is also possible to purchase homes with crowns too Then you can decide if you want to buy them unfurnished or furnished and you don`t need the related achievements I hope this quick tips will make your start a bit easier and that you will enjoy your journey in the Elder Scrolls Online There are for sure still many things to learn about ESO .So in case you have more questions feel free to ask them in the comments Or maybe you are a veteran player and remember some topics where you thought it would be great it you knew that earlier? Please share them in the comments too! Thanks for watching and it would be awesome if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment Have a nice day and until next time Tschüss!

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