Top 15 Magicka DPS Sets for PvE in The Elder Scrolls Online – Why These Sets Are So Good


Uh hi i’m skinny cheeks in this video, we’ll becovering, the top 15 magicka dps sets for pveand the elder scrolls online. It’S really hardto put some of these in order, as some are justbetter than others for different situations, buti tried to get them in the order. I thought rankedthem best by their overall usefulness and powerfor magicka dps. This list is also just for fivepiece sets, monster sets and arena sets, won’t beincluded big thanks to those that stopped by mytwitch stream and hung out and helped me rankthese, make sure to give my twitch page a followand, my twitter as well to stay up to date. On wheni’m going live and what i’m up to alright so we’llstart this one off with some honorable mentionselemental catalyst, martial knowledge and zen’sredress are worn, sometimes by a support rolland, sometimes by a dps, but i thought they werestill worth mentioning, even though they aren’tstraight dps sets they’re. All definitely worthhaving in your group. So if you can’t fit themon a support, roll they’re still great to haveon your dps, then we have the set elementalsuccession.

It can be a pretty strong dpsset for necromancers and dragonites, but since itdoesn’t boost magic damage, it misses out on one ofthe, most powerful abilities in the game. Mysticorb and falls just short of making the cut warmaiden suffers from a similar issue, except that itwon’t boost your elemental wall or any elementalbase damage attacks. You have including your lightand heavy attacks. It can still be a solid optionon, nightblades and templars, though now that thoseare out of the way, let’s start the countdownat number 15, we have law of giuliano’s this isa craftable set made in rothgar and requires sixtraits research to craft. It is also purchasablefrom guild traders, if you don’t have your traitsresearched yet to craft it. The two piece is spellcritical three piece max magicka four pieces spellcritical and the five pieces 300 spell damagethere’s.

Nothing super fancy about this set butit does have solid stats across the board. Andis a great option to use while you’re seekingout other higher tier sets, since it is justflat stats. This set will work well on any classand. It is plenty good enough to get you throughany content in the game. All right at number, 14we have moondancer. This is a lightweight trialsset found in maw of lorcaj. The two is max magickathree pieces, minor slayer four pieces spell damageand, then, on the five piece, when you activate asynergy, you gain a shadow blessing that increasesyour spell damage by 474 or a lunar blessing thatincreases. Your magicka recovery by 474 for 20seconds, you can only have one blessing activeat a time. The biggest drawback to this set is thatthe. Bonus is random, sometimes you’ll get magickarecovery. When you are full on magicka, i saw a nicesuggestion from lord kayubi on reddit. I feel likethis set could be quite a lot better and moreinteresting if it activated a different blessingbased on how much magicka you have so.

The shadowblessing would proc if you’re above 50, magicka andthe lunar blessing would proc if you’re below 50you would probably need some adjustments to thevalues and duration as well, but it would removethe annoying rng factor. At least i thought thiswas a pretty cool idea for it and wanted to shareit so as it is now, it can be decent for damage. Ifyou get lucky with the bonus you get, but reallywhere. This set sees the most use right now. Inend game is as a pre-buff set since synergies, canbe used outside of combat some will put this seton papa synergy and then swap to a different setright before combat begins. This is currently onlyreally practical to do on pc with add-ons butit can add a nice little boost to your openingdamage. I could see this moving up the list if itdid have that smart feature added, but for now it’sgonna stay at number. 14.

Next, up at number 13 wehave, scathing mage: this is a lightweight dungeonset found in imperial city prison for the twopiece. We have max magicka three pieces. Spellcritical four pieces spell critical and thenon the five piece. When you deal direct damageyou, have a twenty percent chance to increase. Yourspell damage by five, sixteen for five seconds thiseffect can occur once every 5 seconds since thisset activates from direct damage. It is best usedwith. The skill like force, pulse or crushing shockthat is three instances of direct damage at onceinstead of another spammable like swallow soul, forexample. That is only one instance of direct damageit can also be nice for aoe encounters sinceusing. A skill like elemental ring will deal directdamage to each enemy in the area and each hit hasa chance to activate it overall you’ll still dealwith.

Some rng, though, and the effect can’t refreshuntil that five second period is over, which is whyit, didn’t make it past number 13. On this list, atnumber 12. We have elf bane. This is a heavyweightset found in cereal at the vlastrist elite gearvendor. It can also be purchased from guild tradersthe two pieces max magicka, three piece: spelldamage four piece spell damage and then for thefive piece increases. The duration of your flamedamage over time, abilities by five seconds. Thiseffect does not work with beam or channel effectsthis set is really nice on magic and dragonitesince. Nearly every damage over time ability theyuse is flame due to the dots lasting, longer you’llhave more time to use hard, hitting abilities, likeyour whip. This works on their ultimate as well. Astheir talon skill, which is normally only fourseconds long, but becomes a really strong, ninesecond dot. With this set being a heavy set.

We areforced into using this on our jewelry pieces inorder to get at least five light armor pieces, forthe passives. This isn’t too big of a deal but canbe limiting in some build combinations, especiallyif you’re trying to use mythic, jewelry anotherpopular use for this set similar to moondancer isfor pre-buffing you’ll, see some people drop, thefiery rage ultimate and then quickly swap off ofthis set with add-ons. Since the destro alt doesn’thit for 2 seconds after you activate it, you havetime to put on a different set and still get thefull 12 seconds from it instead of 7 seconds it’snot a super common use for it and only can bedone with add-ons on pc. But i still thought it wasworth mentioning. Overall, it’s a really strong setbut, since it’s only really best on dks and thenhas limited usefulness. Outside of that we have itat number 12

At number 11 we have hex, siphonthis is a lightweight arena set found in thesolo arena, vadasron hollows, the two-piece is maxmagicka, three-piece spell damage four-piece spellcritical and the five piece has 171 spell damageand. Then, whenever you bash an enemy, you releasea cone of hexing energy in front of you, eachenemy hit increases your spell damage by 88 for8 seconds up to a maximum of 6 enemies. Thiseffect can occur once every 8 seconds. Wheneveryou successfully interrupt the target you restore1 000 magicka. This is a new set with the markarthdlc and i haven’t seen much testing with ityet, but mathematically. It looks really greatfor any encounter with 3 enemies or more stackedtogether. Since the 5 piece bonus automaticallygives, you 171 spell damage.

You only need to hit 3enemies to get that boosted up to 435 spell damageif. You happen to have the full six enemies in thestack. You can get that all the way up to 699 spelldamage on your five piece bonus. You will have tobe comfortable bash weaving in your rotation, asslowing down your abilities to stop and just bashalone will pretty much negate this set from beingas good. As some of our other options, this seems tobe one of those sets that will be very strong, forsome encounters and pretty mediocre on others. Buti do think it’s strong enough where it works. Tobe included in the top 15

All right now we’reunder our top 10.. At number 10. We have burningspell weave. This is a lightweight dungeon setfound in city of ash, one and two, the two pieceis max magicka three pieces spell damage, fourpieces spell critical and then on the five piecewhen you deal damage with the flame damage. Abilityyou apply the burning status effect to the enemyand increase. Your spell damage by 490 for 8seconds. These effects can occur once every12 seconds. The average spell damage obtained fromthis over a long fight. Isn’T anything incrediblebut. There are a couple things that make this setreally nice. The first is the boost is guaranteedwhen. You deal damage with the flame ability. Soyou are in complete control when you want itto activate.

This is great for short trash fightswhere. They may only last 8 seconds or less anywaysanother. Great thing about this set is that itis guaranteed to proc the burning status? Effectthis? Is nice because even if you have a fewflammabilities going, it may take a bit beforethe burning procs and this will guarantee it tostart right up front. One reason: burning is sonice. Aside from the damage is that it boosts thedamage of your flame wall of elements so with thisbeing guaranteed. You are immediately dealing fullwall of elements damage as soon as you activate itwithout, relying on rng. As i mentioned, the averagedamage is kind of meh over a long fight which iswhy it’s only at number 10, but it’s still a reallynice option for damage a little side. Note i’ve runcity of ash well over a hundred times now at thispoint and still never had a flame staff drop forme. All right number. Nine we have spell strategistthis is a lightweight pvp set found in the rewardsof. The worthy mails that you receive for every 20kalliance points earned. It can also be purchasedfrom guild traders. The two pieces max magickathree-piece spell damage 4p spell damage andthen the five pieces. When you deal damage with thelight attack, you place a mark over your target for5 seconds.

Granting you 460 spell damage againstyour marked target. This effect can occur every4 seconds. This is a pretty easy set to spot thepros and cons on it’s a lot of spell damage thatcan be kept up 100 of the time, but only for onetarget at a time. So really strong for encountersthat only require one target to be attacked, butnot too great on fights where you need more aoedamage, not really a lot to say just be smartabout where you use it and it’s a good optionat number. Eight. We have new moon, acolyte thisis, a craftable set made in southern elsewhereand requires nine traits researched to craft it isalso purchasable from guild traders. If you don’thave your traits researched yet to craft, it forthe two piece: we have weapon and spell criticalthe. Three piece is weapon and spell damage. Thefour piece is physical and spell pin and then thefive piece adds 401 weapon and spell damage butincreases.

The cost of your active abilities, byfive percent. So we have very strong set bonusesacross the board, but at the price of increasingthe cost of your active abilities for some classesand setups, the five percent doesn’t make much of adifference, though, especially if you’re in a groupthat is giving plenty of synergies for you to getsustained from The penetration can be very nicefor, 4-man, dungeons and solo stuff, but can alsobe unnecessary in optimized groups where you wouldalready be hitting the pin cap of 18200 without itoverall, a very strong set situationally, but notreally needed too much in higher end organizedcontent at number. Seven. We have master architectthis is a lightweight trials set found in halls, offabrication for the two-piece. We have max magickathree pieces, minor, slayer, four pieces spelldamage and then on the five piece. When you use anultimate ability you and the closest five groupmembers within 28 meters of you gain major slayerfor one. Second per 10 ultimate spent increasingyour spell damage done to dungeon trial and arenamonsters by 10 percent. So, with the mark hearth, dlcmajor slayer was nerfed from 15 to 10, but it isstill a really strong buff to have the durationwas.

Also buffed, though, with mark harth from thisset and last one second per ultimate spit meaningif, you have 500 alt saved up. It will last for50 seconds or that can get up to 70 secondspaired. With your world’s guidance. There are a fewpositives and negatives that ultimately landedthis set where it did on the list. As mentioned itis still, a strong buff, even with the nerf to 10and, can be activated outside of combat thisgives it a few uses you could use it with thedestro ultimate before combat, begins, andthen swap to something else. While stillmaintaining the long slayer uptime, you could alsohave a support role. Do this with a warhorn it’salso, really nice to have in 4-man content. Sinceit will cover the whole group so for the negativesthe biggest one i’d say is that this buff canalso be obtained from the set roaring opportunistand with two heavy attacks. It will hit all 12members of the group.

This doesn’t really matter somuch for 4 man dungeons, but for 12 man groups it’snice to ensure that everyone is getting the buffas, sometimes master, architects, major slayer willgo to the tanks and healers. If your groups are notpracticing really precise, positioning anothernegative is the set bonuses for the user theyaren’t awful, but there is no crit chance. Presentand no bonus stat on the five piece like some ofthe newer perfected sets have overall definitely aset worth grabbing, but will likely be outperformedby. Other sets in some situations: alright, atnumber six. We have dead waters guile. This is amedium weight. Overland set found in murkmeyer itcan also be purchased from guild traders for theset bonuses. We have two-piece with weapon damagethree-piece max health, four-piece, stamina, andthen. The five piece has weapon damage and whenan enemy dies within 2 seconds of being damagedby. You you gain 15 ultimate, so wait a second thisis, a magika dps set list right.

Well, this set eventhough, the set bonuses are geared towards. Staminadps is still really nice. Situationally on magickadps, because of the really nice five piece bonusthis set, can allow you to use ultimates at a muchfaster rate than you would normally be able to forexample. In the first add pool in sunspire, i canopen up with the fiery rage ultimate and then dropanother one before the pull is over. So even thoughthe, two through four piece stats aren’t boostingmy damage getting to drop an extra ultimate canstill, make it worth it. It’S also really nice touse it to drop ultimates in places where you mightnormally need to save them. I’Ll use sunspire as anexample again right before you fight locusts, thereis, a pack of enemies that would normally go downpretty quickly with ultimates, but a lot of peoplesave their ultimates. There for locusty since he’scoming up right after that, with this set, you canjust drop your ultimate there and still have itback up in time for the boss.

This set isn’t greatfor every ad pull, but i definitely think it’s goodenough to warrant it being this high on the listall right. We’Re into the top five at number fivewe have mechanical acuity. This is a craftableset made in the clockwork city and requires sixtraits. Research to craft is also purchasable. Fromguild traders, if you don’t have your traitsresearched yet to craft it for the two piecewe, have mac stamina, three pieces max magicka, thefour piece is weapon and spell damage and then onthe five piece. When you deal direct damage, yougain unerring mechanical vision for 5 secondsgranting, you 100 critical strike, chancethis effect can occur once every 18 secondsthis set sort of reminds me of burning spell weaveexcept with crit chance. Instead of spell damagesince. This is a guaranteed activation fromdirect damage.

You can run it on your front. Barand control when it triggers for shorter, add wavesthis is amazing, as you’ll pretty much have a 100crit chance for the entirety of the fight anotherplus. Is that if you activate it correctly, all ofthe crits are happening. While you are using yourspam bowls and your dots are all already rollingso, not only are you getting the crit chance, butyou’re getting it at the right time, like burningspell weave, it loses a lot of its usefulness, overthe course of a long fight, but with crit chancebeing stronger Than spell damage, this pushes thesetup much higher than burning spell weave in myopinion. In the current meta anyways, it can stillbe decent over a longer fight, but definitely bestsuited for short burst. Encounters at number. Fourwe have medusa. This is a heavyweight dungeon setfound in ark’s quranium. The two-piece is spellcritical three-piece spell critical, four-piecespell critical five-piece spell critical and thenyou also gain minor force at all times, increasingyour critical damage by ten percent.

This set gota. Really nice rework a couple of patches back andit’s. Just great for magicka dps now to start withthe two through four pieces are all spell. Criticalwhich is the most beneficial stat for pve damagedealing. Then the five piece bonus giving you minorforce, frees you up from having to cast barb trapor channeled acceleration barbed trap, is a staminaability and doesn’t deal much damage for magickausers. So the real reason it’s used is to keepup minor force and channel. Acceleration is a nicelong 36 seconds of minor force, but has a long casttime to activate it and can be a noticeable dpsloss and a lot of encounters to have to stop yourrotation and reactivate it. So not only does thisfree up a spot in your rotation to not cast thisbut. It also frees up sometimes much needed barspace for another ability like a shield or a heelor. If you’re like me, this lets you just be alittle bit lazier and not worry about keepingthe minor force. Buff up for situations.

Wherethis buff is very easy to keep up like incloud rest, since you can cast channel accelerationevery time, zamasu teleports to her new locationit. Isn’T really the best option, as you’ll seeare set in the number two spot handles that alittle bit better? Another drawback is that thisset is in the heavyweight which forces it ontoour jewelry pieces. Like i mentioned earlier, withelf bane. It’S normally not too big a deal. Butwhen you’re trying to mix in some mythic jewelryit can make it a little tricky all right. Moving onto number three, we have false gods: devotion thisis, a lightweight trial set found in sunspire, thenon-perfected version will drop on normal andthe. Perfected version will drop from veteranthe two-piece. Bonus is spell critical, three-pieceminor slayer four piece spell critical and for thefive piece reduces the cost of your magickaabilities by eight percent.

When an enemy yourecently damaged dies, you restore 24 54 magickaand gain major expedition for eight secondsincreasing. Your movement, speed by thirty percentthese effects can occur once every second andthen for the perfected version. We also get 129spell damage on that five piece, so this set usedto have an additional magicka bonus on the fivepiece as well, but was nerfed to be even with thestem, equivalent vicious serpent. I had this as mynumber one set on my last top mag sets. Video buti’ve dropped it down a little due to this andsome changes to the set that is now number oneoverall. The stats are still pretty nice on thisset, though spell critical is the best we couldask for on the two and four pieces, minor slayeris still strong, and the extra spell damage onthe perfected. Five piece really helps fill itout for the reason why the set is so good.

Themagical return when multiple enemies are dying, isjust, incredible doing four man or solo activitiesit’s really hard to run yourself out of magickawith the set plus a nice eight percent costreduction to your magic abilities to top it offwhat it lacks in damage. It definitely makes up. Forand sustain, but, unlike some other sustain sets, itstill has enough raw stats to make it close, enoughin damage to be worth running. This set doesn’tprovide the maximum dps with the stats, but if itkeeps you from sapping all of your resources in asituation, where you might run out with another setit, could make it worth running over some otheroptions really great set overall and one. I alwayscarry with me on my active magicka charactersalright at number.

Two we have mother sorrow, thisis, a lightweight overland set found in deshawnit can also be purchased from guild traders forthe two piece: we have max magicka three piecespell critical, four 4-piece spell critical andthe 5-piece. We have 1937 spell critical. Thisset has been so good for so long now and it’sfarmable or buyable right out of the gate. Withhow much extra crit damage. We have access to inthe elder scrolls online, having a set that ups ourchance to land. Those crits is incredibly valuableand. This is the one that adds the most for magickadps compared to our number four set. Medusa thisonly has 204 more critical, which is just underone percent extra crit chance, but it does alsohave a line of magicka that will boost our damagethat. Medusa doesn’t offer so not really too muchto say about this set. It’S just really. Strongand doesn’t really have many negatives alrightand, then.

Finally, at number one we have mantle ofsororia. This is a lightweight trial set found incloudrest, the non-perfected version will drop onnormal and the perfected version from veteran thetwo piece is spell damage the three pieces minorslayer. The four piece is max magicka and then forthe five piece dealing direct damage with a singletarget attack creates a ring of fire beneath youfor 10 seconds. This effect can occur once every 10seconds standing in the ring grants. You a stack, ofsororia’s boon for 5 seconds. Each stack increasesyour spell damage by 52, 10 stacks max, so prettymuch how this works is while you’re standing inthat ring every. Second, your spell damage increasesby 52 up to 520 total at the max. This set got arework a couple of patches back where the top-endspell damage you can reach dropped from 600to 520

This is because it used to be 30 spelldamage per stack up to 20 stacks, and now it’s 52spell damage per stack up to 10 stacks. So whilethere is a small nerf to the top end spell damageit reaches what this does now is cut the time inhalf that it takes to get to that point. Sororiawas really punishing before to those that did notmaintain the buff well, but now, with the buildingback up full in only 10 seconds, it’s much moreforgiving and much easier to use in more contenti’m, currently using this on all three bosses on mymagic nightblade in sunspire, and it works Reallywell, even if your movement sometimes lets thebuff fall off, you really only need to average afew stacks of it in order for it to outperformother sets. There are still encounters in the gamewhere.

Constant movement is needed that i wouldn’trecommend this set like asylum, sanctorium or alot of the fights in vadashran hollows, but onthe fights you can use this. It does what it doesbetter than any other set for magicka dps. It isthe strongest option you can go with for puredamage and that’s why we have it at number. Oneall right, that’s going to wrap up the updated top15 magicka sets. I know there won’t be agreementacross the board on the order here. That’S reallythe nature of any list when it comes down to it. Alot of it is based on personal opinion, but i hopeit does give you a good idea where the sets stackup in the current state of things. Please let meknow. If there are any sets, i missed or you thinkdeserve, to be higher up on the list thanks so muchfor stopping by i’ll, see you guys in the next one bye.

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